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USS Dixon (AS 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixon (AS 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1115 crew members registered for the USS Dixon (AS 37).

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Palm, TonyBMC(SW/DV)1987 – 1992Locker&Ship SuppWhatta\' Hoot! The Dive Locker was everything I ever dreamed it could be (and more). After making chief, dropping my dive quals and moving to the Ships Supp office was a great decision! Still in touch with some of the crew, you\'d be surp
Stowell, MelissaQM31987 – Jan 1991Nav/OpsFirst worked with the stay behind crew putting lino flooring in subs. Was in deck (D1) and ended up in Nav/Ops. Met lots of wonderful people and a couple of duds, too. Overall a great experience. Paul, it wasn't that bad!!!
Kratz, TomBM21987 – 1989R-6Best Damn Riggers Loft. Met my wife on this ship. Met alot of woman on this ship. Lorretta where you at sha.
Ham, BenitaSH31987 – 1990SupplyHad a great time with so many who became dear to me. Would like to hear from how everybody is doing especially OM1 Gary Barton, SK3 Michelle Perez, Dwayne Peterman, Eric Floyd, Troy Metzmaker, any former shipservicemen
Lewis/payne, DanaYN31987 – May 1989Repair dept and captains office and dive lockerWow blew me away about her being sunk! I served in the Ships Office with YN2 Cooper and YN3 Maudlin had some great times with them! Served with CPO Garcia in the Repair Office! I will always remember USS DIXON as a growing experience!
Dirks, ChristinePC31987 – May 1989AdminI was in the Post Office and had a great time on ship. I 'll never forget the smell of those diesel mailbags and money orders on pay day. The best memory I have is the trip up to Alaska.
Dover-rainwater, KimBM1987 – Oct 16, 1990DeckI am trying to get in touch w/Trina Kellog-Owens whom was my best friend . I was married 2 Tony Dover. I saw Marty Wells on this crew list and I think it's the Marty I use to know.
Anderson, WendyHT31987 – Apr 7, 1989R-7What a ship!! Survived the disaster on the way to Alaska 1988! What a ball! Would love to find my old friend Terri (Gomer) Pyle.
Joseph, AngeliaEN21987 – 1989R9/38A
Appleman, GeorgeOM1987 – 1993R-4
Olney, MichaelML31987 – Jun 9, 1990R3JUst looking around to see if anyone I know is in here.
MacHatsek (Schindewolf Now, Biological Name), Eric (Ferret)ET31987 – 1989Electronic TechnicianOnly made a couple of trips on the Dixon, to Hawaii and Adak Alaska. Most time was spent in Point Loma.
Ott, Constance/ ConnieSNJan 1987 – Oct 1988RepairI worked in the riggers loft, anyone who might remember me, drop me a e-mail.
Vanover, DarrylET2Jan 1987 – Jan 1989Repair - Antenna Shop/QA
Chustz, ChrisSH3Jan 18, 1987 – Aug 19, 1990SupplyJust wanted to say hi to all the crew of the Dixon. Had a great time serving on board, and hopefully some folks will remember me!!
Clemmons-Smith, MelissaSH3Feb 1987 – May 1990S-3It seems like a life time ago that I servered aboard the USS Dixon. Some of the best times of my life happened right there. Some of the coolest people servered. Aboard,I found my Prince! I miss it, and I miss all the folks. Hey laundry crew. TAPS!
Dixon, JackieSH3Feb 1987 – Feb 1991Supply Ship ServicemanAll I ever heard was Dixon on the Dixon
Purdy (Old Horn), LindaMM2Mar 1987 – May 1992R9
Rummler, ChuckET-1Mar 10, 1987 – May 9, 1988CommunicationsLPO of Communications maintenence on the 04 deck for the last 13 months of my navy tour
Rummler, ChuckET-1Mar 14, 1987 – May 18, 1988CommunicationsWhat a great ship ! Crew was top notch. Too bad she had to be disposed during a SINKEX. I spent my last 13 months in the NAVY on this command - what a great time. My email is:
Rabold, JeffBM3Apr 1987 – Feb 1989DeckSunk? I can't believe it either. Dixon was my only duty station while on a break from college. Good memories. Whatever happened to that loudmouth BM Grady Eugene Morris?
McGovernor, EricE-1Apr 1987 – Oct 1991R-8 QAGood and Bad times as Leading Petty officer, but for most of the time it was grate.
Abbey, DavidET1Apr 30, 1987 – Apr 30, 1990R4I was looking at a thing on Adak on youtube and I saw a picture of a tender tied up there. I strained my eyes to see the number...41 ack! Oh well, we were there also. I will miss her, good memories. Hey Rick, how is your golf game?
Clark, JamesDM2 - MA2May 15, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990ADMIN-SECURITY
Sturgis, PaulMM1Jun 1987 – Aug 2, 1990R-5Pulled a lot of long duty shifts on Dixon, but it was still better than sub duty. The underway times were great, storm not withstanding. Met my eventual wife (the division yeomen) there. (27th Anniversary last year)
Garrett, Willie/ WeezyE5Jun 1, 1987 – Jul 1, 1990R9 and R7This was the BEST ship I served on. It was a close nit crew and a lot of us are still in contact with each other.
Wright/van Wyhe, ChristiIC2Jul 1987 – Feb 1989R-3/51CI have to agree with everyone else, the Dixon was by far, the best duty station ever! Remember our "rock'n'roll" trip to Alaska?
Walker, FayeE3Aug 1987 – Aug 1988DeckIt was a great experience. Met a lot of nice people. Wish we could have spent more time at sea.
Moore, Don profile iconHT1 (DV/SW)Aug 1987 – Jul 1989Dive LockerHOO YA Deep Sea ! long hour low pay but always fun
Wood, LesleyICCSAug 8, 1987 – Mar 10, 1993R3/51CMy first ship and was a wonderful experience. Enjoyed my almost 6 years there. Still in touch with lots of great friends I met there
Taylor, ScottHT 1Aug 30, 1987 – Dec 10, 1991R1 56A Pipeshop LPORetired
Arnold, JimMM2Sep 15, 1987 – Sep 1, 1991R931 Foxtrot A big howdy to a couple of shipmates. Chief Mina, Wally Bergener. They were good times.
Pavlovich, GregET3Oct 1987 – Dec 1989R4I bet the people that salvaged the Dixon for scrap before they sank it got a kick out of the dozens of food-filled pans above the ceiling panels in the galley. Had to mess cook for 90 days; figure I washed 2 to 3 pans, tops.
McGlaughlin, Keith profile iconMMCM/SSOct 16, 1987 – Feb 4, 1991RepairRepair department personnel officer, went to sea once only to be flown back top repair a sub
Brockington, GeneETC(SS\SW)Nov 30, 1987 – Dec 10, 1993RSR0LPO of Repair Safety Division. After making Chief, became a Ship Superintendant. Very rewarding tour. Lot of good people
Sheddy, Jae (Jackie)ET2Dec 1987 – Dec 1988R5Had some good times and less good times. I'll never forget the storm that hit us on the way to Sitka, Alaska. Nor the coldest July 4th I've ever experienced.
Jensen, MichaelYN1(SS)Dec 8, 1987 – Jun 30, 1991Personnel 1 year Weapons Repair 3 next 3 yearsGreat ship. I played on the softball team with Dan Prusha and others. I remember Rex Schneck, Bindy Shaffer, Carol Phillips, John Geiser, Gail Johnson, Dottie Wolfe, Charles Beers - was on a submarine with him also.
Olden, CurtHT1Dec 12, 1987 – Apr 15, 1993R-1Reported and told we were "welded to the pier." Got u/w for Adak shortly thereafter. What fun. NEVER will I report to another tender....
Strickland, Harry CraigDKDec 26, 1987 – Nov 7, 1990S4I was a SN working in disbursing.
Weber, HermanE-51988 – 1991Damange ControlThis was my first and last ship. I had some great times. It is sad to hear that it is gone. Anyone want to contact me my email is
Nipper, Cindy (Burch)FA1988 – 1988EngineeringI was only onboard for three months. I mess cranked in the CPO Mess and worked as the Engineering YN for a very short time.
Roberts, AllenET21988 – 1991CommJust found out she's gone. Sorta sad. Lots of great times and great people. love to hear from anyone still around. Mr. KDIX
Kossmann Freedman, JeanMM21988 – 1992R9Wholly Cow what a ride! The long days and nights were such a blur, but we had some fun in almost everything we did!
Fall-leaf, ScottBT21988 – 1991"B"Looking for Manual Barreras (Manny)
Alvarado, PaulBM21988 – 1988R-6Worked in the Rigger's Loft with Grover, Kate, Chief Moondog, I don't know how we passed an underway fitness evolution when we couldn't even make steam. Had to be towed in and still passed. What a rust bucket.
Mehki, MarkMM31988 – 1991M-DIV. EMO1Hey Mike Estes, what the "F" HOW THE HECK ARE YOU? GOOD TIMES ON THE BOAT.
Newman, SherryNCC1988 – 1991personnel
Brusati, Gilbert profile iconEN31988 – Jun 14, 1992A div, Boats and CraneEnjoyed being on board and being apart of The Flying Squad Feel free to email just trying to find friends that I made and worked with.
Stinnette (Tingzon), ChristineMR2Jan 1988 – Aug 1991R-2Loved working in the machine shop. I have very fond memories of the Dixon.
Verdugo, Daniel ( Pc3)PC 3Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 20, 1990AdminI had a blast on the Dixon. I still remember the storm on the way to Alaska. and Hawai. I was the softball coach. and hopefully you all remember me from the Post Office everyone had to go there. drop a line.
Limerick, DennisSK-5Jan 1, 1988 – Nov 22, 1992s-1,s-7,this was the best time of my life. Will never forget our trip to alaska and to the gulf. Met my wife onboard and she still is with me.
Nosky, MichaelEngineman / EN2Jan 16, 1988 – Jul 17, 1991R-9 Anyone know where to find the footage of our ship being used as target practice in 2003?
Harpst, AndyET2Jan 28, 1988 – Dec 1991CommShe was my first ship. Made good friendships that I still maintain today. Went aboard her in 1999... Very spooky aboard a decommed/dead ship. Brought back many memories. Sorry to see her sunk.
Stuart, StevenHT2Feb 7, 1988 – Feb 1, 1993Repair; R-1 & R-7
Schenck, RexMM2Mar 1988 – Mar 1993R-9 38A, R-8 QAOne year of Hell (38A), 4 years of Heaven (QA) for a total of 5 years of awesome people, non-stop partying, and memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. I would love to hear from any of the ballast pub crew, especially John Geiser.
Shannon, MarcallinaEN2Mar 1988 – Aug 1991EngineeringI heard about this site from a former shipmate on the USS Dixo AS-37 FB group. I hoping to find and reconnect with shipmates that served from 1988-1991. Especially seeking those that were in the engineering and deck.
Smith, VanessaE-4Mar 1, 1988 – Nov 10, 1991R-1USS Dixon lagging shop, first ones in and the last ones out...Had a great great time on my one and only command. BID WHIZ - DOMINO CREW , HOLLA
Dowdy, BillMM1Apr 1988 – May 1990R-5Good times, Bad times. Sitka was fun, Adak was fun, as was the fishing at both places. Cleaning up the soda storage after the storm was not fun!!!
Cooper, JesseBM-1Apr 9, 1988 – Nov 14, 1990First div and canvas shop
Hatzai, LeeET2May 5, 1988 – Oct 31, 1991CECE/Ops rocked! But those 12 & 12 radio watches stunk. Tough tour, but if you didn't have fun while you were there, you were doing something wrong. Where is Gail Johnson, Effie Jackson, Dottie Wolfe? I see some other familiar names here.
Sleeman, GaryTM1Jun 1988 – Feb 1990W3
Weido, MarkPH3/DVJun 1, 1988 – Jun 1, 1990LockerI wish I could do it over again! Somethings I'd do different, some I'd do as many times as i could. "Don't go near the edge"!!
Kuckenbecker, LeannTM3Jun 12, 1988 – May 28, 1991WeaponsI am looking for anyone who was in the weapons dept. Especially Paul Stephenson or Chelsea Bode. Thank you
Norris, MorganLTJun 20, 1988 – Jun 19, 1990DentalHello to all my crewmembers and patients from the Dixon. I trust that all the fillings I did during that command are still holding up; especially those done at sea!! Fair winds and following seas.
Sisson, DoriHT2Jul 1988 – Nov 5, 1990R-5
Green Now Is Bellis, TwylaSH3Jul 8, 1988 – Apr 1990S3Wow long time ago. I only was on board for 1 1/2 yrs. I worked in the ships laundry and the store.
Barnard, BillDTCJul 25, 1988 – Jul 30, 1990DentalEnjoyed the tour aboard Dixon. Excellent CPO community. Sad to hear that she is beneath the Atlantic waves from SINKEX 2003 but her memory will endure.
Bryant, KeithMM3Aug 1988 – Dec 16, 1991REPAIRI am looking for a few people I served with.If you worked with me send me an e-mail.
Richburg, PatHT3Aug 1988 – Jun 1990Engineering and Repairsad that she is sunk but grateful the crew is OK
Golden, Now Fall, Betty profile iconWAS E-4 Aug 1988 – Feb 5, 1990NSF
Bunting, Raymondtm1Aug 12, 1988 – Aug 20, 1993w-3last tender i served on out of 4 total
Currie, TheodoreDK2Aug 15, 1988 – Jan 21, 1993S-4 DisbursingWow it is really good to see this sight up. I have some really great memories of my time aboard the Dixon. I just want to say hello to all my old shipmates. I would love to hear from some of you.
Payne, Kevin profile iconOS3 E-4Aug 23, 1988 – Aug 23, 1991Deck/OPSGood Memories Great People (419) 665-6714 The Building Blocks for a Amazing Journey Thanks to all thoses who have molded me to the man I am Today. Contact me if you would like.
Miller, TammieDC2Aug 26, 1988 – Apr 28, 1992damage controllooking 4 friends who i served with
Nehus, VanIC2Aug 29, 1988 – Jan 5, 1990R3/IC shopThe Dixon was my best duty station ever. Sorry to find out they sunk her. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me.
Payne, KevinAug 30, 1988 – Aug 23, 1991
Minckler, KirkET3Sep 1988 – Oct 1991R-4Had some good times onboard....served with some great people....been retired for a couple of years...drop me a line sometime.
Perez, ClaraTM3Sep 1, 1988 – Apr 1, 1990WeaponsI'm looki ng for people on the Dixon from 1988 to 1990
Fuller, JamesYN2(SS)Oct 1, 1988 – Oct 2, 1991COMSUBRON 3
Davidson, DanielE-3Oct 8, 1988 – Apr 6, 1992Deck departmenti had the best of times in deck department met a lot of good people great times ports we visited
Meldahl, BryanMM3Dec 1988 – May 17, 199138NHad one hell of a good time. Spent many hours with some good people (Shift Work). Scott G, Fernando, Blair, Peterson, Shaffer. Still remember the long hours doing a resin discharge.

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