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USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 938 crew members registered for the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36).

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Fernandez, RaulMM21979 – 1980REPAIR SHOP
Philpot, William EHT 21979 – 1981R-1A
McGowan, Lytelle (Mad Mike)E-11979 – 1981WeaponsServed durring diego garcia and ft lauderdale cruises. was known as mad mike cause i was always getting mad had a few friends and i'm sorry for hurting one of them in the gallery.
Nall, BonnieSH21979 – 1981S-1Looking for shipmates from the cruise to Diego Garcia
MacOmber, Walter (Mac) profile iconMM11979 – 1981A
Stair, WendyBM21979 – 19822ndCrane Operations/ 2nd Division. What a great part of my life! IO Cruise, BBQ's on the helo deck, snack at the geedunk, life boat watches, DC drills and more. Livin' life in PA. or
Essman, CherylMS31979 – 1981MS I am looking for a man named Doug. He was stationed in Norfolk VA in 1980 on a ship. He was in elec or refridg. He hailed from NY, had blond hair and blue eyes. He would be about 51 now. I'm at Thank you
Sitler, JohnMR2Jan 1979 – Jul 2, 1982R2Arrived on board Friday and was lost onboard a big Ship for the weekend. Made lots of friends. Left July of 1982 but spend two more times on board during my two weeks as a reserve. I retired after 20 of service. It was a great Ship,
McMullen, HaroldFTG2Jan 1, 1979 – Feb 1, 1984W2W2 Division,arguably the best division with the best Chief, Rob Wager!! And the best buds, Rich Wilsey, Sonny Dyle, Patton, Morgon, Rhodas, Beautiful TM gals, Melinda, Sheri and Pam. Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Times!
Mason, ScottE-5Jan 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1981R2B
Halyard, Tree Top profile iconSN3 and HM3Feb 1979 – Mar 1981Medical - Sick BayWas one of the original 35 women to be stationed on LY cruise, shell name it..we had a BALL in Sick Bay. Now living in the SF, CA Bay Area. Does anyone have contact info for Cookie (Paula) or Bob Gunther?
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Litchfield, RebeccaHT FNFeb 4, 1979 – Mar 2, 1980RADIOLOGICAL CONTROLSHad the best time in Ft lauderdale. Would like to catch up with some of my shipmates.
Colosi, JohnE4Feb 27, 1979 – Jun 17, 1983Deck, Boat shopHey Danny boykin, chris garcia, Charley Manuel, Susan Mullen would like to hear from you guys..give mea call 631-772-7296, remember the cruse to diago burger's,,sand crabs, and getting drunk with danny engleheart in greece,
Evans, Jeffrey (Jt)HM2Feb 28, 1979 – May 20, 1981MedicalMade the 1st cruise on Spear in Medical. A lot of good people and good times. Feel free to contact me if you remember me.
Johnson (Now Delong), PamelaDP1Mar 1979 – Jul 4, 1980S-8, MAA
Peterson-Ford, TeriDNMar 1979 – Feb 1980
Roberts, SherriHM2Mar 1979 – Feb 1982MedicalOne of the 1st 35 enlisted women to serve. I remember the major cruise in 1980 to Diego Garcia. 1st women shellbacks. Lots of good memories from the Spear. Too many to mention. Serving now as a Disabled Veteran. Peace
Lowery, PatYNMar 1979 – May 1982
Bramhall, JonHT3Mar 1979 – Aug 1982R 1Worked in Carpenter shop and lagging shop. Was there from Ft. Lauderdale cruise through drydock in Philly.
Frankenfield, Keith Frankiemm3Mar 10, 1979 – Jul 3, 198131 F &38 Aanyone want to get a DIEGO BURGER & a warm Pabst.
Reece, TonyEM2Jun 22, 1979 – Nov 21, 1982R3 Electrical RepairSpent a month working in the Captain's galley while we were in Charleston. Went to Diego Garcia for a great tour. I do not regret my time in the Navy. Started my career in the Power Industry.
Crews, JohnEN2Jun 30, 1979 – Oct 2, 1982A/DivisionLooking for anyone who served during the same time I did.
Hitchcock-duemling, Susan profile iconDK2Jul 1979 – Jul 1981S4
Ferguson, RandyYN2Jul 1, 1979 – Feb 1, 1981X Div/Weps/Comm
Phillips, TomMM2Aug 1979 – Oct 1980R2B
Eggemeyer, NickMM1Sep 1979 – Feb 9, 1981RadConGot aboard just in time to escape going overseas on the USS California (our first daughter had just arrived) only to later on 'enjoy' being shipped out to Diego Garcia with 30 days notice. It was a trip.
Sinsabaugh, RichardMMCSSep 1979 – Mar 1981What a great ship and crew.
Brownlee, DavidMR2Sep 1979 – Jun 1981R2 AHad a great time in Egypt, Greece, Spain, and not to bad in Diego Garcia. Had lots of good friends. Like to hear from anyone at that time. Partied hard with Lee Cochran and Mike Mercier.
Kelley, LizardPO3Sep 30, 1979 – Dec 11, 1981eSome of the best and worst days of my life.I only remember the best,and that's quite a lot.I saw that they were going to sink it,and I wonder if it will go down with that desk still welded to the floor in the power shop.
Lewis, JoeET3 / ET2Oct 1979 – Oct 1981R4Started in the antenna shop then moved the com repair. Great memories, a lot of basketball.
Brendlinger, SamMS3Oct 1979 – 1981SupplyNight cook in the Indian Ocean
Anderson, "Andy"SK1Nov 1979 – Mar 1982S-9, S-6, S-2Who would have guessed we'd go to D.Garcia? Sad news; 'Spike' died 2003 (?) of breast cancer. She was my wog-dog. Retired 85, now a gov't contractor working w/foreign navies. Shipmates drop me a line:
Anderson, Ed (Andy)SK1Nov 1979 – Mar 1982S-9 mostlyCorrected E-mail: . AOL and I had a parting of ways.
Doyle, StevenEN3Nov 1, 1979 – Jun 14, 1981A
Sanders, RodneyHT1Nov 5, 1979 – Nov 1, 1982R
Donnelly, LawrenceE-4/HT3Nov 16, 1979 – Dec 10, 1981R - Shipfitter Shop1ST duty station out of "A" school. Remember going through the cannal, the Indian Ocean and the great liberty ports. I'll Never forget all the great guys & gals I worked with.
Csiki, JosephMR 2Dec 1979 – Apr 1982R2-ACame aboard right out of boot. Diego Garcia cruise was most memorable. Would like to hear from any old friends/shipmates.
Merrill, ShannonML2Dec 1979 – Jun 1983R6Worked in the foundry, supply and on land at the museum. Looking for Daniel Schlub? Anyone heard from him? Contact me at email:
Miller, BenHM3Dec 7, 1979 – Sep 29, 1982Medical
Kelso (Schneider-pyatt), Patty profile iconPN3Dec 26, 1979 – Dec 15, 1980X (Personnel Office)This was my first duty station and the one I remember with most fondness. First enlisted female "shellbacks" - Diego Garcia was so beautiful! Would love to hear from anyone who served on Her.
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