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USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 608 crew members registered for the USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17).

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Coomer, Wayne1961 – 1963OI
Coomer, WayneRD11961 –OII was a plank owner and serving was a great experience.
Due, BobFTM-21962 – Sep 5, 1965WeaponsI grew up on a farm in Indiana and spent 4 years in the Navy and am proud of the good times from both experiences. My 3 years as a member of the commissioning crew hold a lot of wonderful memories. When is the next reunion?
Chludzinski, Walter JrMM21962 – 1966Engineering
Peat, RobertYN31962 – 1965EI was a plank owner and did a lot of the paperwork to assemble the crew for commissioning in Boston Mass. I remember the Thresher, GTMO Shake down cruise, med trip in 64 and Ocho Rios Jamaica!!!!
Clark, RonaldET31962 – 1964OEPlankowner
Ash, Robert Noel {bob}Machinist Mate 3rd classJan 1, 1962 – Jan 1, 1966crewRobert Noel Ash was Killed on 03/26/84. He was the loving father of 3 children. He served abord the Harry E Yarnell in 1962. If you knew my father and would like to give any insight to the times you shared.....e-mail me.
Miller, DennisMM2Jan 15, 1962 – Feb 2, 1965Enginerring The duty was pretty hectic, but the ship hit some pretty nice ports.
Dunavin, TimSOG2Feb 1962 – Apr 19643rdGreat ship
Johnston, Don R.MM3Feb 4, 1962 – Dec 18, 1964mplankowner
Tannenbaum, JoeFTM2Aug 1962 – Jul 31, 1964WeaponsShe was a beautiful ship and most of the guys were great. Had a great time most of the time and learned alot. Enjoyed the traveling up and down the coast.
Kosar, DenisSM2Sep 10, 1962 – Aug 20, 1964OCI was an original crew member on the Yarnell. We commissioner her Feb 1963. I coordinated the reunion in 2004 in Annapolis, Md and would help if we opened it up to all crew members. denis kosar
Wunderle, EmilRM2Nov 1962 – Nov 1964CommunicationsPlank owner...Don't know about the rest of you Plank Owners but I remember being told that when the day comes to decommission the Yarnell we were supposed to get a piece of the quarterdeck! Anybody get one? [LOL].
Watermab, Wayne F>BT!1963 – 1965BI was at Bath Iron works I am a Plank owner Was in charge of after fire room
Picha, Leonard Butchem21963 – 1966Egreat ship,great crew.lots of sea time.played in the band with ron thacker,mike syliva &paul dennert.yearly reunions,info at hey veterns assoc great times.any interest contact me
Chrzanowski, Anthony (Ski)QM2Jan 1963 – Jul 1964OPLt. Solomon, Steve Cherry and myself went to Bath shipyards and helped (of course with the help of the pilot ) brought the Yarnell to Boston .
Boggs, Eugene profile iconMM3Jan 2, 1963 – May 29, 1965
Verkuilen, TomBTJan 2, 1963 – May 1, 1965BoilermanThe food sure sucked Good crew
McCaughan, Mikemm 2Jan 15, 1963 – Aug 25, 1965m divison engineering
Hihath, DonBT3Feb 1963 – Mar 2, 1965BThe thing I remember most is our first time out the Thresher went down. We had quite a few guys that didn't have their sea legs yet and it was a very rough trip. I will also never forget Murray and Waterman although I wish I could.
Wingrove, RobertCS3Feb 1963 – Dec 1964Supply
Williams, R.BM3Feb 1963 – 1965DeckMy first ship, great time Saw a lot of nice places . and travel all over the Med.
Kosar, DenisSM2Feb 2, 1963 – Sep 20, 1964OCI am a plank owner. We were part of the Cuban Blockade while participating in Shakedown at GTMO in late 1963. Also in the serach taskforce for USS Thresher off Boston.
Pearcy, TomSOG2Feb 2, 1963 – Apr 21, 1964GunneryPlank owner. Attended Pre-Com and walked caisson duty in South Boston yards....burrrrr ! She was a wonderful "tin can" ! I was with her searching for the Thrasher. Best of luck goes out to all of the sailors that served.
Thomson, DeanTM3Feb 2, 1963 – Jul 2, 1965SonarPlank owner
Galbraith, HuxleyET1Sep 1963 – Sep 1964Radar Maintenancewish I stayed for the 20 years. This was a first class ship and crew. Always got the E's.
Wingrove, RobertCS3Oct 1963 – Dec 1965SupplyThose were the days! Loved the Med. cruise. Go to hell Chief Youngblood.
Mink, KenLTJGNov 12, 1963 – Sep 15, 1965Comm/OC OfficerI was a plank owner on the DLG-17 when she was commissioned in 1964.
Janney, Charles, Charlie, ChuckSNDec 1963 – Sep 1964Deck ForceFresh out of boot camp this was my first ship and what a beauty. First thing they did to me was throw me over the side on a stage with a haze grey roller in my hand We went to Jamaica, Gitmo and the cattle cars, remember
Donnelly, BobRM21964 – 1967OCWhat great times and places
Klemme, KenBM1964 – 1965XXLooking for anyone who remembers my dad.
Choquette, DavidE31964 – 1965EGreat ship, good friends, and food. Made two Med cruises spent two Christmas and two new years in Cannes France. We were the first ship in years to enter Rotterdam in 64. AWESOME time
Vezina, Jerry profile iconSA1964 Р19671stMike Novak, Art Tanner, Ignacio Lerma… contact me if you can. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please contact me. Any other personnel that I knew and time erased them from my memory, please also message me. 8/13/2021
Gormley, Jamessk2Mar 1, 1964 – Mar 2, 1966supplyI did two Med Cruises and got the blue nose for an Artic Circle Great Ship until I was deployed to DaNang Vietnam for Naval Support Activity
Naldrett, Richardmm2Apr 1, 1964 – Sep 1, 1967machinest mate forward engine roomlots of fun stories we made three Med cruises I joined the crew right out of boot camp and it was my home for three years
Naldrett, Richardmm2Jun 1964 – Sep 1967forward engine roomlike to talk to Mac, Holcomb, boggs ,bob gunther, miller any other crew members not mentioned
Henderson, Robert/bobEM2Jul 15, 1964 – Sep 15, 1967EI came aboard right after the shake down cruise with my class "A' school instructor- Chief Thomas E. Roma. We made three enjoyable Mediterranean cruises together. Chief Roma was a swell guy.
Brown, DanielRD3Aug 15, 1964 – Jun 1, 1967OIMade two Med. cruises, met some wonderful life long friends! Hind site 20/20 should have stayed for 20 years! Good new my grandson is following my footsteps just started his Navel carrier of 20 years!
Dunham, RichardSNSep 1964 – Feb 1965Sonar
Wood, RexRD21965 – 1968OIGreat memories
Powell, BruceFTM21965 – 1967
Ferguson, Buzz profile iconIC31965 – 1968EMany fond memories.
Ferguson, Howard (Buzz)IC31965 – 1967E DivisionMany fond memories, invading the Black Sea, Beirt before war, tricing Cooke in his rack, Larose slapping me silly (former Golden cloves champ), and oh so many others.
Sterner, ChrisRM21965 – Sep 18, 1966OCThe Black Sea part of our Med. cruise will always be a memorable event. The hi-lining debacle with the Soviets was comical. The entire cruise was just great.
Sorensen, Floyd profile iconMM31965 – Jul 1967MM
Orr, BruceRD2Feb 1965 – May 1967OIGreat ship and crew.
Cohen, EdFTM2Feb 10, 1965 – Feb 24, 19683Rd DivisionGreat crew. Best ship in the fleet.
Story, ThomasE 4Jun 1965 – Jun 1967Deck
Young, GaryIC2Jul 1965 – Dec 1968Engr.HEY (DLG17) was the second of three ships I was on but it was by far the best. Had a great crew. Plenty of good times on cruises to Med (one with side trip into Black Sea), Carib and Germany. Good ole days!
Meier, RogerRM3Sep 2, 1965 – Aug 31, 1967OpereationsThe Yarnell was a wonderful part of my life. I learned a great deal while I was on there. Captain Kelly was the best officer I have ever served under.
Good, JamesQM3Sep 7, 1965 – Sep 7, 1967navGood ship and good guys Lots of fun in the Med. How about the Black Sea.
Deskin`, BobRD2Oct 1965 – Feb 1968OIWhat a great ship and crew.
Baker, DannyYN3Oct 23, 1965 – Aug 14, 1967Weapons/Chaplains aid COMDESRON26Great ship great cruises to the Med and North Atlantic....remember the new years eve anchored off the coast of Greece and due to weather no one could go ashore...liberty boats couldn't handle the rough seas

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