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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Hayden, JamesHT 21963 – 1967R-1Put her in commission and rode to Scotland.
Charlie, DyerSk2-Sk11963 – 1968S-1 SupplyCharlie Dyer SK2 was man #43 aboard , was with pre-commissioning crew. Went to Holy Lock with ship. Went back aboard for second tour. Retired in 73. Worked for VAMC Tusc. Al. 20 yrs. Charlie Dyer passed away 09/13/2011.
Dewitt, Charles3rd class1963 – 1967torpedomanJust fondly recalling the old days and thought I'd see if I could find some of the old guys!
Lemke, Daveen1Nov 15, 1963 – Jul 15, 1968a divi was part of the nuclues crew reporting to bremerton early when there was less than 50 people . have been to a couple of reunions but disapointed that unable to find more of the a div guys.
Marlowe, Bobby WE21964 – 19652Looking for old friends
Johnston, BernardEN11964 – 1969engNot sure of dates or Div,I'm doing this for my dad.I do know that he is a plank owner and was there for the decommisioning in Norfolk.And I remember Holy Loch very well,as well as the tours we(my bro&sis) took on board.
Yancey, SamFN1964 – 1966E
Crown, Alvin E3rd class1964 – 1966R1Plank owner. Rode to Scotland.
Musto, John MarkE3/BM1964 – 1966Boat CrewInterested in locating shipmates. Looking for Shep.
Domogauer, DonaldIC11964 – 1967R3PreCom crew through Holy Loch
Krumvieda, Wayne profile iconSK 21964 – Jan 1968SupplyI worked in order processing and administration
Taylor, ThomasBM1964 –3Plank owner
Hennecy, GuyET21964 – 1967RadConI was among the first people assigned to the ship while it was under construction. I remember Capt. Osborn walking around in his socks when we had meetings.
Plaisted, Lee RoyEN 2Jan 1, 1964 – Jan 1, 1968EnginemenThis is for my deceased father, please email me with any information you may have. I know he was stationed in Scotland, (that's were I was born). Thank you for your help!
Manszewski, William / Bill ( Ski )BM3 & BM2Mar 24, 1964 – Mar 24, 19681st division DeckCommissioned Ship / Plank Owner Crane Operator Life Boat Operator BM3 & BM2
Countryman, Larry D.BM1Apr 1964 – May 19663rd Div LPO and 2nd Div LPODeck Dept Duty LPO Deck Dept Training Officer Pre-Comm Deck crew in Bremerton. Ltjg Steele Officer in charge.
Henry, RonaldBM2Apr 1, 1964 – Apr 30, 19682ndplank owner on the Lake frist hundred crew
Wagner, RayIC3Apr 1, 1964 – Feb 23, 1968E Div.I am a plank owner of the USS Simon Lake (AS33) I was part of the commissioning crew assigned to the Lake in November 1964. I road the Lake from Bremington Washington to Hawii, Charleston S,C. amd Later to Holy Loch,
Alston, JohnFTB1Jun 1964 – Oct 1966W2Plank Owner, pre-comm crewmember. I ran the Module Test Shop (MOTS) until transferring to USS Hunley at Holy Loch.
Callachan, BillSFM 2Jun 10, 1964 – Jul 27, 1967R1
Suckow, Wayne profile iconLtjg-LtJul 1964 – Sep 1968Nuclear Repair, ADP Officer, AdministratinveAsst
Alleman, Gerald J. "Al"SKCJul 1964 – Sep 1968S-1Aboard the precommision crew. Loved Charleston, had a great time in Scotland. Have gone to several of the reunions but that tour of duty was a lifetime ago.
Hass, Goodwin ButchIC 3Jul 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1966EHad a lot of fun, lot of good friends.
Suckow, WayneLT USN RETJul 1, 1964 – Sep 16, 1968Quincy, MAFriend during my time in service.
Huntsman, JohnMM2Jul 3, 1964 – Jun 29, 1968A, B&MPlankowner, Lots of great memories, especially those years in Scotland.
Krauss II, HenryHT2Jul 10, 1964 – May 23, 1970was in pre-com crew in barracks at bremerton naval shipyardstarted out in DC shop with DCC Kesterson, transfered to R-1, worked in Pipe & Aeroquip shops, Master at Arms Shore Patrol. Last Plankowner to leave ship. Have wonderful memories & returned to Scotland (4) times
Wortham, MauryCaptJul 11, 1964 – Jul 1967Dental Dept.My most influential assignment in a thirty-year career. Adm. Rickover’s good student, Capt.Osborn, was first C.O. He had been C.O. of FBM boat George Washington from which he fired from a submerged position the first FBM. I am happy to say that I
Laird, SonnyYN3Aug 1964 – Jun 25, 1965W-3Pre-com at Bremerton, WA typing the OPS manuals for the Ship, Department and Divisional OPS even though there was a lot of work and not a lot of liberty, it was an enjoyable assignment.
Thompson, Lanty (Tom)LTAug 10, 1964 – May 1967XPlank Owner; Bremerton; Pearl, Panama Canal, Charleston, Holy Loch
Shepard, James Jim "Shep"BM3Sep 1964 – Aug 10, 19671stBremerton, nasty weather. Charleston,S.C., nice place. Holy Loch and all of Scotland. Fantastic!I
Rossi, EdwardemfnSep 1, 1964 – Oct 28, 1966r2hi all plankowners R2 div
Wagner, JohnEN 2Sep 1, 1964 – Jan 3, 1968AuxiliaryPre commissioning detail training San Diego California. Commissioning detail (plank owner). Was attached to the ship right after "A" school and served on it till my discharged.
Rossi, EdEMFNSep 10, 1964 – Oct 16, 1966R 2
Burton, TomQM3Sep 20, 1964 – Dec 16, 1965!st and NAV
McKenna, Jamesen2Oct 1964 – Jul 1967engineering-small boat shopjoined crew jn bremerton wa precom crew left crew in holy lock scotland.still have some pretty good memories of my time on board her.
Doss, JimPN3Oct 1964 – Apr 1968X DIVPlank owner. Pre-commissioning detail and on board commissioning at bremerton
Daniels, Gary WSFP3Oct 23, 1964 – Mar 4, 19683I was among the graduates of the first diving school aboard ship. Although I was not very good I did enjoy my time and duties. I would like to hear from any of my former shipmates.
Massey, RonIC3Oct 31, 1964 – Mar 26, 1966E
Le Blanc, Ola3rd Class Petty OfficerOct 31, 1964 – Mar 16, 1967B Division Boiler ROOMI'm a Simon-Lake Plank Owner, was there for commsionig Went to Hawaii, I remember we recued a sick sailor on a mine sweeper on the way to Hawaii.Remember having to clean the side of the ship after oil thank overflowed
Duhr, Rudyen2Nov 1964 – Dec 1965adiesel shop then elevators and conveyors then aft steering and anchor windlass. reported in nov. 64 transfered dec 65
Wright, LarrySnNov 1964 – Mar 19681stPlank owner.Bremerton,Hawaii,P canel,Charleston,Holy lousy,liberty tea & scones on Ferry from Gourock to Dunoon.Train ride to Glasgow,partying at Locarnos on sucihal great crew in 1st di ROLL TIDE
Jacobs, Stan profile iconDP2Nov 1964 – Apr 1968XDMany years have passed in our wake. I hope all my friends from the Simon Lake years have had and are still enjoying this voyage of life.
Shane, MartyLI2Nov 7, 1964 – Jul 10, 1966RSServed from Commissioning until just prior to deployment to Holly Lock. Served with a great group of men in the division. Would like to hear from any that are still around.
Griffey, PaulEM 2Nov 15, 1964 – Mar 15, 1968EI sailed from Washington, to Hawaii, Charlestion SC, Holy Lock Scotland. I ran the E Div lighting shop with some great electricans. In Washington in '64 does anybody remember all the Christmas Lt. and how about the Co's handball court in S.C
Reeves, RonniePC3Nov 16, 1964 – Nov 19, 1965Postal ClerkI was part of the commissioning crew. I wqas assigned to the USS Simon Lake (AS33) in November 16, 1964. Road the ship from Bremington Washington to Charleston South Carolina. I am a plank owner of the USS Simon Lake (AS
Clark, GaryTorpedoman Second Class PONov 19, 1964 – Aug 1, 1966Weapons

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