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USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 381 crew members registered for the USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27).

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Bach, JeraldPETTY OFFICER 1 ST CLASS1980 – 1982CTRPassed away October 4 2007 from battlinng cancer for 4 months Posted buy son jeffrey bach
Whisler, CharlesGM31980 – 1984not surePassed away in 2006 of apparent heart attack being filled out by his son not sure of date. Always said it was the best time of his life
Smith, Albert (Smitty) profile iconSCPO Ret E8 Dec1980 – 1982CommunicationsThis is my father, He died in 1988 from MS, but I'd like to honor him by adding him to the lsit of Crew.
Calhoun, RonaldPN21980 – Oct 6, 1981NavigationGreat Shipmates and good times on the Joey D
Green, Aaronms31980 – 1984supply div.I would like to context MS2 Michael Dorsey if anyone knows of his whereabout please call me at email me or call 410-750-4551
Sanderson, Ed "sandy"AMH1Jan 29, 1980 – Mar 1, 1980Air Wing
Smith, TyroneBT2Feb 1980 – Oct 1983Boilersworked in both fwd and aft firerooms, great tour, excellent liberty ports
Carpenter, StanleyCaptain (ENS/LTJG at the time)Mar 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1981OCI was the ship Communications Officer and OC Division Officer
Stevens, DonaldBT2Apr 1980 – Aug 1983B Div.
Davis, RichardHT3Jun 4, 1980 – Dec 2, 1982RFirst US boat to to Benedorm Spain. Now that was some serious fun. Miss all the good friends I made.
Sheckells, Steve (Sheckie)E- 5 MS2Jun 5, 1980 – Sep 29, 1980SUPPLYi served on the Joey D from 1980-1983.I am trying to contact shipmates that served on the daniels an at the same time. I am now RET of disabilty and live in the mountains of N.E. TN.
Kaliszewski, Bob (Ski)HT2Jul 1980 – Mar 1982RBest time of my life, haze gray and underway!
Sloan, JackHT2Aug 1980 – Jan 20, 1984RDid not reaize how much fun I had until 20 something years later.
Disinger, David / Dice profile iconSTG2Aug 8, 1980 – Jun 26, 1984Third divGreat times Greater Friends
Harbers, StevenCMDCM(SW)RET.Aug 10, 1980 – Mar 3, 1981RADIO CENTRALGreat ship and great crew. When CCDG 12 departed in 81' during MED cruise, they took me with them. I know it left a bad taste in few shipmate's mouth and I apologize for that. However, it was good career move for me but . . .?
Strouth, David profile iconRM2Sep 1, 1980 – Oct 29, 1983OCMy First ship right out of Radioman A school. This is the ship that molded me, Many Many good memories from the Carribean cruises, our time in the med to the IO cruse where i became a Shellback. Miss my shipmates
Strouth, DavidRm1Oct 8, 1980 – Oct 22, 1983OCHad some great time aboard the Joey D in the Med..I/O and the the memories will last forever...anyone remember "USA-2/Lybia-0"...
MacCue, DannyeE-3Nov 1, 1980 – Feb 15, 1983SupplyI was on of the cooks on board
Jackson, Brian (Mudbone)BM2Dec 1980 – Aug 1984First DivisionI am glad that I had the privilege to serve on board this remarkable ship. I am thankful for every person who sailed and served with me. You taught me so much. Always a sailor and a brother to the SEA . Mudbone Jackson.
Burns, RoscoePN2Dec 10, 1980 – Aug 26, 1984NXLooking forward to the next reunion.
Glover, BillBM3Dec 28, 1980 – Aug 7, 19831st divLooking for old buddies, if you served onboard then you should remember the great beer heist just before making port in Australia
Collins, MitchEM3/21981 – 1983E
Thoma, Robert (Combat)OS21981 – 1983OI
Boulter, BillyEN3Mar 1981 – Sep 1983A-GangLooking for some old friends. Indian Ocean Cruise 1981 where I got my shellback.
Bartholomew, David (Bart)EW2Mar 18, 1981 – Apr 30, 1984OW01Great command, great shipmates.
Bridges, ClarenceBTFA-BT2May 1981 – Jan 1984BI work in Nr 2 Fire and had a great time. Still working for the navy as a CIV and Retired in 2004 as a BTCS after 24 years. This ship is were I learned to be a true BT. If you remember me send a email.
Canfield, MartinBT1May 1981 – Jun 1984BStill working on boiler and industrial control systems. Made a good living off what I learnt in the Navy, now I get paid for it. Will always remember my time on the Joey D.
Fortner, DougOS2Jun 1981 – Dec 1984OIThe Best! Looking back, it was all fun, but at the time I didn't like the 6 on 6 off. Hey Wilhelm..."Judy" I see you too Rose, good to see you guys. Anybody see, Buck, Bice, Deleon? And God bless you Jim were out to save ours
McCallen, BrianHT2Sep 1981 – Apr 1985RThe Joey D was a great ship and I was glad it was my first ship. Made many friends and was glad to reunite with some of them in Virginia Beach in 2003. Look forward to having another reunion in the future. The hurricane did not even stop us.
Borland, BobHT2Sep 1981 – Mar 1985RepairWhat a great time aboard! I learned a lot while I was there ESPECIALLY NOT TO CHUG BEER! The reunion was awesome, seeing old shipmates and partying again. Brian, Let's hit the Copa again and get into another rousing game of TAG!!!!!
Edmonson, ClaytonFN 3Sep 1981 – Jun 1985#1 Fire Room
Rose, RickOS3Sep 1, 1981 – Sep 1, 1984OIThis was my first ship. I made two deployments to the Indian Ocean before transfering to the USS Kennedy for the next two years.
Phillips, JosephE4 Boiler TechSep 3, 1981 – Jan 3, 1985B Division
Kirtland, JackPC3Oct 1, 1981 –NAV/XIt was a very short tour of duty on the Joey D. 5 months to be exact. Not long after reporting we deployed on a cruise. I was aboard and watched the SH3 lose power and crash on the flight deck.
Figueroa, Jose FigueroaOS2Dec 1981 – Dec 1986OIGreat Bunch of Guys- "Man- that Danny WHite" That ball hit all parts of his anatomy"- Hey Mongan- Jets rule!
Enochs, BobSK2Dec 12, 1981 – Oct 1985Supplygreat ship and a great crew
Bonorden, DarrellBT31982 – 1986BoilersRetired as a BT1 in 2003. in Iowa and still tokin on a fatty
Leland Lewis, LeeBT1982 – 1984BSome great times and great memories. Remember LT Matta, BTC Davis, Dave Schroer, Chris Daycock, Smitty, Hanly, Wright. Never sleep near a fanroom door. Lots of card games, refuelings and un-reps. In Allentown, Pa now.
Graves, MichaelE5 MM1982 – Feb 1, 1986Machinist MateGreat Experience
Coggins, Jeffrey profile iconFC11982 – 1985WeaponsLooking to find models of CG27
Maxwell, NeilRMCJan 1982 – Jan 1985OCWorld's Finest Guided Missile Cruiser..."Proud to Serve" (phrase coined by GMGC Brophy)
Hawkes, BillMMFNJan 5, 1982 – Jan 31, 1984Enigineeringworked in amin control and aft enginerooms
Pannell, ErvinE4 RM3Jan 6, 1982 – May 2, 1986commWould like to say hi to all my old shipmates. And hope your all healthy and happy. I left the joey d and went on to naval station china lake, then on to the Uss Nimitz cvn68. Now living in idaho falls idaho.
Wilhelm, DonaldOS1Apr 1982 – Nov 1986OI
Girard, AlbertRM1Apr 1982 – Oct 1984OC
Moss, Thomassh2Apr 1, 1982 – Oct 1, 1984s-3Ships Store Recordskeeper
Fisk, Briansm3Jul 30, 1982 – Oct 10, 1986OC
Bordonaro, DaveOS3Aug 1982 – Dec 1985OIGreat memories! Great friends! Best ship in the fleet. Join the navy and see the world but remember the world is two thirds water.NAVY=Never Again Volunteer Yourself.Haze gray and underway. Mike Mongan where are you? I miss the JOEY D.
Schunck, CarlOS1Aug 14, 1982 – Feb 16, 1986OIHi to all of you guys. Would like to hear from any of you, Doug, Jose, Dave, Don
Cherry, Rodney (Buster)OSSA to OS2Sep 1982 – Dec 1986OI"Proud to Serve" on the "Steaming Demon" Daniels. Great ship, Great crew.
Brown, LewisSTG-3Sep 11, 1982 – May 24, 19843RD AND THEN 1STAwesome experience that has continued to shape my life. Many good people, a few true assholes and thats the way it goes in the Navy.
Johnson, James (Jim)GMM2Oct 1982 – Aug 23, 1984I enjoyed my time on the ship and met a lot of great people. The highlight of my time on board the ship was when our missile crew was votedthe best crew in the atlantic fleet.
Beaty, JenningsFCCDec 1982 – Jan 1, 19864th

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