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USS Pintado (SSN 672) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pintado (SSN 672). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 214 crew members registered for the USS Pintado (SSN 672).

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Wall, RalphYN21987 – 1991AdminReally good to see some old familiar names... Looking for Joe Hollis... Anyone with any info please email me at Thanks!!!
Eckmeder, KenMM2SSJan 1, 1987 – Oct 1, 1988Engineering
Hodges, RandySTS1 (SS) RETApr 1987 – Sep 1987Rider, Then STS3 (nub)Thanks for the ride guys. Lots of great on contact time...
Caves, DionE-6 EM1(SS)Apr 5, 1987 – Apr 19, 1992Hi to the guys form my tour period.
Marks, Thomas (Aka Skimmer-puke!!)Then MS1/MSC Now MSCM RetiredApr 29, 1987 – Dec 15, 1990S-2Well gentelman I just want to say that the Pintado was "One Hell of a Ride"!! Learned a lot from all of you about Sub life, half way night, how to piss off Nuke Chiefs! Great times!!
Morris, MichaelRm2SSJun 1987 – Dec 1991Radio
Barrett, MarkEM2(ss)Aug 1987 – Dec 1990ElectricalHi Guys. John, Bob, Harold, Jeff, George, etc - good to see you're all still around.
Bali, GeorgeFTG2/SSOct 3, 1987 – Mar 3, 1993Fire ControlJust checking this site out. Hi to everyone I served with!!
Clinefelter, DennisEM1(SS)Dec 28, 1987 – Dec 10, 1992
Whitten, JeffSK2 (SS)1988 – 1991StoresGreat to see some names I remember. Enjoyed my time on the USS Pintado. Very cool.
York,jr, DennisMS31988 – 1991Hello to all I served with, had some great times. Hope we have ship reunion one day. It would be great to get together again sometime soon.
Bergman, Wayne RE-3Mar 1988 – Aug 1989Torpedoman
Clark, WilliamRM2(SS) - Retired LCDR Sub Comms LDOMar 1, 1988 – Mar 15, 1991Radio / Deck
Underwood, DavidEMC/SSApr 1988 – Apr 1994ElectricalHappy to know some are still around. Someone was right still catching up on sleep from the time there. Would not mind hearing from anyone I might know or remember.
Aragon, BenTM2(SS) got out as MM1(ss/sw)Nov 1, 1988 – Oct 1, 1992TM LPO
Hardy, DavidTM3 (SS)1989 – 1991TorpedomanMy first command and the only reason at that time that I stayed navy.
John, TurnerSTS1(SS)1989 – 1992SONAR
Woodard, Jeff (Woody)STS/3 SSMay 1, 1989 – May 1, 1993WEPSIt was long ago, it was far away.
Carr, Steve profile iconIC1/SSJul 15, 1989 – Jul 15, 1991ICRemember Rube the dancing bear, Fethlan, Singleton, and "cool beans" Larry and Jeffy Kay. Good times riding motorcycles and drinks at the Horse and Cow.
Hart, DavidSN(SS)Aug 29, 1989 – Mar 15, 1992DeckUS Army retired..............
McCahon, JohnEM1(SS)Oct 1989 – Apr 1993E-DIV
Breitenbucher, ChrisEM2Nov 1989 – Dec 1994electricalRemember Mare Island overhaul. E-Div was great. COB looked like george jefferson.Then move to Pearl Harbor. Stayed ijn Hawaii for 9 years then departed the Navy. Currently work in Newport News, VA. Al Mas Pintado
Harris, TimLTJan 1990 – Mar 1993O-GangI was LOL'ing at the memory of Reamer's "Birthday"
Webber, StacyRM2Jan 14, 1990 – Aug 5, 1992COMM
Todd, Mike (Yob)STS2Mar 15, 1990 – Mar 15, 1995WepsGot on the boat the end of refuel in Oakland, new port in Hawaii -- ICEX and UNITAS was a blast! Great to see Hardy , Miller and especially the crazy fawks Chambers and Dan the Stan man Stanley. NEVER forget Reamers Birthday! Happy Bday Reamers!
Newby, ThomasSTS3/SSApr 1, 1990 – Apr 1, 1993SONAR
Duchene, DouglasFTGC(SS)May 2, 1990 – Dec 14, 1992FIRE CONTROLFinest boat in the Pacific Fleet! Great memories with great friends. Under-Ice ops will forever be an unforgettable experience. Currently retired and working for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport, Missiles Division.
Leidig, JohnSTS1(SS)Nov 1990 – 1995SonarHey Woody! Its Leidig! Whats up? Good to hear from you and know that you are still around. Things are Great in retired life!! Actually, I am working with the mentally and physically handicapped. mail me
Whitehouse, DeanTM2 (SS)Dec 10, 1990 – Aug 1, 1994TorpedoThis was my first submarine and I never understood the hard lessons taught to me by the Chiefs onboard. Especially, TMC Mac. For him and others is why, I'm a LTJG today. Focus and get what you want always.
Leidig, JohnE-6/ST1991 – 1996SonarHope you all are doing fine. It was the best command I had while in the navy. We had some fun times. And also serious times. Going to the artic was the highlight of my carrier. UNITAS was fun,. Surfing was awesome!
Chambers, ClaytonRM2/SSJan 9, 1991 – Jun 8, 1995RadioRegrets of not doing more with the time given. Looking back it wasn't such a bad deal. Feel free to contact me if you want. My memory's short so it's nice to refresh and reminisce.
Foti, PaulYN2(SS)Mar 1, 1991 – Mar 1, 1994Executive
Belisle, HapMM1(SS/DV)Apr 1991 – Dec 1995MACHINERY/DIVER/1ST LT2nd boat. Mare Island Naval Shipyard, and Pearl Harbor. ICEX '92, UNITAS '93, Steaming for Coner Liberty '94 & '95
Petree, William/willieTM3/SSJun 5, 1991 – Feb 15, 1995WeaponsWhat an honor to have served with you all. Send me an email - If I don't know you, don't send me anything.
Petree, William/willieTM3/SSJun 5, 1991 – Feb 16, 1995Weapons
Smith, JonathanRM2(SS)Nov 1991 – Jul 1995RadioGood to see sme familiar names again. Always talking about how great this boat and crew was.
Kite, EricFT31992 – 1996Fire Control
Sumner, ErickSSN 672Jan 1992 – Feb 1994
Miller, JamesRM1Jan 2, 1992 – Jan 10, 1994Radio
Chambers, ClayRM2Jan 3, 1992 – Jun 9, 1995Radio
Jordan, AllenMM2Jan 15, 1992 – Nov 18, 1995A-GangHey everyone! Big Al here. Been wondering if a site like this was out there. I have lost touch with so many great friends. Hope everyone is doing great. And "Doc" I agree. That UNITAS was awesome! Better than Ice Pac.
Nelson, JamesFeb 1992 – Sep 1994A-GANGICEX (still have the golf ball) and UNITAS... Hope everyone is doing well.
Rowe, Scott (Andrew)STS 3Apr 13, 1992 – May 13, 1994SonarHope all is well sorry to see her go! I will never forget the ice-x or unitos.
Hoeg, DavidApr 19, 1992 – May 5, 1995ICHey everyone ,hows it going.Wow.all these years .Retired life is boring.Still working for the government though.Sure would be cool to hear from some of you.
Haycraft, JimETCS (SS)Jul 1992 – Sep 1996RadioJust wanted to say hi to all my old inmates on the Pintado, I havent played Acey Ducey since I got off of the boat. P.S. I miss bossmans bistro.
Stanley, DannelCS2Sep 1992 – Oct 1997MSpah
Fackler, ScottET2/ET1Nov 1992 – Nov 1996RC
Smith, SeanSK3Nov 26, 1992 – Feb 1, 2006SKHi all. It has been a long time since the Pintado was around. It is good to see the Bossman who was around during my time. I am on my last 5 in the Navy. everyone feel free to drop me a line.
Darcy, JohnMM2/E5Dec 15, 1992 – Oct 22, 1998M-DIV

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