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USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 469 crew members registered for the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51).

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Brown, WayneSN1989 – 1992OD
Lazzaro, NickFC21989 – 1993CS
Finch, MikeEW3(SW)1989 – 1991OTI can't believe she retired so soon. If she had VLS she would still be in service. Boy does time fly.....she was a great ship!
Jimenez, Manuel  NEWLT1989 – 1992MP
Rasmussen, Scott Raz RazboGMG1(SW)1989 – 1991Combat Systems
Dirt, Joe DanielGSMFAJan 10, 1989 – May 8, 1995ENGDont listen to the call of the gates of hell
Healy, EdwinGSM2 (SW)Jan 10, 1989 – Jun 10, 1992MP
Arnold, ChrisOS1Mar 1989 – Sep 1992opsgive me a shout
Ybarra, ManuelSTG1Mar 1989 – Mar 1991
Bowles, BryanGMG2Mar 1989 – Jun 1990Combat SystemsGunner Mate Guns - 2nd Class Mk 45 Mod 0/1 Gun Mount
Labaska, EricOS3Mar 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1991OPSJust thinking about friends from another time. Happy Veterans Day!
Lane, KenFC2May 15, 1989 – May 30, 1993CS
Smith, Stephen (Smitty)CTOSNAug 1989 – Apr 1992OTthe Gates #1 trouble maker, saying hello to all that I served with. Those that remember me drop me a line at Currently living in Texas, far away from any body of water.
Parrish, JeffET2Aug 1989 – Nov 1992CELiving in western PA. Running the backroads. Raising the kids and living my life. CE DIV and CS upper lets hear from you guys.
Swearingin, KellyFC3(SW)Aug 1989 – Aug 1993CFI called this old ship my home for 4 years of my young life and considered all 32 individuals within the CF division to be like family. I always remember my time spent serving on this ship fondly.
Edmonds, J.STG2Aug 1989 – Apr 16, 1992CAI came onboard right behind CAPT Hammering Hank Giffin. Left her in 1992 with a hardship discharge. Reaffiliated with the Reserves in 2002 and am almost ready to retire as LSC(SW). Where you at Brad "Shingle Foot" DeMoss
Romero, RayEM3Aug 1989 – May 1991Eshout out to all the electricians on the Gates - anyone that wants to connect I am at 248-763-5378!
Taylor, JefferyE-6Aug 14, 1989 – Jul 16, 1992CAGreat Times
Moreno, Herman (Taco)GSMFA/GSMFN/GSM3Sep 2, 1989 – Feb 1, 1993MP/ MER2The Tommy Tugboat, had alot of fun. She was my first Ship and will always have a place in my Heart
Smith, Todd /smitty DogGSMFASep 17, 1989 – May 12, 1992MPMER 1, Great memories,great ports. Learned alot from being on board,most lessons learned were after I left her. Thanks for putting up with me shipmates!
Nelson, JarrodFC2(SW)Oct 1989 – Jul 1994CF02Great crew, just saw the Gates in the Jersey shipyards. Little sad to see her decommisioned but will always have rgeat memories.
Brown, WayneE-3Oct 1, 1989 – Oct 1, 1992OD
Wilkins, MichaelDC 3Oct 15, 1989 – Apr 13, 1993RepairHey guys it would be great to hear from those of you who served when i did. I am currently in the reserves in the Seabees.
Barron, William D.YN1Nov 1989 – Sep 1991Admin
Roux, RonaldLTNov 1989 – Jul 1990Training Officer
Westbrook, ShawnOS2Dec 1989 – Feb 1992OI
Jack, Timothy W.YN3Dec 7, 1989 – May 31, 1992AdminIt was my pleasure to have served on the USS THOMAS S. GATES (CG-51). Take care everyone and GOD Bless.
Knight, JoeSM3Dec 29, 1989 – Oct 27, 1992oclokin forward to speaking with the boys again , zues ,mike , don davis , billy orlando smith , , or 916 363 4022
Kasuske (Zeus), JasonDC31990 – 1992RWhat ride it was, Cascio, Pond,Walters,Knight,Bassani,Thompson,And Gignac...she was good to us, and so was Gary's the stabbin cabin, and VB....We need to allget together for a reunion soon in VB...
Adams, RoryFC1(SW)1990 – 1993CF
Webster, RoyQM2 (SW)1990 – 1996NXGreat ship, great crew and the best times of my life. If you remember me hit me up "" Don't forget "you can trust your keel to the men who wear the wheel" Yeah baby!!!
Hanna, MonnyE8/EMCS (SW)1990 – 1994EGreat ship that I served aboard. Was aboard during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Retired from this command.
Bronner, Tracy / BonerSKSNJan 1990 – Jul 1992SupplyHad a lot of great times with a lot of great guys.
Lee, JamesET1Jan 1990 – Dec 1992CE
O'Brien, SkipEWC(SW) RETIREDJan 1990 – Nov 1994OTGreat ship, great crew! One of the finest Chiefs messes on the water front. Had some real good times on deployment. No brown shoes were safe!
Walters, Shawn ArdellDK3Jan 2, 1990 – Jan 2, 19925th DivisionI'm trying to connect with my shipmates on the Thomas S Gates CG-51 from 1990 -1992. Feel free to reach out to me. Shawn Ardell (A.D.) Walters from Atlanta, GA.
Adkins, JerryEN4Feb 1990 – Mar 1994A
Brown, EricENS- LTJG-LTFeb 1990 – Mar 1993OC-CARemember the Christmas Tree "man overboard" in the Gulf of Aqaba during Desert Shield?
Nusbaum, David C.OSCMar 1990 – Nov 1995OI
Gingrich, Frank (The Grinch)STG1Mar 1990 – Apr 1994CANice to see the names of some of my old buddies here!
Phillips, RickRM1 LEFT AS RMC(SW) RETIREDApr 1990 – Feb 1993OCFond memories Gates. Picked up Chief, daughter born while deployed to D.Storm (17 yrs ago). (Scud Jr. (RM3 Derrick ??) drafted bogus msg that got to the skipper. Who could forget BMCM(SW) Bobby Scott who brought me in the CPO MESS.
Weissmann, MikeDC3Jun 7, 1990 – Dec 4, 1993R
Mushinski, Bill GMG3Jun 14, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992combat systems
Mark, KonetskiCDRJul 1, 1990 – Jul 1, 1992Supply OfficerGreat ship and terrific memories!
Kasuske (Zeus), JasonDC3Sep 1990 – 1992Had a blast on the old pig!!! With Pond, Casio,Thompson,Gignac,Walters, Cheeto feet-cancer face Knight, I think Vern ate himself!!! The Stabin Cabin.....
Mueller, BrianET3Oct 1990 – Mar 1993CE
Gerhart, JamesET3 (SW)Nov 1990 – Jul 1993
Moore, Mike profile iconMS2Nov 1990 – 1993DeckHey those were great times. AnyBody seen from Greenlaw,Boggy,mellon
Collins, JohnLTNov 1990 – Feb 1993Supply
O'Hare, John profile iconEN2Nov 1, 1990 – Nov 2, 1995A-GangSpent Five Years of my life on this ships. Had some good and bad times, mostly good.
Thompson, RobSKSNNov 19, 1990 – Dec 10, 1993SupplyI remember Desert Storm. Serving with guys like Dan Pond, Kevin Westhoven, Boggey, Mahan, Doug Dodd, Andy Williams, and Many others. REMEMBER THE STABIN CABIN!!!!!
Becker, PatrickE-4Dec 10, 1990 – Sep 10, 1991ASWNo sub was safe. No basketball player could match the skills in the Helicopter hanger!!!
Schrader, LeonardFCC(SW)Dec 30, 1990 – May 1992CFGreat Captain Henry Giffin, III and shipmates. Some good times had by all. From Desert Shield and Storm to swim call in the Caribbean.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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