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USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 938 crew members registered for the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36).

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Michel, KarenFA1983 – 1984R-7 Tech Library
Stehr, RobertBM21983 – 1985Boats and Sides
Bailey, SeanET21983 – 1986CommI knew how to pass a PT test, and yes there is more than one way.
Buc, MichaelHT21983 – 1984Engineering/ HT shopWorked for Chief Bethany, replaced Skillet as shop sup and had a great time on board, really enjoyed our Bahama trip and I'm still disappointed they cancelled Our Med Cruise!!!
Humphreys, ChrisIC11983 – 1988R3IC repair, rubber and plastics LPO
Uzialko, JohnSK21983 – 1986S1/S6So many great times and great friends both enlisted and officers.
Hylton, James MichealBT3Jan 1983 – Apr 1986Engineering-BoilerHi Everyone..don't do this computer stuff much..but feel free to call me..913-441-7335
Walsh, BrianEN1Jan 1983 – Oct 1988ENGRan the emergency diesel shop. Email me.
Daigle, RickEM3Jan 27, 1983 – Jan 27, 1988R-3
Bradbury, CarlHT3Feb 1983 – Mar 3, 1985R4 & R6Antenna shop and then carpenter shop
Jones, BryanMMFNFeb 1983 – May 1984R9 38AI was assigned to 38 Special. I am looking for friends who I left behind when I left. I am especially trying to find a friend named Terry Solomon, the DCPO of Deck. Anyone who remembers me is more than welcome to contact me.
Ernst, DavidHT 2Feb 14, 1983 – Sep 4, 1994antenna shopServed two terms on Spear. 1983-1988, and from 1990-1994. Worked in antenna shop both tours.
Griffin, Clifford DaleEM3Mar 1983 – Apr 1985R5 radconI think about the times in radcon often. We had a great crew. Hey Kottrell, Fischell, Maunz, Dunning, Barcelona, Beggs were are ya'll?
Quartararo, Al profile iconHTCApr 1983 – Jun 1984R1, R9, ShipSupWorked for CDR Jenkins and PMA LCDR Rick Elsworth. Great ship, Great Repair Dept and good people. R9, 38 Shop was a lot of fun for an HT.
Williams, BrianHT 2Apr 18, 1983 – Jan 18, 1987R1 ShipfittersI'm looking for Dave Ernst - Anyone know where to find him? E-mail me!
Purcell, GinaJO3May 1983 – May 1986RadioWas ship's JO 83-86, and have a lot of memorabilia, such as SpearPoints, the ship's newspaper. Went on to be professional, published writer for nearly 30 years! We sailed ; from Nova Scotia to the Bahamas. Tough gig ;)
Deyoung, BrucemmfnMay 1, 1983 – Jul 4, 198638N nuclear repairlong hours of work
Rousseau, JohnHT2May 15, 1983 – Feb 6, 1987SHIPFITTER SHOP 11A R-1 DIVISION THE IRON MINE Bears
Fishel, Ronald DouglasfnMay 15, 1983 – Jun 15, 1986RADCONA great and reliable division, the best life has to offer
Hogan, KathleenIM2May 18, 1983 – Aug 18, 1986RepairHi to all who served. MIRCS cal tech here.
Ken, GrumpsHT3May 25, 1983 – Feb 8, 1986r-1 shipfitters shop
Ihle, FrankE-1 THROUGH E-5Jun 1983 – Oct 1987S-1 and then QAi would be interested in hearing from any of the people i knew in supply.
Kontner, DonET-1Jun 1983 – Sep 1986Comm ShopThey are going to sink our ship? That blows! I sure had some good times back then. The 750,000 dollars worth of Radar repeaters installed in CIC were suppose to go to the Kittywake! I've kept that secret all these years.
Tennant, GeorgeTM1(SW)Jun 1, 1983 – Nov 15, 1986W-1, W-0
Varney, CarlE6/HT1Jul 3, 1983 – Dec 10, 1986R1Hello Crew of the Spear, I will always remember the cruise we spent in the Bahamas. What a week!!! FUN, FUN,FUN CRAZY CARL USN RET
Arruda, Michael/ RudyEM2Aug 14, 1983 – Jan 7, 1987r-3 rubber and plasticslooking for old friends and ship mates. anyone from spear who would like to e-mail is cool also. always love to talk about the old days...
Daigle, RickEM3Aug 22, 1983 – Jan 27, 1987R3
Elliott, PaulET2Sep 1, 1983 – Apr 1, 1987R-4I worked in 67A Electronics Repair Shop. Now retired after over 22yrs service as ET1. Working for Caterpillar in Peoria, IL.
Merring, DanaMR2Oct 1983 – Jan 1985repair
Townsend, RichardSKSNNov 1983 – Mar 1985S1
Helmer, StephenEM2Nov 14, 1983 – Feb 14, 1988R-5 RADCONI remember it well. Shift work and late night PET hookups. Good memories of securing the pier for RAM Transfers.
Dow Folmar, Kathy (Kassie)IM2Nov 15, 1983 – Dec 15, 1984R2 MIRCS Lab
Brown, Jerrod W.SM21984 – 1985NAV/OPSYou can find me at
Probasco, JanOM21984 – 1987R-2 Optical ShopMy first ship...had a blast underway. Of course OM's didn't stand watch or work then, so it was just cake for us. Would love to hear from old friends
Shaughnessy, JamesEM21984 – 1987R3Motor Rewind and Plastics shop, one of the first two R&P journeymen, made the Norway trip, missed Bermuda. Curious about old friends.
Weber, SusanYN21984 – 1986Ship's Secretary
Cogdell, JoeOM31984 – 1988
Humphreys, ChrisIC11984 – 1988R-3Enjoyed the tour. Met some talented technicians while there. Hope all are well. Would love to hear from you.
Reinholt, EricET21984 – 1986R-4I am an actor now living in Hollywood. You can follow my career on the Internet Movie Database at
Burke, William "Bill"BT-31984 – 1985ENGWasn't there long ...fixing a phone a couple of years ago and there on the wall was the de-commissioning certificate...Guy was a plank owner
Williams, LewisMR11984 – 1986R2 DivisionEnjoyed my tour and made many good friends. Learned a lot and it has served me well. Hope to reunite with old friends.
Monday, KeithEN 31984 – 1986Engineering
Baumgardner, JoePO1/MM1984 –Radcon
Beltran, DamarisYN3/BM31984 – 1986Supply Dept and Deck DeptI came on as a YN3 and laterally converted to BM3. I lifted weights almost everyday and friends w/June Trypaluk supply YN and Melanie Antwiler SN in Engineer. I was AKA Tara. If you do remember me drop a line., Bruce profile iconEM21984 – 1986R-3Best year of my Life.... Got Married to my wife who was also on the ship......still married to her today over 31 years ago
Rich, BramerET11984 – 1985R4
Ackerman, HeidiE3/FiremanJan 1984 – Dec 1985Boat Engineer Deck DivisionWow, what a Great time! Worked hard and played hard. Met some of the Best Friends I will ever have!
Moran, ScottMR-2Mar 1984 – Sep 1987R-10 founding member R-2 31a
Thomas, PiepenhagenOM1Mar 13, 1984 – Jun 10, 1985R-2
Hope, JessieTMT3Mar 18, 1984 – Nov 18, 1984WeaponsMeet a lot of good people and a lot of good laughs.
Parker, MyronENFNApr 4, 1984 – Apr 8, 1988A-GANGWOW . . . Never thought i would miss the L.Y Spear. Met some really great ppl. EN1 TURNER, KEITH MANEGO, ED McKINNON, EN3 FLANNERY. Funny how they tell you when you don't re-enlist you will not make. HA HA . . . I did!
Green, JosephBM1Jun 1984 – Jun 19882ndI was a young skinny, know it all crane operator super boats lifer. Those were the days, those that remember me, say hi, Id love to chat!
Hansen, Timmm3Jun 12, 1984 – Mar 16, 1987m -aHay shipmates
Lejman, DanHT2Jun 16, 1984 – Jul 20, 1986EngSaw some familiar names, hope to hear from some of you soon.
Lewis, JerryFT2 (SS)Jun 30, 1984 – Jun 29, 1986FT/ ARMORY
Whitesel, Christine (Dipp)HT3Jul 1984 – Aug 1987R-1 17A sheetmetal shop
Amy, Debra profile iconRM2Jul 1, 1984 – Feb 21, 1986CommunicationsLooking for members who were assigned during 1984 -1986
Vernon, LoraDP3Sep 28, 1984 – Feb 21, 1987ADPI haven't kept up with folks from my time on-board, but those I knew and had become friends with are thought of frequently and fondly.
Thorpe, Jeff (Kato)HT1Oct 10, 1984 – Oct 10, 1990R-1 DivisionServing on the Spear was a great experience where I met some great people. Went to New York, Halifax, Gitmo (didn't care for the gas chamber (3rd time)), Norway, & England.
Capers, TimEN3Nov 14, 1984 – Oct 13, 1989Being a part of that crew from 1984- 1989 was an great experience.
Hoffman-smith, JillEN2Dec 1984 – Jul 1988R-9, AUXAnyone remember the Bahamas, Nova Scotia, Norway, England and France? Working all night on duty nights, the ship yards, 4 section duty? Dancing at the Tradewinds, road trips, or ship functions? How about being a 10-didget-midget? Yea, I miss it all.
Evans, DennisDS1Dec 2, 1984 – Dec 5, 1987ADPLooking for all the fine DP's and DS's of LY Spear

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