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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Hovan, WilliamSFM-21965 – 1968R-1
Donovan, MichaelFTC1965 – 1966W-2My father was on Hunley in 65-66.His nickname was Bill.Worked in W-2 division as a Chief.He was good friends with George Stromer.Was stationed in Brazil after Hunley and also on U.S.S.Sierra.He retired in Oct.1970 after 22 years.He died in 2003
Boso, EdwinETC/E-81965 – 1967Navigation RepairReported on board while Hunley was stationed in Holy Loch Scotland as ET1 Ships Initerial Navigation Supervisor. I was advanced to ETC and Nav Shop Supervisor. I was on board during Hunley's upkeep period in Norfolk, VA and Charleston, SC.
Miller, AllenMR21965 – 1967Would love to hear from anyone from the machine shop
Allen, JamesGMT1965 – 1967WLooking for old shipmates
Kovalski, Joseph Ski 2 profile iconsnJan 10, 1965 – Jan 10, 1967ship service S3 div.we had a great crew in ships service. i worked in the laundry
Pigg, DaleMR2Jan 12, 1965 – Dec 21, 1967Repair Machine ShopAny old shipmates are welcome to contact me.
Lamb, MikeE3Feb 1965 – Jul 1969S3I worked in the ship laundry room
Kluth, BenjaminTM1Mar 1965 – Jan 1969W-3Worked for Lt Bob Bays
Scott, Leland (Scotty)DM1Mar 1965 – Dec 1968RSI retired to my home state of Michigan, March '75 and continued as a draftsman. I am now an instructor at Baker College, Owosso, Mich. I would love to hear from some of the gang that i served with.
Burke, WilliamMT2Mar 12, 1965 – Jul 10, 1968W-1First of two tours aboard Hunley. This tour covered Scotland and Guam. I live in La Mesa,CA now.
Wieling, AlanSNMar 20, 1965 – Feb 5, 1966s-1Spend 3 year in scotland on the uss hunley and transferred to the uss simon lake to stay in scotland. I was discharged feb 12, 1968
McSweeney, Robert (Mac)EMFN Apr 1965 – Jan 1967E- Electric ShopLooking for anyone from the Battery Shop
Sandidge, JimMT2Apr 1965 – 1968W2Left Hunley in Guam to attend MT"B" School.
Mayabb, HarrySHB-3May 1965 – Aug 1968s-3i came aboard in holy lock in 1965 road her back to charleston dry docked her in norfork road her to guam and back to charleston left her in 1968
Thompson, JohnSFM2Jun 1965 – Mar 10, 1969R1
Mayabb, HarrySHB-3Jun 1965 – Aug 19683rd and shipservicemani came onboard in june of 1965 in Holy Loch Scotland road her across the Atlantic for a refit road her across the Pacific to Guam then back to Charleston where i left her for home my years aboad her were some of the best years of my life
Vertin, JohnEN3Jun 1965 – Oct 1967M&AWorked out of the boat shop. Ran the Captains Gig and the Commodors Barge.Plus the Box Ls 40&50 footers and OMBs.
Wichowski, Tony------skiTMSNJun 14, 1965 – May 24, 1966Weapons HandlingRemeber running that big crane as I was not fond of heights
Martin, ErnestYN3Jun 15, 1965 – May 15, 1967repair worked as a yeoman in the repair depatment under the comma d of lcdr kraus
Gonzalez, FranciscoSKCJul 1965 – Jan 1969S-5
Tripodi, TonyE-5Jul 30, 1965 – Apr 16, 1969ENG.
Hall, Robert W.MM2Sep 12, 1965 – Aug 10, 1967After Engine Room & Shop 38Sometimes I think what a shame we didn't understand what a wonderful place Scotland was and what a friendly people we met there.
McClelland, HarryIM2Dec 1965 – Dec 1969R2Watch, Clock, Gauge and small instrument repair/calabration shop. Guam was fantastic and so was the USS Gillmore food.
Miller, GaryMR3Dec 6, 1965 – Oct 16, 1967Engineering/repairServed on the Huntley while she was stationed in Holy Loch, Scotland. Came aboard in Dec. 1965 from Great Lakes boot camp, served as XO orderly. After the orderly gig I worked in the machne shop.
Meredith, DaveMT21966 – 1968W2Hunley was a fantastic ship.I had some wonderful times.I live in honolulu now & would love to hear from some of my old ship mates.
Durkin, KevinSN1966 – Aug 26, 1968SupplyI joined the Hunley in Charleston after she returned from Scotland. I was onboard through Norfolk then Guam.
Middleton, JeromeIC/31966 – May 1968IC & GYRO SHOP (REPAIR DIVISION)I had a great time in Scotland, while assign to the shop I did most of the electrical meter calibration and repairs for the subs.
Broadhurst, Fred profile iconpm31966 – 1968patternmaker shop
Brandenburg, Charles (Brandy)EN 2Jan 1966 – Oct 1969Enjoyed my time in the Navy and on board the Hunley. Would like to know what happened to some of my mates from shop 38 and elsewhere.
Soucy, DickETR2Jan 1966 – Nov 1968R4ET Shop Supply PO then ET in the Radiac Shop followed by Shop Supervisor of the Radiac Shop until released from active duty in 1968.
Barlow, BruceETN3Jan 1966 – Nov 1968R4Assigned to R4 when I arrived in Holy Loch, became the ECM shop guru, repaired pres Nixon's sub while on Guam. Great ship, great liberty in Scotland. Remember vividly the hole in the ship from sideswiping the lock in the Panama Canal.
Breski, JamesPn3Jan 1966 – Jun 1968PersonnellStarted out on deck,went to personnel summer 1966, I will add names and more next entry
Rogers, MikeIC3Jan 1, 1966 – 1970EngineeringThis is actually Mike Rogers' daughter TJ. My dad passed away of Leukemia in 1977. I'd sure like to hear from any of his shipmates or anyone who remembered him. He was in Engineering or repair possibly.
Brown, BradEM2 E5Jan 9, 1966 – Oct 9, 1968Electric repairGreat memories of a great ship in the Holy Loch, Guam and Charleston.
Fazzino, Salvatore (Mouser)SNJan 9, 1966 – Oct 13, 19681st (DECK)I was aboard the Hunley from 1966 to 1968. I was on the deck force and knew some of the people on this listing.
Vogtman, KenPC-3Jan 10, 1966 – Sep 27, 1968Admin.
Martinez, FelipeSa / Bm2Jan 12, 1966 – Jun 10, 1969First division / CranesSpent the start of my career on this ship that has wonderful memories of shipmates that taught me fellowship and character.. Scotland, Ardenadm club, the Box-L, trains to Glasgow and of course our weekly Inspections.
Wieling, AlanSNFeb 1966 – Feb 1968SNSpent a year on the USS Hunley until it went back to The States for a refit! I requested to transfer to the USS Simon Lake and Stayed on the Simon Lake until I was discharged in Feb 1968. My time in Scotland was one of
Jones, JerryEN3Feb 1, 1966 – Dec 5, 1969shop 38 repairi would like to hear from any one who was station on the uss hunley that worked in shop 38
Ayres, CarlBM 2Mar 1966 – Nov 1967Boat Division 3Looking for old friends.
Tinsley, JimMM2Apr 1966 – Jun 30, 1969R-2Assigned to shop 38. It's great to see some names I recognize on this crew list. I was in a hurry to begin a new phase in my life when I shipped out and did not (regretably) get shop 38 names and addresses.
Stewart, CharlieEN 3Apr 1966 – Dec 21, 1967EngineeringWorked in Engineering Log Room. Great time giving out late sleeper and weekend passes. Used a few myself. Great time in Portugal on way back to states. Enough said.
Enz, DonaldRM3May 1966 – Aug 1968Operations
Bolle, CharlesMT-3 (E-3)May 1966 – Jan 1971WeaponsWorked inside the missile compartment; way down at the bottom - a good place to be when it got rough. Was assigned as missile hydraulics tester if I remember correctly. Amazing what you forget.
Preece, AlSR TOSK3Jun 1966 – Jun 1968Mess Cooking to StoresCame onboard in Charleston.Missed Holy Locke.Visited Norfolk,Panama Canal,and Guam.Couldn't take Guam.Two tours of shore duty Vietnam.Saigon and Vung Ro bay.Enjoyed my time at sea.Love that periscope.Pretty good Captain.
Schwegler, Noel (Bill)ETN2Jun 1966 – Jan 1969Electronics Repair R-4Worked first in ECM-then main shop till we went to Guam. spent six months assigned to ships Master at Arms. Got Transferred to Mayport,Fl . Mustered out and went home to Minneapolis end of 69. Good luck Hunley CREW.
Smith, TomIC2Jun 1, 1966 – Nov 28, 1968EJoined Hunley in 66, stayed aboard until discharge in 69- Charleston. Lots of fun, made good friends whom I have lost touch with. Most memorable-the free drink tickets every Wed (?) for the club at end of pier. Killed many brain cells.
Sexton, John profile iconElectronics Technician 2ND Class/ ETN2Jul 2, 1966 – Jul 28, 1969R-4 Electronic Repair-RADIAC shopEmail Address:
Nemeth, ChuckMM1(SS)Jul 27, 1966 – Jul 31, 1967Radiological Controls
Kozy, Pete profile iconETR3Aug 1, 1966 – Aug 1, 1968R4worked in antenna shop. crafted a great poker table and had a great trip to Guam. Going thru the Panama Canal was something. remember our pinocle tourney on the way there. had some great shipmates and many memories
Mastropaolo, MikeETR2Aug 9, 1966 – Dec 20, 1967R4 Calibration Lab
Shortall, RonRM3Sep 1966 – Oct 7, 1968Operations
Bent, Paul (P T)ET1Sep 1966 – Oct 1968W-5 Nav RepairRode to Guam and back in 1968 to relieve Proteus (which I had just left!). Otherwise, stationed at Weapons Station Charleston and living in Folly Beach. Good duty and a great ship.
Watson, RayDNSep 1966 – Sep 6, 1967Dental
McMillen, James R "Mack"S-1Nov 1966 – Sep 1969S-5Another great ship that I learned a lot on from warehousing to purchasing.
Maxon, Thomas ("Tom")Seaman (E3)Nov 14, 1966 – Jan 20, 1970Deck, 2nd DivisionDuring my time aboard, the ship relieved the U.S.S. Proteus in Apra Harbor Guam. Although only an E3, I served as "Supply P.O." for 2nd Division. I moved the bow and stern letters - when the "A" was removed.
Brown, Alfred (Al)MT2/MT1Nov 16, 1966 – Mar 3, 1968W-1Came to Hunley from Proteus. What a rotten command this was compared to Proteus! Too proud WO ran W-1. I was SPALT PO, then Shore Patrol on Guam for 1 mo before disch. Went to OreStUniv, 36 yr career in SW Eng. Retired.
Shumack, GeorgeHT2Dec 1966 – Oct 1970R-1The Hunley was a great ship with great shipmates. The memories will live on for ever.
Barnes, Gordon Barnes LI-3Dec 1966 – Sep 1969R-5I was in the print shop. Did the drydock in Norfolk a month after coming aboard, thhen back to Charlston, then the 6 mos in Guam, and back to Charlston. What great duty
Jones, JerryEN3Dec 5, 1966 – Dec 5, 1969shop 38like to hear from any one who served on the uss hunle druning this time
Allen, BertramEm2Dec 11, 1966 – Aug 3, 1972NAVYWould like to get in contact with individuals thst servered in 1966-1972 USS HUNLEY AS-31 CHARLESTON SC
Pyle, LarrySHB2Dec 12, 1966 – Aug 31, 1970S-3

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