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USS Texas (CGN 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Texas (CGN 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 778 crew members registered for the USS Texas (CGN 39).

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Castanien, AlanEW11978 – Sep 1980OE
Boom, CraigCTO31978 – 1980OZ (OT)First ship, Great Crew, I got out after Iran.
Stephens, Larry 'Kat'e41978 – 1982CEwhat a crazy bunch of people and times we had.
Flaherty, Philip FlairSKSN1978 – Dec 1980S1Because i was short i got off in the med just before the ship left for the gulf
Blakslee, PeterE-51978 – 1982E
Morgan, DonnieQM/31978 – 1979Nav Operations / BridgeIt was a pleasure to serve with all my ship mates for the short time i was there. Many memories were formed there lol. I remember a few of you like Vota, Flanagan, McCoy. Godspeed and God Bless to all my Ship mates
Turner, GaryEM21978 – 1979EE01Great bunch of guys who I served with. Small group but the big family attitude was great. Good times on Westpacs. I sure hope to hear from anyone I knew.
Smith, RichardLt. MC1978 – 1979HWent from Texas to Desron 10 and then to San Diego then Camp Lejeune. Released as a Commander. Worked in Defiance OH thereafter.
Seamon, Tex????Jan 5, 1978 – Dec 1979?????Am writing to inform Texas that Scot W. Larson; plank owner passed 8/18/09, was from Edmeston, NY. 6 yrs on Texas 51 yrs old, panc-cancer.
Dyer, DeanHT3Mar 1978 – Nov 1981R-DIV
McLerran, MikeRM3Mar 20, 1978 – Sep 10, 1981OC
McLerran, MikeSM3Mar 28, 1978 – Sep 6, 1981OCStarted as RM/ended as SM. Great memories.Gitmo,Rosy Roads,Naples,Athens,Oslo,Rotterdam,Tangiers,Mauritius,shellback,bluenose,etc. Sorry to hear of her demise. As a native Texan, I was honored to serve. Back in Dallas now doing well. God Bless Texas!
McCann, Anthony, TonyRM2Mar 31, 1978 – Aug 31, 1981OCMy first ship. Picked her up on the maiden voyage and went from RMSR all the way to RM2 thanks to a great group in the RADIO SHACK. Texas kept me in the navy for 20 years!
Jackson, Clyde J.RM2May 1978 – Oct 1981OCTexas was a great ship! My best memories were the ports visited and the times at sea! Enjoyed the radio shop and the guys I worked with! Great crew in general! Too bad she's decommed now! My time on the Texas will remain close to me!!
Morris, JamesMM1 (SW)Jun 1978 – Jan 1979EM01EM01 WCS and LPO
Greenwood, DanaFTG-2Jun 7, 1978 – Jul 20, 1980Combat SystemsFirst and only ship. On board right after commissioning. Great accomodations, Great crew, learned alot. Got to be part of the hostage situation in Iran, Wish Carter would have let us blow the !*^#&!! out of them.
Wooddell, Curtem2Jul 1, 1978 – Aug 26, 1982eGreat friendships made on that tub. Hope you all are doing great.
Stutts, JohnET1Jul 27, 1978 – May 14, 1982RCBeen working at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby, Md. since I got out. Still see Bill Silva and Bob Martin almost every day.
Wirsching, DeanEM2Jul 28, 1978 – Aug 18, 1982EThe human mind has an amazing ability to remember only the good times. Time erases the rest. You guys are the greatest!
Cruz, EddieMSCS Retired MSCM 1994 Yokosuka, JapanJul 28, 1978 – Mar 2, 1982S-2 / S-5Best fishing in my whole life was in Diego Garcia enroute tothe Gulf. Red Snappers were biting left and right. Rather not discuss undesirable memories (unreps, watches etc)
Adams, John C.FTG2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981CF
Adams, JohnFTG2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981CFWould be great to hear from old friends.
Schilt, JimGMM3Aug 1978 – Aug 1980john adams, mike brajer, bruce hankins, steve gannon talk to me.
Stevens, RichardET1Sep 1978 – Jul 1982RC
Brown, DaleCTM1Sep 1978 – Oct 1982OZ (OT)second spook on board; installation and maintenance of outboard/tacintel
McEleney, DanFTM2Sep 1978 – Jul 1982CFI met good people, made friends and saw a good part of the world. My best wishes to each and every Texas sailor. Rest in peace Al...
Reesman, EugeneDS2Sep 1978 – Dec 13, 1982CD
Dietzler, DanFTM3Oct 1978 – Aug 1982Who could forget liberty in Diego Garcia
Grergory, GarrettEM-1Oct 1978 – Nov 1980E
Dick, HowardSH2Oct 1978 – Jun 1982S-3My first Command. I remember all the great shipmates, the Hostage Crisis/ MED-IO. The outstanding home coming after the Med/IO. Working in the shipstore and the soda fountain. I retired SHC(SW) in July 2000.
Walsh, RobertDK3Oct 26, 1978 – Feb 21, 1981DECK
West, DavidHM3Nov 1978 – Oct 1980H
Feeley, RogerEM2Nov 1978 – Feb 1983EGreat memories! As of 2006 I'm getting my PhD in physics at the University of Maine
Andrews, DanSNDec 6, 1978 – Nov 13, 1982odcant believe they're scrapping her
Stephens, LarryET31979 – 1982CE
Troy, BauernfeindET21979 – 1983RC
Irizarry, CarlosEM21979 – 1983EBeen working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since I left the ship. Would love to talk to some of my old buddies.
Wolf, Thomas "hollywood"EM3,EM2,EM31979 – 1982EOut of place in uniform, sent to the Texas because I enlisted in San Antonio. I wandered for a while. New York burned the Hollywood out of me. Became a painter in Seattle during Grunge. Pacific Rim denizen still. Peace all.
McArdle, PaulEN1979 – 1982ACarl you slacker. Remember Swami, Griz, Teddy, Zippie, Mark, John, Montie, Poor old Hermie just to name a few.
Greenwood, DanaFTG21979 – 1980Combat SystemsGreat Ship. Great Crew
Lansinger, James KentSTG11979 – 1982CAI joined the Navy to see the world and certainly did that aboard Texas. Still remember Gonzo station and port visit to Galveston, North Atlantic cruise an As time goes on the good memories stay, the bad ones drift away.
Swope, BryanET21979 – 1982CEI entered this for my brother Bryan who died in July 2016. His time aboard the USS Texas was a happy time. He was aboard during the maiden cruise wth the Nimitz Battle Group in support of Desert One.
Edwards, ReggieE-21979 – 1980Cook
Chandler, TracySTG11979 – 1981CA
Fallon, Stuart ( Gabby )HT-31979 – 1979R
Ortega, RudyDK3/2Feb 1979 – Feb 1981SUPPLYI was the DK onboard during our Indian Ocean cruise.
Estes, Andy profile iconEM3Feb 1979 – Apr 1980REThe greatest group of co-workers on the planet. My friends, I will always remember the crew of my first ship fondly. You guys were the best crew anyone could ask for. Not so much for the CO & XO.
Inskeep, Robert (Bob)MM2Mar 1979 – Jan 1980M.Great Ship had my first Med Cruise on her. was medevac off her off the coast of Iran because of a crushed neck.
Messersmith, DonaldSH3Mar 1979 – Sep 1980
Mitchell, CurtisFTM2Mar 1979 – May 1983CFI reported on board while getting ready for our cruise. I had many good times. I have great memories of being in CF Division and serving on the Texas. I have been living in TX for over 25 years. I hope everyone is doing well.
Murray, JohnMM1Mar 1979 – Mar 1982M1Came back for another tour, July 1987 - Jan 1990
Kirkham, DonIC2Mar 9, 1979 – Jul 31, 1982EStarted out as an EM then cross rated to IC. Fossil fuel forever!!
Bechtel, JohnEM1Mar 14, 1979 – Mar 29, 1982EWas the first ship of 6 in my 26 year career.
Carter, WilliamCTI1(AC)Apr 1979 – May 1979OZTAD during refresher training in Guantanamo Operating Area.
White, David (GrizzleyCTR2Jun 1979 – Jul 1982OTChubby, bearded, balding west pac sailor. Came aboard in Norfolk from Pensacola, Fl. Berthed with the signalmen. Went by the handle "Grizzley or "Tiny". Been to many beers; cant remember anyone from the boat
Dyer, SteveMM-3, MM-2, MM-1Jun 1979 – Jul 1982Lead ELT #1 plant. Made the cruise to the IO around South Africa.
Welk, MarkSK2/3Jun 1979 – Jun 1981S-123 months served, 19 months underway. Apologies to my nuke buddies for the mishap in the storeroom, but, still, nobody twisted your arms. 30 years later, still have lasting memories and great life lessons.
Clements, DonLCDR, CHC, USN(RET)Jun 1, 1979 – Jun 30, 1980ChaplainServed as Chaplain, SITE TV Officer, and Tours Officer during deployment. Anchor for evening TV news show (most fun any TV anchor ever had!) Would love to hear from shipmates during this period to share stories. Living in Southwest VA.
Kenneth Rogers McKay, Pc/mac/elvisPC3Jun 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1980X-DivisionPostal Clerk onboard during out time at sea for the Iranian Hostage Crisis.
Craft, MarkDS2Jun 4, 1979 – Jul 1, 1983CDBest Da** ship in the USN, Best Da** ship I server on in 24 years, Best crew I served with - - Really miss you guys
Howard, JoeGMG2Jun 10, 1979 – Jul 24, 1981Gunners mate gunsWow!Just sitting here thinking its been 30 years!Would love to hear from some people I served with.Lots of good times.
Branan, JoeCTM2Jun 16, 1979 – Sep 22, 1982OTTEXAS was my first ship, and in many ways, the best.
Leach, EdwinHMCJun 24, 1979 – Jun 24, 1982HGreat tour of duty and crew. The nine month tour provided many interesting ports with the exception of Bizert, Tunisia. Many good memories of the IO, North Atlantic with the exception of the 40+ degree rolls, & Med.
White, David (GrizzleyCTR2Jul 1979 – Aug 1982OTSecond shipboard duty. First time in the Atlantic/Med/Indian Ocean. Miss the travel, the ports and the old friends
Reeves, HowardMM1Jul 1979 – Aug 1983M1Many memories return while viewing this list. Once predicted that we'd look back on our 'Texas Days' as the good-olde-days'. Received my one and only blanket party as a result. There may have been some truth there.
Carter, MitchelMM3, MM2, MM1, MM3, MM2Aug 1979 – May 1982L"Anywhere in the World where Nothing is Going On, We are There, Ensuring that Nothing Really does Go On" Gonzo Station, off the coast of Iran, Indian Ocean 1980....148 days at sea.....The Norfolk Years
Perry, JosephOSSN - OS2Aug 1979 – 1982OILots of crazy times especially during a mid watch. I remember trying hard to stay out of the “rock log”. I became a shellback and blue nose and of course the hostage rescue attempt. I loved sailing in the Caribbean..
Lowder, TonyCTR1Sep 1979 – Nov 1980OT
Erhart, RobertHT3Sep 1979 – Sep 6, 1981R DivisionI prowdly display a picture of the USS Nimitz, USS Texas, USS California and USS Bainbridge cruising in the IO!
Reed, JackPNCSep 1979 – Sep 1980X
Reed, JackPNCMSep 5, 1979 – Oct 10, 1980XServed as ship'sOffice Supervisor.
Armstrong, MichaelSEAMAN / FIREMANSep 15, 1979 – May 20, 1981od cgn 39just want to say hi to all my crew mates and say im sorry for any distress i may have caused you we all lost a little bit of our soals at the gonzo stathion but the memories of our good times and our bad times and some times our war times .
McDonald, PatrickE-6/MM1Sep 22, 1979 – Oct 14, 1983M1Wally Walz, nice to see you here! I found Howie (Howard) Reeves on Haven't found ne1 else from M-Div or the Texas.
Randall, BobMM1Oct 4, 1979 – Sep 22, 1985M1Still in Australia and most likely for good
Christian, SamETCOct 10, 1979 – Mar 16, 1982CEBest Ship that I served on in 22 years. Fair Winds and following seas to all.
Dornburg, KarlQM3Nov 1979 – Jan 1981NavigationI became a shellback on that 9-10 month deployment, "Good Times". Just retired as a LCDR after 26 years. Does anyone know where QM1 William Fizman (FIZ) is living. VEGAS I'm guessing?
Nylin, Vince (Gunz)GMG2Nov 1979 – Jul 1982First ship, danged good crew, good duty. Stuck around and retired in 1998. Go figure.
Blackstone, DavidDS2Nov 1979 – Mar 1982CD
Kansgen, WayneIC1Dec 26, 1979 – Oct 15, 1983ElectricalLong time ago. Lots of steaming. My first 5 months at sea were continuous but I did get a medal and a ribbon. Miss my old Nuke buddies.
Wade, CarlHT2Dec 29, 1979 – Jun 27, 1983REPAIRCome aboard during end days of plank owners, met a lot of good sailors. Value the time, knowledge and lessons. Shaped who I am today. Left sceptical, miss the friends and even the Texas times as I have grown older. Remeber the 10 month Med-IO

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