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USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 715 crew members registered for the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25).

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Verwey, HenkMM21985 – 1987M-2
Gallagher, FredSH 31985 – 1987Hey all you SEA DOGS, Loved those nights on those Caribbean islands,Bainbridge to shorepatrol, were is Rigot. Hey Send me a E mail It would be nice to here from some of you. My hats off to J P Reason Thanks
Ruhle, ChuckQM31985 – 1989 X - NavigationAttempting to get in contact with MM3 Ken Stapleton from A-gang. Any Clues?
Hance, MarkET31985 – 1988RCMan, what I wouldn't give to be out at sea standing 6 and 6s for weeks on end while working on quals, cleaning all of RCs spaces, and pretending to fight fires at all hours day and night. Good times, good times....Glad I did it, though.
Ware, JerryMM2(SW)1985 – Jul 1988M-1Mechanic assigned to #1 engineroom (aka "Ed"). Also tech for Hagan feedpump control system.
Dombrowski, Lonnie Aka Dumbo Or SkiBM 21985 – 19871 StHad some good times Capt reason taught me a lot about politics and enjoyed working with BM2 Ramsey and BMC Boone. Got a rep for cussing out officers that messed with my crews.
Korte, TedFC11985 – 1989CFAnyone wanting to go get a beer?
Halva, ChuckFC 1Jan 1985 – Jun 1989CFGodd times with good friends!
Neska, BillDCC(SW/MTS)Jan 15, 1985 – Jan 29, 1990Repair/DCPO
Driscoll, William "Shawn"FC1 (SW)Jan 18, 1985 – Aug 21, 1989CF
Sims, DonMS1Feb 1985 – Sep 1987S-2Way to much sea time out of Norfolk.
Evans, AnthonyE3Mar 1985 – Jan 19871stI miss being underway...
Wright, D.k.BM2Mar 1985 – Nov 19881 stmiss hangin with my deck ape buddies. tony evans and dave burchette
Beeson, DarrenOS2Mar 5, 1985 – Sep 11, 1988OIWhat a great time in my life, Good friends and great places, A shoutout to Webster,Keiser, Major, Diaz, Ray, Dooley ,Hofhine, Eldridge, Maxton, Senior Chief Carter and the rest of the men of OI,
Eldridge, BrianOS3Mar 10, 1985 – Sep 9, 1987OIWow, talk about some great memories... I sure miss the Med! I'll never forget those bar-b-ques on the fantail, or watching the Isreali/Syrian dog fights on radar, or making fun of the Russian sailors as we passed by at 25 knots!
Callas, SteveET2Mar 29, 1985 – Mar 28, 1991Reactor
Faulkner, ChrisMM2Apr 1985 – Jun 1989M-2An experience not soon forgotten!
Lussier, Davidbm2 (sw)Apr 1985 – Jul 1989firstawesome times. miss the old crew.rescues at sea . never ending helo ops and the captains gig. best times of my life.
Faulkner, ChristMM2Apr 1, 1985 – May 15, 1989M2
Scanlon, JoeFC2Apr 16, 1985 – Sep 20, 1989CF
Roniger, DanEM2May 1985 – Apr 30, 1987RE
Parenteau, JimFC2, 3 and then 2 againMay 10, 1985 – Aug 2, 1989FCBest beers of the world tour EVER!
Norton, JimFC2(SW)Jun 1985 – Nov 1989CF
Beeson, DarrenJun 1985 – Oct 1988
Major, ChrisOS3Jun 1985 – Nov 1, 1987OII always enjoy telling stories about my time on The Billy B. Where is Diaz, Beeson, Dooley, & Ray? Hofhine and Eldridge? SC Carter??
Ryder, BruceET2(SW)Jun 1985 – Nov 1988RCStill working with the Navy as a civilian. Working on subs, though. And in sonar, not engineering. Go figure. Some familiar names here that bring back good memories.
Liebenthal, DanielHT2Jul 1985 – Jun 1987R
Hamilton, RichardSK1Jul 12, 1985 – Mar 31, 1989S-1I miss the people I served with onboard this ship, and the long cribbage games in the filter shop. Anyone know where LCDR Knowlan ended up?
Rhea, JimHT2Aug 1985 – May 1987RLongest 19 months of my life!
Goodline, DavidFC1(SW)Sep 1985 – Feb 1990CF
Wilson, JeffreyLTJGSep 1985 РJan 1987Missiles & OrdnanceAn awesome first tour as a junior officer. I had great chiefs leading a great division. Was there to test the new SM2 ER missile’s weapon system on numerous launches in the Caribbean.
Zimmer, GeoffMM1Sep 1, 1985 – Sep 17, 1999M2
Johnson, Darryl (Jmj)SNOct 1985 – Nov 19871stJust looking for old shipmates!
Liechty, RonENSNov 6, 1985 – Aug 20, 1987RTSecond tour on this ship was better than the first. If I could have had a third, I would have jumped at tha chance. Worked to decommission the ship at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard - Bremerton while with DOE-Naval Reactors.
Houchin, MichaelET3Nov 21, 1985 – Jun 5, 1989RC
Nash, Vance1986 –
Nordhausen, Chuck (Nordy)HT1 (sw)1986 – 1991R/DC5 long years on the Bainbridge I had a great time on many deployments. The crew was the best!
Martin, SteveEm31986 – 1989E
Salyers, BobbyMMC1986 – 1992AuxiliaryMMC Stone
Adkins, CarlEM11986 – 1988RE01Hmm. Just got off three years of restrictions. Too stubborn to conform. I'm currently splitting coconuts (not atoms) at my retirement home in the PI. Bainbridge got better the shorter my time got. Saw Gerry Cote 1989
Adkins, CarlEM1Jan 1986 – Nov 1988RE01As a whole this ship stunk.. The individuals I dealt with were just fine. You can tell how many EM nukes hated this ship by the lack of posts. Who could forget ET2 Ford and his antics? Jolt Cola denied by the EOOW...haha
Bruce, CurtisBMSNJan 1, 1986 – Mar 30, 19901st divisionLooking for my shipmates who served on the greatest ship in the fleet the Billy b also look me up on Facebook a lot of crew member are on there we have a page set up for bainbridge member
Daiber, JeffMM1 (SW)/E6Jan 10, 1986 – Jan 23, 1990M1
Morrow, KevinE7Feb 1986 – Feb 1987E2Good times, good times...
Bailey, Mark (Markus)OS3Mar 1986 – Jun 1989OI1st port- Ft. Lauderdale,2 Med Cruises (incl Monaco, Marseilles France, Rome-Vatican, Turkey), getting a tan on top of the Bridge going thru the English channel as lookout, last port in Bahamas- Priceless.
Herman, AndrewE-4Mar 30, 1986 – Sep 15, 1988Damage ControlJust remember a lot of great friends that I would love to get in touch with and catch up with after twenty plus years. :)
Langdon, EricMM1Apr 1986 – May 1989M Division #2 MMR
Spry, MichaelMssnApr 1, 1986 – Apr 1989S2I was a cook in main galley.anyone who remembers me hit me also on Facebook. My chiefs were Chief Dumo,The Chief owensby,then Chief bumbasi
Ivester, Guy (Ivy) profile iconDC3May 10, 1986 – Jan 6, 1989R/DCanyone remember the distress call in 88 cruise Greek Yacht capsized 2 men on board on our way back home. lost one saved one
Wilson, AndyOS2Jun 1986 – Nov 2, 1989OI
Ruble, JamesE-5 OS2(SW)Jun 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1988OILike the Navy so much I joined the Air Force!
Steinhouse, CoreyEM3Jul 1986 – Jun 1990e
Anthony, RichardET-3Jul 1986 – Oct 1990CE
Gollihue, Gary A.EM3Jul 18, 1986 – Jun 16, 1989EI am Glad i got off before you ran aground. this is a time in my life i will never forget.
Teachey, NeilET-2 (SW)Aug 31, 1986 – Apr 30, 1990RC
Owensby, DouglasMSCSep 1986 –S2Hey all good times were had by all. well some were not but what the heck we all lived thru it didn't we. Drop me a line if you remember me.
Krogh, Gary Steven "Steve"MS2Oct 1986 – Jan 1991S2Being on the Bainbridge was an interesting experience. In the 4 1/2 years I was on board, there were so many things that happened; some were fun; some were not. On the whoIe, I hope I left good impressions with everyone.
Hayes, RichardMM1Nov 1986 – May 1990RL3 and 1/2 of the longest years of my life. Since then, it's all been good.
Walker, KevinOSCNov 1986 – Oct 1991OI
Dodd, WilliamE-3Nov 15, 1986 – Dec 2, 19881ST
Rollins, SteveFCC(SW)Dec 17, 1986 – May 17, 1990CFA good ship and a good crew.

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