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USS Stout (DDG 55) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stout (DDG 55). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 157 crew members registered for the USS Stout (DDG 55).

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Cannon, SteveMR1Mar 27, 1999 – Oct 31, 2002ERI miss the crew but not the duty.
Glann, NickPN3Apr 15, 1999 – Jan 27, 2002XXMiss my blueshirt buddies, especially my boys Keita Jones, Greg Dabbs, Derrick Thomas, Tyrone Franks, Todd Folino, Jason Fisher, Jason Domingo, and the rest of ya'll. Don't miss the khakis (too corrupt and political). See ya on the flip side.
Keegan, BillyBM2May 1999 – May 2003OPS/ODMiss it. Hope all is well
Eberle, CaseyFC1May 1, 1999 – Apr 1, 2002CFThe OG CF division was the Best. Love you guys. John Thomas, been lookin for you for a while now. The boat went to shit after all of you left.
Mitchell, ThomasDC3Jun 6, 1999 – Mar 10, 2003
Johnston, GaryET1Jun 23, 1999 – Apr 20, 2000OE
Davis, AllenSTG2Jul 9, 1999 – Jul 15, 2004CAIt was sometimes fun but there were some pretty crappy people to work for.
Paul, Big NezE-5/ GM2Sep 16, 1999 – May 5, 2003CGstout boys was off the chain ! LOD we ran that shit . i will never forget the crew, we made that shit what it was .Now im getting deployed with marine unit in camp lejeune .see ya in the streets big nez
Nesbitt, Paul(bignez)GM2Sep 17, 1999 – May 5, 2003CGGreat times on the Stout,Im currently at NAval Hospital Camp Lejeune As a Small arms Instructor waiting to get out .If u guys ever in jacksonville NC. LOOK me
Stewart, RoyceSNOct 30, 1999 – Mar 5, 2003DeckHad a great time.
Jones, KeitaPN2(SW)Jan 6, 2000 – May 12, 2003Admin/XXI have a lot of good memories about the Stout. I met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. Shout out to the Stout.
Irwin, Jonas (Swervin)E-5/ FC2Mar 8, 2000 – Sep 7, 2004CF in The HeezeMet a lot of cool people there, alot of good times, felt good being the old man on board at times
Williams, John/ Lil'P/ P-nutGSE2Mar 13, 2000 – Mar 16, 2005em
Wroe, DavidENS-LTJGMar 23, 2000 – Sep 17, 2002ER/EMDCA and MPA including '01 MED/MEF deployment. OOD for sinking of MV in NAG (way too much fun). It was a great time that got a bit rough by the time I left. Great people to work with and I even got a wife out of the deal!
Gilmore, CoryHM2(SW)Apr 1, 2000 – Jun 16, 2003XX
King, JosephOS2(SW)Apr 14, 2000 – Sep 8, 2005OI01Some really memorable times were had on this ship. I met some reall cool people, some really weird ones and some that are a little of both. A good first ship and tour to my career in the Navy.
Deskins, MikeEN 3Jun 16, 2000 – Jun 16, 2004OD01 A-Gang
Villa, PacnchoFC3Aug 1, 2000 – Mar 15, 2005CFJust looking for old friends.
Powell, JeremyOS2 (SW)Sep 9, 2000 –OI
McNeil, JoeQM2 (SW)Nov 14, 2000 – Jun 23, 2004ONIf anyone knows how to get a hold of Kidd let me know please. My e-mail address is thanks.
Waldon, ToddGM1Dec 15, 2000 – May 21, 2004CG
Grubb, ScottFc32001 – 2004cfIt was an honor serving with all of you. It has been 13 years and I am wondering what everyone is doing now days. Me, I am retiring soon from the Sheriff's Department. Hit me up at May God bless
Dickinson, Brad Aka DickieDC3Jan 1, 2001 – Dec 15, 2005R Div
Gonzalez, Michael (Gonzo)E-5/STGApr 7, 2001 – Apr 5, 2005CATime on a ship could never go by fast enough. Eager for your time to end. Finally when that time comes you realize that you are leaving more than a ship behind you are leaving friendships and memories aswell. Its those people that we miss and cherish
Jason, WellsFC2May 2001 – Jul 25, 2005CFLooking back I realized how great you guys were, and how great the ship was. I miss all my peeps in CF and if any of you guys want to talk email me at
Ozhuthual, OzSK2May 27, 2001 – Dec 3, 2004SS01TO MY supply boyz...keep it real and always remember that your time will eventally come to an end, so stick trough it
Ozhuthual, Oz.E-5/SK2May 27, 2001 – Dec 4, 2004SS01
Novick, JoelGSM1 (SW)Jul 2001 – Feb 2005MPRetired 2005
Peterson, Lucero (JOJO)E-6/GSM1Sep 2001 – Mar 2006MP
Roe, JasonFC3Oct 2001 – Oct 2005CFIt was an absolute pleasure serving with so many of you. Jonas, Osborn, Lopez, McKinnon, Barrie, Mattis, Owen, Spiz, Hull and many others - thanks for your friendships.
Hernandez, CoreyE-4/ FC3Oct 22, 2001 – Aug 26, 2006CT - TomahawkMy one and only ship full of good times and Great captains. you can reach me at Hope to see you friends.
Grubb, ScottFC3Oct 25, 2001 –CS/CF
Norton, Adam (Tait Nasty)FC2 THEN PN2Oct 25, 2001 – Jun 21, 2005CF then AdminThe only thing consistant over 44 months was probably my bitching on the smoke deck. Jimbo and Big Balls are the best friends I've ever had. Joe tried harder than anyone to help me out, and only choked me out a couple times. Burocracy sux ya
Lewis, JustinMA2Nov 2001 – Jun 2003DeckI had a great group of friends in the deck dept. that always kept in real.
Hatley, JasonDC2Dec 26, 2001 – Jul 5, 2005ER
Williams, AnthonyDC32002 –Engineering
Taylor, DavidDC1Jan 2002 – Mar 2003R
Rivera, HectorPN3(AW/SW)Jan 2, 2002 – Dec 16, 2003OD-01I had a good time in deck divisionm i learned alot and had alot of friends. Did Med Cruise 2003 got my SW and stroke to PN as a E-3. Now im in VP-16 of Jax. Those who know me are free to email me.
Schweikhart, Ryan/ "Schwety (M.f.)"ET3 (SW)Jan 17, 2002 – Aug 24, 2004Combat SystemsWhat it is Mo Fo's! I'm still out and I'm still free! Feel free to write.
Grubb, RetardFC3Jan 23, 2002 – Dec 28, 2005a retard oneI am a fat slob and a wanna-be corpsman, and a big piece of s@!t.
Jennings, AntonioSH3Feb 2002 – Feb 2005Supply
George, ElisiaLTMar 2002 – Sep 2003Training
Valencia, Daniel "danny"GM2Mar 7, 2002 – Dec 12, 2005CGHard times, and good times, I'll never forget my ship, the thing I miss the most is traveling, and spending time with the crew over seas, during a long underway, or a great port visit. I miss all of you! ...(except FC1 Barnnet, lol)
Zapata, Loc DawgOSSNApr 6, 2002 – Oct 5, 2004OIHey ya remember me the one and the only zap
McAnderson, SnacksE-5/GSM2(SW)May 2002 – Sep 2005MPStout was a great experience. I had my share of ups and downs but it helped to make me a better sailor and most importantly a better person overall. Stouts engineering department, HORRAH MP!, is second to none. To all of my peers keep it up and k.i.t
Hubbard, TrayGM1May 1, 2002 – May 15, 2005ct02
Zapata, JorgeOSSNMay 6, 2002 –OI
Reesman, RickIT1(SW)May 16, 2002 – Oct 8, 2004
Owens, Rob (Chugz)GM2Jun 15, 2002 – Jun 14, 2005CG/CT/CMI will always remember the good times and hearing everyone bitchin on the smoke deck I hung out there enough. A lot of great friends that ill never forget.
Williams, WillyDC3Aug 8, 2002 – Jun 30, 2005ER
Olivier, MichaelFC2Sep 27, 2002 – Sep 9, 2005CF
Maharowski, JeffreyDC3Nov 1, 2002 – Nov 30, 2004EngineeringMy first two years in the Navy were so rewarding it feels like only a couple of months have gone by.
Lake, ChrisMA3Nov 18, 2002 – Oct 10, 2003OD
Lake, ChristopherMA3Nov 18, 2002 – Oct 10, 2003DeckFirst command. Alot of good people Deck Division with me. Left towards the end of the deployment for MA A School. Great Ship.

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