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USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 608 crew members registered for the USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17).

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Powell, BruceFTM21966 – 1968
Card, EdFTM21966 – 1968
Ennis, Garry1966 – 1967
Dann, David ASK21966 – 1968s1
Isaly, JohnBT21966 – 1967E
Mcclure, JohnE-3Feb 1, 1966 – Sep 17, 1967B on arrival / S at departureWhat an education! After my father died I enlisted and went to the (then) DLG-17. Hated it at the time, but made GOOD friends and in less than 2 years saw the Caribbean, North Atlantic, and Med. Vietnam was a long ways off...
Kalina, Larry (Mr. K")LTjgMar 1966 – Mar 1968Supply DivisionLooking to renew aquaintances with all crew members from 1966-1968
Prentice, WilliamETN3Apr 1966 – Sep 1967OEGreat ship, great time, great friends!
Parkinson, FrederickETR3May 26, 1966 – Aug 18, 1967OEOne great team at work or play!
Parkinson, FredETR3May 27, 1966 – Aug 18, 1967OE
Reiser, MikeGMM3Jun 1966 – Feb 19682ndI loved that ship and would have reenlisted but my Dad talked me out of it. I love to hear "shift colors, underway"
Moore, RussellRM3Jun 1966 – Feb 1968Operations/CommunicationsHad a great time on the Yarnell. We called it Noah's Ark back then because of all the animals on board. OC Division (Bob Donnelly) was number one animal.
Champagne, BobCS3Sep 12, 1966 – Feb 1968Deck/SupplyCame aboard in Sept 66 into Deck Div. Transfered to Supply(CS3) during first Med cruise.Hated the Navy but I'm glad I went. Met lots of great people. I have one of the plaques from the HEY hanging above my desk(Ebay)
Best, William (Bill)EM11967 – 1969ECame aboard during a refit in Bath Maine as Lead Electrician. This was a great ship. Man could she rock and roll! Great armament, powerful ship, but best of all was the crew. I miss those days!
Raesemann, Robert [bob]BM2Jul 1967 – Jan 1968This was my 5th ship. I came aboard just before the last Med cruise before conversion at Bath, Maine. I transferred to the USS LEARY DD-879 shortly after the overhaul started
Smith, BillSNJul 1967 – 1968Deck DivisionThis was my first ship, and have fond memories, went to Bath ME for decomissioning in the winter of 68, January I think
Whitehouse, DonaldET2Nov 15, 1967 – Nov 15, 1971ElectronicsMy second ship but the one I remember most. Fine lady!! Took me around South America and around the MED. Showed me how most of the rest of the world lived. Made me appreciate to this day just how good I have it!
Reynolds, Frank (Scruffy)RD31968 – 1970oirecommissioning until short-timed out, a real bummer-arrived from my real love the "JD"-DLG-27 Squirrel, Fred, Tricky Dick, Grabosky the Pollack and all the rest-Fred is gone, bless his soul, where is everybody else?
Hale, TomE41968 – 1972Engineering
Saccavino, SalvatoreBT2May 2, 1968 – Jul 10, 1972BI served in #2 fireroom,and made a UNITAS XI cruise in 1969,also a med cruise in 1971-72
Saccavino, ThomasBT2Sep 13, 1968 – 1972BGreat ship ,she deserved a better ending
Nelson, RogerRMSNOct 1968 – Dec 1970OC
Evans, George (Gunner)CWO2Nov 1968 – Oct 1971WeaponsAssistant Fire Control Officer. Precommissioning at Bath Iron Works. First tour of duty after making Warrant. It was interesting. Hated Sea Detail in Newport, RI in the winter.
Worster, Roland (Ron)FTM1Dec 1968 – Jul 1970Put "Yarnell" back into commission after up date at Bath Iron Works. Leading petty officer and lead MK 119 Fire Control Computer Technician.
Johannsen, Al (Joe)EM21969 – Dec 1971EI have addresses for John Tarzan, Jimmy Dove, Ray Carrier Ken Bojak. looking for Vinnie Carloni and Tommy Hale. Remember our footbal games with M division in south America and making Cardinal? Hope to hear from you
Rogers, BobRM31969 – 1971operationsmade the unitas cruise and many a booze run to the carribean
Pacheco, GeorgeFTM11969 – 1971MissileTested birds and ran Telemetry for missile shots
Nelson, Phillipqmsn1969 – 1973quartermastertrying to contact joe billato
Richards, Vernon(Rock)RD31969 – Nov 1, 1971OImade Unitas curse lots of fun. Am now retired living in Arizona. Still miss the ship. Even though it was a long time ago.
Canaday, CarltonLCDR1969 – Jan 1970Engineering DepartmentThe Yarnell was my favorite ship. I enjoyed the job as Chief Engineer and enjoyed the officers and crew I worked with. As with many jobs, I look back on what I could have done better.
Garstang, DennisBM21969 – 1972FIRST DIVISIONLooking for shipmates on Unitas and Med cruise and all missile ops in the Caribbean
Reedy, William --bille-31969 – 1973first divi am retired now. my time on the ship was an adventure that i have never forgotten. i enjoyed meeting guys from different areas and in the places we went on our deployments. if anyone remembers me feel free to contact me
Janaro, MarkFNJan 2, 1969 – Dec 29, 1970MI was in nunber 1 engin room.(main control) Did the UNITAS XI 1970 Cruise. Reported on board 69 Boston yard.Then home port Newport RI.
Fedei, Joe (Fuzzy)BOS'NMATE 3RD CLASSJan 10, 1969 – Nov 4, 1972Weapons-1stI was on the Harry from Bath, Me.,to Inserv,UNItAS. the Med. cruise and everything in between.
Petty, Jim profile iconDS1Jan 12, 1969 – May 11, 1972ET and DSThe Yarnell was sent to Bath Maine in 1968 to be fitted with the computer room and the updated CIC display equipment. I joined the ship in Boston just in time for the recommissioning ceremony. South America and the Med.
Bird, JimSTCSFeb 1969 – Nov 1972WeaponsOne of the few ships I know that received an advancement from DLG to CG. Must be Ruskies had more cruisers than us! Aways had an efficient crew with a can-do attitude. The Unitas cruise where I became a shellback was a blast, one of the best ever!
Lang, Al/dizSM2Feb 1969 – Oct 1972OCAssigned Norfolk,Va. crew Feb 69/Re-comm crew July 69@Boston(Charleston shipyard)/plank owner/some of the best times of my life/proud to have served w/a great bunch of guys/Unitas XI/the Med etc.......
Pettitt, RonaldETN-2Feb 6, 1969 – Jun 8, 1972OEI was part of the pre-com detail in Bath, Maine. Ran sea trials and did 1 S.A. Cruise, 1 Med Cruise and small shake-down trials. Had a great time with GREAT guys, will remember forever!
Kendrick, Ralph DGMG2Feb 12, 1969 – Oct 21, 1971WeaponsASROC gunner's mate. 4th division had a great bunch of guys.
Morris, BarryDC2May 1, 1969 – May 1, 1973A/RServed with Matt Bryant, Mike Owens, and Gagleano, 1970 Unitas, 71&72 Med Cruise, and a HELL of alot of good times in the Caribbeans.....
Carsey, Harvey/mooseRD2May 10, 1969 – Nov 17, 1970OIPrecommissioning in Bath, Boston Naval Shipyards, Homeport Newport RI,Sea trials, Missle Ranges at Rosy Roads, Unitas. We got around
Carsey, Harvey/mooseRD2May 20, 1969 – Dec 17, 1970OI
Jarvis, GaryBT 3Jun 1969 – Jul 7, 1972BWorked in both Firerooms, and a stint as Oil King. Unitas XI and Med Cruises. RIP Happy Harry!!
Zelinsky, RichardFTM1Jul 1969 – Jan 19713rdWork Center Supervisor on MK119s.
Zelinsky, RichardFTM1Jul 1969 – Jan 19713rdOriginally had orders to the HEY for 12/68 as I finished B school but got them cancelled. FTCS Carl King spotted me after my graduating MK119 school, 6/69, next day orders to the HEY again. Left 1/71 to Naval Hospital.
Carrier, RaymondE5/ICJul 2, 1969 –EI was and still am very proud to have served aboard the ?Happy Harry?. I still look back on those years and remember the great times in South America and the Med.
Johannsen, Al/joeEM2Oct 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1971
Hendricks, BillMR3Dec 7, 1969 – Sep 14, 1971A GANGi look back at that time in my life with great memories and the friends I made. proud of my service and the people I served with

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