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USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 469 crew members registered for the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51).

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Busby, RussRM11987 – 1989OCGreat ship. Had a blast. Best regards to all!
Fishel, David (Fish)OSC (SW)1987 – 1992OI Division
Moreau, Mike / MooseEW3Jan 1987 – Jun 1988OTGreeting Plankowners. Was a wild & weird time. Now married 17 years 2 kids, and 1 Basset Hound. Any Plankowners that remember me gimmie an email Yes Im still a smart ass as Im sure you recall!
Paldino, JerryJan 1987 – Aug 1990Hello fellow "Tommy Tug" plankowners. Keep in touch my email is
Smith, ChrisGMM2 (SW)Jan 1, 1987 – Jan 15, 1990COPlankowner, Launcher Captain, Maiden deployment, Soviet port visit, homeport Norfolk
Price, William B. (Benny)SH3Jan 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990S-3Plankowner
Phalen, TomDK3Jan 1, 1987 – Aug 29, 1989SupplySurvived DK2 Ledlow debacle what an ahole he was. Looking for Brooksy the Oil King I understand he leaves rainbows where ever he goes. Also looking for Disbo Billy Hayes the mental gymnast. Contact me if you can at
Martinez, OmarYN2Jan 4, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990NAV/ADMINGreat memories! Feel free to drop me a line at
(west) Weston, KerryGMG 3Jan 4, 1987 – Aug 30, 1990COMBAT SYSTEMSPLANKOWNER
Hartman, GregorySK2(SW)Jan 4, 1987 – Jul 7, 1990SupplyI had a GREAT time on the Gates. My only ship while serving but I cannot imagine topping the crew of CG-51. So from a toast I picked up in Sevastopol, "here's to the sailors at sea" cheers!
Lovato, DaveJO2(SW)Jan 5, 1987 – Aug 15, 1988NAVADMINWent on to JOCM(SW), Ho Ho! Now retired. Are we meeting for the DECOM? I still see Bob Sutton, some other plankowners in DC!
Easterday, MarkSTG1Jan 8, 1987 – Jun 9, 1988Combat SystemsI can't believe she is de-commed. Was there ever a ceremony for us Plank Owner's? Hope all my mates are well. My son may be in the Navy soon.
Haynes, Terry T "TH"OS1(SW)Jan 11, 1987 – Jun 1, 1992OPS
Thomaston, TimMS2/E5Feb 1987 – Aug 1990SupplyWorked as ward room Supervisor for over two years. Had a Ball. Was first seaman to strike out of deck on the Gates. Plankowner. Was the only member to get off after Irag invaded Kuwait. Plankowners look me up.
Cheney, WaylonRM3Feb 1987 – Jun 1990Plankowner - Good Memories!
Cassell, GaryPN2Feb 5, 1987 – Oct 1990Nav/AdminPlankowner on this great ship.
Crary, JohnEW3Feb 17, 1987 – Aug 24, 1988OELook me up
Brawley, StanYN3Mar 1987 – Aug 1989Admin
Lastner, JoeDC2(SW)Mar 1987 – Jan 1990RPLANKOWNER
Kell, HowardPLANKOWNERMar 1987 – Aug 1988SonarAmazed at the crew response. Is this ship still in operation???
Clark, MikeFC1Mar 23, 1987 – Mar 22, 1992CF02Still searving and loving life!!!! CF div, contact me.
Saulmon, LesRM3May 1, 1987 –Radiomangreat ship, great shipmates, great memories
Marsh, Adrian (Alf)DECK SEAMAN/OSJun 22, 1987 – Oct 21, 1990Deck and OIYo, just wanted say what up and drop some data when you get a chance.
Brooks, DavidGSM2Jul 7, 1987 – Mar 16, 1990MPOILKING, Jeff Recker anyone from the shack.
Day, KennyMS2Jul 19, 1987 – May 7, 1990SupplyHey if you happen to see MSC mata have him hit me up and if any you happen to be in my hometown area hit me up.
Blackwell, RichardOS2Aug 1987 – Jul 1990OIRLBLACKWELL@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Jarvis, ScottOS2Aug 1987 – Nov 1991OI
Schneider, RogerHT3Aug 1, 1987 – Feb 1, 1988Repair
Beddow, George/philoEM2Aug 18, 1987 – Aug 18, 1991ENGINEERING
Jarvis, Scott (J-mac)OS2Aug 21, 1987 – Nov 23, 1991OI
Becker, ChrisQM3Oct 1987 – 1989Navigationanyone out there remember me, email me!
Dahmer, TimEW2 (SW)Oct 1987 – Sep 1990OTWow, the Gates is decommissioned. Brings back a lot of memories. I missed being an offical plankowner by two months. Good to see some old shipmates on here. I'm at
Ross, AlexGMM1 (Frocked)Oct 1987 – Mar 1991Combat SystemsPlankowner, Onboard during the Goodwill Exchange at Sevastopol, USSR. Miss my shipmates, had a great experience. Sorry to hear the old girl is history.
Slater, RobertHT2 (SW/SAR)Oct 6, 1987 – Oct 5, 1991RepairJust found this site, WOW, Stew, how you doin? Bulldog, long time... Anyone here anything about Lamont Taylor, Rob Rice. Anyone remember Senior Chief Tarantole, I think thats how you spell it. Frank Rossen?
Starling, Jeff Aka "Bulldawg"E4/GSM3Dec 10, 1987 – Feb 1, 1991MP MER2MER2 operator, Repair 5 Team leader/1 nozzleman, and OIL King. you can reach me at
Starling, Jeff Aka BulldawgGSM3Dec 14, 1987 – Feb 1, 1991MPCannot say I loved it, however I did my time, made good friends and glad I was along for the ride.Thanks for the memories!
Marshall, JeffSTG3Dec 16, 1987 – Jul 20, 1991CA - Sonar TechsWow - decomissioned......I'm feeling really old. I was 18 when I got on board
Parker, JohnEnlisted1988 – 1990GSEPeace, love, health and happiness to you all.
Torres, DavidSTG 3Jan 1988 – Aug 1991CANice to see old buddies name. I like to remember old times.
Stewart, Danny/stew-kidDC1 (sw)Jan 4, 1988 – Aug 17, 1995repair div.
Myeress, RickET2(SW)Feb 1, 1988 – Jun 20, 1990CEalso served on CG66
Hayes, BillLTMar 21, 1988 – Mar 28, 1991SupplyGreat tour, Med 3-89 with visit to Sevastopol USSR, Also Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Grier, Jeffrey (Jeff) "Bama"OS2Mar 28, 1988 – May 1, 1992OIWould like to get in touch with old shipmates (Glen Osbourne-California, Terry Haynes - TH (West Virginia, James Hamm - Jupiter, FL).
Fleming, ChristopherYN2Apr 23, 1988 – Nov 22, 1991AdminWow I did not know this site existed, I had a great time on the TSG, Russia was off the chain, lot of fun memories. I can be reached at if anyone wants to chat.
Mire, ChadCG 51May 1988 – Jan 1992QM2I feel honored to have served on this ship. I have alot of great memories of my time spent on the ship. Desert Shield/Desert Storm was an experience that I will never forget. Hopefully we have a reunion one day so that I can see old shipmates.
Schabow, ScottFC2(SW)Jun 10, 1988 – Aug 1992CF
Haley, GeneRM2(SW)Jul 1988 – Mar 1990OpsGreat ship. Med-Cruise, Sevastopol
Brown, DavidOS2 (SW)Jul 12, 1988 – Dec 22, 1991OI/OPSEmail or How ya doing Stoney,and Scott Jarvis? Smitty works with me. Shoot us a email.
Disney, CaryFC2(SW)Aug 1988 – Jun 1992CF06Some of the best times of my life, we got to blow stuff up and they paid us for that! Not that much excitement in the civilian world!
Sharp, GaryFC2(SW)Aug 22, 1988 – May 25, 1992CFMed Cruise, Desert Storn, Puerto Rico - GREAT TIMES ABOARD CG-51
Dowlan, ErikGMM3Sep 1988 – Aug 1990CO
Gibbs, Aaron GibbyEM3Sep 16, 1988 – May 22, 2002Engineering
Benson, Benrod, Bennyalt, BennyGSM3, GSM2, GSM1Sep 18, 1988 – Jan 3, 1994MPFirst ship I had the honor of serving on, seen alot of the world from her decks, its sad to see her in the shape she is in now. To all those I had the Honor and privliage to serve with, thank you
Lower, CharlieE1Oct 3, 1988 – 1991BMStill remember the experiance. Wife is a Sailor SK from Butte Mt. Not the ship. Son has enlisted to become an AC.couldent be prouder.
Wilson, BenjaminPN3Oct 11, 1988 – Jul 5, 1991Nav/AdminEasy, relaxing stint as a PN onboard. Can now be found kicking ass and taking names as a USMC Sniper in Iraq, operating with 1st Recon Battalion.
Wilson, BenjaminPN3Oct 11, 1988 – Jul 5, 1991Nav/AdminWhat's up shipmates? Had a blast with you guys back in the day, but I can currently be found in Iraq or wherever killing bad guys with the US Marines of 1st Recon Battalion!
Rosser, JimCDR (Ret.)Oct 15, 1988 – Jan 20, 1990EWithout a doubt, Gates and its crew are the best of the best. I'll never forget her first deployment to the Med and our historic trip to Sevestopol. I'm proud to have served and wish my shipmates all the best.
Melonhead, Joesm3Oct 27, 1988 – Oct 27, 1992ops i still love jelly donuts
Walters, MikeSM2Nov 11, 1988 – Jul 4, 1992OCI have great memories of the time I served on the Gates. Great bunch of guys to work and see the world with. Hope to see everyone again sometime. Living in Lincoln, NE.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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