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USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 207 crew members registered for the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53).

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Gay, JohnET11991 – Mar 15, 1996CE04
Taylor, BruceGSE11991 – 1995MPPlankowner...Remember tough times and good times, retired 2002 GSEC.
Brazil, TraceRMC1991 – 1994OCBest and most capable ship in the fleet with an fantastic crew.
Wheeler, JamesSTG3Jan 5, 1991 – Sep 1, 1994CA32 years flies by fast. Hope all my friends and fellow Plank Owners I knew back in the day are doing good in 2022.
Ducas, BillyOS2Feb 1991 – Sep 1994OIO1PLANKOWNER: I really enjoyed my time with one of the best crews ever.
Garcia, Jr., Victor "Vic"ET1(SW/AW)Mar 4, 1991 – Nov 29, 1995Combat ElectronicsPlankowner! Just wanted to let all of my shippys know that I was the 1st sailor to "get leid" onboard! I did it in the Radar Elect. Shop 1 & in the Stbd Fwd Spy array room :) during our 1st sea trail with the blonde shipyard "lady"
Lesser, KellyGSE1Mar 6, 1991 – Apr 11, 1995MPPlankowner
Donovan, Bruce E.GSM1May 17, 1991 – Feb 9, 1994EngineeringPlank Owner
Adams, JohnIC1(SW)Jun 1991 – Aug 1995CE03Plankowner-Hell of a crew. Worked hard, Played harder. Retired in 1998. Now a Sr Technical Manager for General Dymanics, living in Northern VA. Old crew mates, drop me a line and let catch-up on old times.
Hayman, Mark "Doc"HMC(SW)Jun 15, 1991 – Sep 15, 1995NXPlankowner...It was the first ship that I could call "mine". Made a lot of good friends that I still stay in touch with. I will always have fond memories.
Ehlenfeldt, PaulIC3Jun 20, 1991 – Jul 31, 1994CE03Hey ya'll, JPJ was my 1st and only ship. What a great time. Worked DMS as a contractor after getting out. Now at the Global Distance Support Center
Parker, Ryan profile iconSTG3/STG2Jun 22, 1991 – Jan 6, 1995CAPlankowner.
Obstaculo, RudyPNC/E7Aug 8, 1991 – Aug 5, 1995Personnel Officer/Executive DivisionI was the 18th and the 3rd Chief to report to the Pre-Com crew in San Diego. Detached during the first deployment while inport at Jebel Ali, UAE. (Chief O)
Barnes, Leroy (Barney)E-6 EN1 (SW)Sep 1991 – Jul 1995LPOEnjoyed the building of, QA of all A-Div equipment and the tons of schools.
Lafaver, SteveE-6Sep 1991 – Dec 1995MPLots of fun in Precom. Great group to work with.
Calderon, Shawninterior communicationsSep 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1996CSIT director in the Chicago area with 21 years of happy marrige and 4 wonderful kids, two in college, two in highschool. Would love to hear from you guys. email address:
Barnes, LeroyEN1 (SW)Sep 15, 1991 – Jul 10, 1995EngineeringI enjoyed the 4 years i spend on board the JPJ as she was being build int Bath, Maine.
Williams, TedE-7/GSECOct 1991 – Dec 1993MPPLANKOWNER! Great Crew. My greatest moment was a home run in the bottom of the seventh to beat the undefeated first place tean in Brunswick. If you were there, you know why that was so great.
Gisler, CaseySTG2Oct 1991 – 1995CAStill looking for STG1 Sullivan (Sully). Anyone who knows how to reach him please reach out to me.
Long, MikeFC1Nov 12, 1991 – Nov 21, 1995CO
Cournoyer, MatthewEW21992 – 1998OTPlankowner, Trusty Shellback, Order of the Ditch, Realm of the Golden Dragon. A lot of names missing. Where are Nine-volt, Rainman, Fish and Bulkhead? Good times!
Cobb, JasonFC21992 – Nov 1996CF
Cloud, JimGSM21992 – 1995EngineeringPlank Owner, Had alot of good times down in the oil lab! If ya know or remember me, give me a yell.
Priestas, ScottGMM31992 – 1996CF
Love, EricMS31992 – 1996SupplyWould like to see all my fellow MS’s back together one day. What a crazy bunch of guys. I’ve been in law enforcement for close to 26 years now getting ready to retire. Married to my wife for over 30. Love u guys!!
Henrikson, RickSTG1(SW)Jan 1992 – Dec 1995CAPlankowner!! Great crew! We got ****** out of Australia and Hong Kong on that 1st cruise. Plus the "fun" of shock trials.
Cordwell, BarryFC2 (SW)Feb 1992 – Oct 1995CM
Levesque, AltonSTG2 (SW)Mar 1, 1992 – Dec 16, 1996CAPLANK OWNER! Best Port of Call Muscat, Oman..NOT. Saving F14 Pilots was awesome. Good crew lots of laughs in Sonar Control. Captain and XO for WestPAC 95 were first class in my book.
Baze, KellyYN1Apr 1, 1992 – Dec 16, 1993NXPLANKOWNER. I loved this ship more then any other that I've been on since. Very proud to have served aboard her.
Ba, OusmaneGSE 2Apr 4, 1992 – Apr 4, 1996MP Wow I miss you all. The good old days. How is everybody doing ? JPJ is the best
Cuenco, LuisE6/MS1(SW)Apr 15, 1992 – Oct 31, 1993SUP/S-2PLANKOWNER. The ship where I earned my ESWS qualifications. I will never forget it. Great ship, great crew and great shipmates. I am now retired (Jul 2006) as CSC(SW/AW). Last Ship: USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) from Sep 98 - Oct 2003. FWAFS
Smith, Phillip profile iconEW2Jun 1992 – Jun 1996OTPlankowner and shellback living in sunny Florida.
McDowell, Kevin "Mac"EW2(SW)Jun 5, 1992 – Oct 15, 1996OTPlankowner
Summers, ChristopherE-3Jul 1992 – Oct 1994OperationsRemember all the good times and the week we went UA
Webber, RandallFCC(SW)Jul 10, 1992 – Jul 10, 1995Weapons (Aegis Weapons System Supervisor)One of the original PRECOM! Plankowners, Shock Trails what a blast!, Great CPO Mess. LMAO after "Boats" Benny Hilled the XO several times on the forehead after stepping out on the deck at night! The Capt drove us hard but we were the best!
Lassiter, WilliamFC2Aug 1992 – Mar 1995Hey guys nice to see some names I know. remember taping people up in the computer room? How about bilge diving? Some fun was had by all Iexcept the guy taped to the post)
Scott, LawsonRM2Sep 1992 – 1995OPSThe greatest command I had been a part of. We had some great times brining the ship to life and showing her might. Plankowner Reunion in San Diego 17th-21st December. Check us out on Facebook.
Allan, ScottBM1Oct 1992 – Jun 19961stGuessing at the time frame, all I know is the JPJ was my favorite command! Now working in the IT field for the USMC. Go figure, a Boatswains Mate that knows how to use technology?
Jones, RussellQM2Oct 22, 1992 – May 17, 1996NavadHad a blast, and it turned out to be a great stepping stone for myself and some other guys who served. Now a licensed Captain and marine engineer.
Landry, Shane "Doc Savage"GMG2Nov 3, 1992 – Nov 3, 1996WeaponsPlankowner;Ran the Gun up front; I still think Garcias "blonde shipyard lady" was a;Remember the F-14 blowing up next to us and picking soo many of the Lincolns planes out of the water?
Parish, VincentSN -> OS(STRIKER) -> EW(STRIKER) -> RM3(SW)Dec 1992 – Nov 7, 1997OD/01 -> OC/01PLANKOWNER SURVIVER: Bath Maine, Panama Canal, Deck Div, Shock Trials, Dignitary Visitors, (2)-Deployments, (2)-1st LT's, (3)-CO's, (3)-XO's, (2)-OPS Officers, (3)-Commo's, (3)-RMC? tell me?"IT'S GOOD TO BE A DESTROYER
Thompson, JasonFC2Dec 1992 – Jun 1994CF
Williamson, Ron Pretty Rickypo3Dec 12, 1992 – Feb 28, 1998supplyThe best experience of my life

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1999 | 2000 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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