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USS Orion (AS 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1123 crew members registered for the USS Orion (AS 18).

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Coplin, StevenIM21985 – 1987R2My last command before getting out. Made some great friends (Hey Beav, this is Wally :P). Would love to hear from anyone who I served with in the MIRCS lab. Had a lot of fun!
Adams, JerryHM31985 – 1987H
Marshall, ThomasBM21985 – 1987DECKWork in the rigging shop
Myers, Alan profile iconML21985 – Aug 1987R-6
Bocock, JohnIC21985 – 1987EGreat memories. Went back in 2007. Had great time.
Volgraf, MichaelMS11985 – 1987S-2 / Admin
Gehringer, PatrickBT31985 –BTThat's first ship and the best.
Rogers, KerryMM21985 – 1987R-9 and LogroomTimes I'll never forget. Played in the "Cold Iron" band--Randy Comer, Smitty, Gary Ogden, Jack Sparagna--wow. Lived in Arzachena on a mountaintop. Surreal. The boat ride to get groceries. The bar at Santo Stefano.
Smith, LarryHT3/DC3Jan 1985 – Oct 1987im looking to find aaron pippen{holleywood}from a gang
Morris, ShaneJan 1985 – Jul 1987DentalWhat a great duty station, I have never had such close friends as the Italians that befriended me. Looking foraward to taking my family on vacation there.
Amorelli, TonyDPSNJan 1985 – May 1987Data Processing S-8?Lots of great friends and lost of great memories. Looking for anyone from that time to contact. Those were some of the best times of my life. Finally got in contact w/some old shipmates. Looking forward to hearing from others!
Kosticak, StevanIM3Jan 1985 – Jan 1987R2, MIRCSNever thought this would happen, but I actually miss the place sometimes. Coplin, want to watch some Air Wolf? Ace, I thought you would be headlining DTE or the Fox by now? Ah, the memories.
Ehart Jr, Mikems3Jan 1, 1985 – Aug 25, 1987supply19 when i arrived.experianced and seen alot. made some good friends and good times. man overboard watch by the stack.
Hill, Roy profile iconRM3Jan 10, 1985 – Feb 3, 1987CRSo many memories in La Madd & Palau! remember the Club on the Palau side? what a time I had so early in life! Had my share of trouble too; missed ships movement with Carlos Moreno,oh boy we got in trouble! Miss you all!
Ruiz, SixtoHT-3Mar 1985 – May 1987R-1Served in the R-1 Division. Being on that ship got me HOOKED to Europe and travel. Had some CRAZY times back then,times that will stay with me forever.
Bailey, ChrisPN2Mar 1985 – Mar 1987Personnel
Willis, BruceMM2Mar 1985 – Jul 1988R-5Had a great time in La Madd and met some great friends. R5 was hoppin' when the Chernobyl cloud hit the Orion. I don't remember who it was, but another R5 guy and I took the first air test that showed Chernobyl fallout.
Dennis, JohnnyEn3Mar 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1987R-9 Chris Prevatt, Rick Cargill, Bob Hartman, Greg Grimm, Soup Campbell, Matt Rice, Jerry Amiral and the rest of the R9 guys were my friends; Chris and I shared an apt and had a dog named Rocky. Monika (Swede) and I met.
Boyd, DarrylRadioman E-3Mar 3, 1985 – May 29, 1986Radiomanwish I could have stayed but had to leave
Weber, HaroldETC/SSMar 20, 1985 – Mar 5, 1988R-4Ship superintendant for two years, Loved Itally
Richardson, JimHT!/DVApr 1985 – Oct 1987LockerGreat dive locker to work for. Everyone was cool and Sardinia, Italy was pretty cool. Like living 30 years in the past.
Edmondson, BlakeMR3Apr 1985 – Jun 1987R-2 Machine ShopReported as an MRFN there was about nine of us booters who had to learn real quick to make challenging parts and repairs, we learned quickly. Had a great career on Orion. Be good to hear from some of you guys.
Kimber, BartDKSNApr 1985 – Oct 1986DisbursingI was friends with Edmounson, Schoolfield, Jernigan, Smitty, Blue. Angel, Ethan, Manko, Kevin among others...Love to hear from any of you... Great times and great people- host nationals were too cool! kimberbart@yahoo.
Hicks, Thayne MM3Apr 15, 1985 – Dec 17, 1987 R-9The time on the ROCK was the best I've had to date, it's hard to describe to people just what life was like there good times good friends great memories. lost all the pictures along the way, but close your eyes and your there, drop a line
Alonso, JuanEN3Apr 19, 1985 – Aug 25, 1987Port ServicesGreat time wish I could go back to visit the Rock
Laughlin, Curtis "tex"E3Apr 22, 1985 – Jan 15, 1988fire room, boat shop, ombmiss all the fun....and people.....Mark "toto" Totura, Andy Baloy, Steve Godowoski., Gary Folk, Senior chief Stag, D.O. Marcia Hatfield....she loved to drink was the most beautiful place we coulda been stationed.
Lawson, ThomasTM3May 1985 – Oct 1986weapons
Sowell, HenryPNCS(SW)/PNCM(SW)May 1985 – Jul 1987X Division - Personnel OfficeHad a really good and hard working Personnel crew.
Downs, KevinIM 3Jun 9, 1985 – Aug 17, 1988R 2Had alot of great times, looking for old friends or anyone from the MIRCS Lab
Godwin, RonneyE2Jun 18, 1985 – Jun 1, 1987HTReach out on Facebook if you remember me
Blinn, RobertDPSN-DP3Jul 1985 – Sep 1989CSS-22 AMDCO & S-8What is there to say about the old girl. She was a great ship and a joy to serve on. I really enjoyed being there in La Madd. It was quite an experience.
Cooley, DouglasEM2Jul 1985 – Oct 1987
Stone, Rayford Stoner Bonersh3Jul 1985 – 1987supplymiss Lamadd
Davis, Mark profile iconE3/StrikerJul 10, 1985 – May 31, 1986PersonnelWork with new computers brought aboard. Did programming that lead to a Golden Anchor Award (command retention)
Schafer, RandMR2Jul 15, 1985 – Jul 15, 1987R-2Proud to have served with so many great people. Machine shop R-2/31A!!!
Oliver, MikeBM3Jul 16, 1985 – Jun 10, 1987R-6 72A
Janoschek, Marty, "jano"EM2Aug 1985 – Sep 1987E-DivWorked hard, partied harder.
Fridley, TimothyLtjgAug 1985 – Aug 1987W-3 / W-6
Rose, RogerMM1Sep 1985 – Oct 1987QASpent the first year at Shore Patrol in Palau then finished up onboard in the QA Dept.
Brady, TimTM3Sep 1985 – Jan 1988W-6What a great time! visiting Spain, France, Greece, Gibraltar, Switzerland, and of course, Italy, the beautiful beaches in the Summer, walking the piazza every evening, going to the discos at night, young and not a care in the world.
Parson, DanaEN2Sep 1985 – Sep 1987A GangWhat a great time, we sure drank a lot of beer. Hello to George L (boys in the band), Matt L (I'm so burnt), Troy M (hey Pars) & all engineering. I'd like to hear from all of you guys! I'm now an electrician (IBEW 34), married, 2
Thompson, JohnHT2Sep 2, 1985 – Oct 17, 1987R-10What a ship! What a place! I wish I could say it was fun...I think Phil and I and a whole lot of others made a few bar owners rich! Still keep in touch with some, but where are you Tom Burt, Lance Woodyard??? and anyone else???
McMahon, DarrenSKSASep 19, 1985 – Oct 23, 1987S-1It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Sending a shout out to Glenn Ford and John Anselmo, wherever you both might be.
Harrison, RickDP1Oct 1985 – Oct 1987ADPGood times. Beautiful island setting with lots to do. Have visited many times since I left Orion.
Watkins, JerryMRFNOct 1985 – Oct 1987repairworking in the machine shop onboard the onion was an awesome start to a carreer as a machinist. got to work many all nighters making sub parts
Rice, MatthewMM2Nov 1985 – Dec 1987R-9The Orion was a great time in my life. I didn't care too much for the military hassles, but man, what a time drinking beer at the CMO and travelling around the Med. Good friends, Ed Soboski, Bob Hartman, Butch Bouchard, Randy Comer.
Heffelfinger, Jeff/heffMR3Dec 1985 – 1988R-2Had a blast on the ROCK & saw tons of countrys, while over there!!
Welton, TimPC3Dec 1985 – Dec 1985AdminWas in I-Division(Indoc when you first came aboard) then the Post office. Lots of good times at the paridiso club and the various ports we hit.
Welton, TimPC3Dec 1985 – Dec 1987Admin Postoffice
Perez, BigTM3Dec 1985 – Nov 1988W3 AND WOGreat experience working in Special weapons with Vaccarella, Owens, Flaherty, TM2 Taylor. Working at weapons office with TMCM Campbell....
Reliford, JohnE3Dec 18, 1985 – Dec 18, 1987DeskWhat's up to anyone from Deck and Weapons. Feel free to hit me up if you pass through. Anyone remember Steve Young a buddy of mine that drowned while on watch one night? He was in Port Services
Schwartz, RandyMR3Dec 20, 1985 – Mar 25, 1988R2 Machine shopIt was a Great time had fun and made alot of friends sure remember our first apartment called the bee hive really busy and lots of drinking and partying Hi Don Schriner Remember your band!
Rincones, PorfirioBM3Dec 26, 1985 – Nov 19, 19872nd (Crane Division)

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