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USS Briscoe (DD 977) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Briscoe (DD 977). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 598 crew members registered for the USS Briscoe (DD 977).

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Grimes, Dana0000 –I am his son it is cool to see all this information about the ship he served on thanks.
Bowen, Philip Daveos3Jul 6, 1976 – 1991osRocky, What are you do'in man? I'm glad we're both still alive! Talk about memories! I don't know what else to say! David.
Sampson, EdSTGC-STGCSNov 1976 – Jun 1981WeaponsThe best crew in the fleet created the best ship in the fleet. The XO (LCDR R.P. Conrad) Let the Chiefs run the ship, hence forth... the Battenburg Cup. From the CO on down, "ALL" the cogs meshed. #1 Sonar gang ever!!!
Evans, DanMR11977 – 1978RPlank Owner
Hively, WaltGSM11977 –MPlank owner. I left active duty after shore duty 1985. I was out for 10 years. Was in the Guard for 10 years, then did 3 more in the Sea Bees. Retired in 2008 with 22 years. Miss it.
Smith, Thomas J.DS1Feb 10, 1977 – Mar 3, 1982OE2Just found out the ship was Decommissioned. As a Plank Owner, I wish I would have been invited. The four years aboard the Briscoe were both good and bad. Must have been more good, still telling Navy stories. Wouldn't trade those days for the world
Skinner, RickOS2Apr 20, 1977 – Mar 10, 1981OI/OperationsAs a plankowner, I had the utmost pride in my ship and am saddened to know the Navy used her as a target. NDIB all the way and have many wonderful memories of being on the best DD in the Fleet!
Bleakney, WarrenQM3Apr 24, 1977 – Oct 24, 1981OPERATIONSBeing a Plank Owner on a brand new Spurance Class was a thrill to me, and although I would notadmit it at the time it really was the time of my life. the original was outstanding as winning the Mount Batten Cup would attest for being NO.1
Graves, WestleyBm3May 6, 1977 – Mar 7, 19811st divisionLove my ship looking for Richard Scott
Wetzel, TerryGSM2May 17, 1977 – Aug 23, 1982EB14 OIL LABBRISCOE'S 2nd OIL KING. First was EN1 McBee. We were in Persian Gulf when Iran had our hostages. Developed the laser guided projectile in Carribean.3 Med cruises. 4 times through Suez Canal. For 5 years of my life I lived on the Briscoe. PLANKOWNE
Berger, MartinEN3May 17, 1977 – Jun 18, 1981A Gang, EB14I am a Plankowner of the Briscoe. I was an EN3. 3 Med cruises, 4 times through Suez Canal. Involved in Persian Gulf Blockade. Served with GMS2 Terry Wetzel.
Klein, CurtisGmg2May 28, 1977 – May 31, 1981Csg2I sailed with some great guys. Dave cress made a gunner out of me
Norris, KeithE6Jun 1977 – Jul 1983SupplyPlankowner; Best ship in the fleet. Had some good times aboard the Briscoe.
Fennecken, William (Bill)ENS/LTJGSep 1977 – Apr 1980OC/NAVGreat Commisioning crew. She was a great ship to the end. I visited her in 2003 and she was still clean as a whistle.
Gillespie, ScotYN3Nov 1977 – Jul 1980WEAPONS OFFICEWas assigned to the DD-977 from A School, MS,was home on RAP duty and it got XCLthe day after XMAS, show up on the nucleus crew of the BRISCOE, as I was the 4th guy there, asked what do u need me for a 4th for cribbage, it got better thx!!!
Snyder, Warren STG3Nov 9, 1977 – Aug 8, 1981Weapons 2nd div.I was a Plank Owner and I lived four years on the Briscoe. Everything that I learned in those four years, I have used in the last forty-plus years almost every day and has made me the man that I am today. God bless the US Navy and the UNITED STATES OF
Quave, RockyEM3Nov 26, 1977 – Dec 22, 1979EngPlk-Own and before, worked on her before joining Navy, Like losing a good friend, Full circle she has been ?resting ? at the bottom of the Sea she Protected. Great group, the Pre-com Crew, would do all over again, Many a tale my wife no?s not
Slingerland, BillFTG2Dec 1977 – Dec 1979FoxAs a Plankowner, BRISCOE has and will enjoy a special place in my heart. Many great times, and even many more great friends are remembered today.
Ashley, FloydOS1Dec 1977 – May 1983OIBeing a Plankowner on the best destroyer in the U.S. Navy was the best experience. Always thouht we had the best crew. Really sad that the Briscoe was sunk.
Giskin, AlanYN5Dec 1977 – Jun 1980ENGINEERINGMy first destroyer loved every second of it sorry she had 2 go to the bottom with so many of her sisters. As a Plank Owner, I wish I would have been invited. The four years aboard the Briscoe were both good & bad.
Vanderfin, GerryEN3Dec 1977 – Jan 1980M div oil labGood ship/good crew/good times.
Ashburne, Garymssa-.ms3Dec 31, 1977 – 1981supplyIt's been awhile. I'm sure that we have memories to share be they good bad or blocked. Lol . Looking forward to hearing from you.
Przybylski, Lawrence R.ET21978 – Mar 3, 1981Operations Electronics
Caceres, RichardEM31978 – Jun 15, 1980EGreat ship. Ill miss her. Precom crew was a great bunch
Stein, Rodger1978 – 1984Plankowner
Sparrow, Stephen/ Woodstock1978 – 1981OCFirst and best damm Ship in the fleet. "Nobody Does It Better"
Miller, DanoE-41978 – 1981SupplyHey all you fellow plank owners, that was a time in our lives wwe can all look back on and be so proud. Hope you are all doing well, love always ,DANO P.S. Warren and Wesmo, you know I miss you guy`s the most.
Browning, Robertenfn1978 – 1981m-a-gangGlad i got off before they turned her into a sub. Many many great memories.
Norton, Nosha profile iconCivilian1978 – 1978NavyLooking for my father Keith Simmons. Last contact my mother ( Deborah Norton ) had with him was in 1983. He was then aboard the USS Kennedy. His last known whereabouts was aboard the ship in Barbadoes. Please contact me.
Nelson, DaveFTG-21978 – 1980Fox
Sapp, RockyOS21978 – 1981Operations
Vuicich, VuFTG21978 – 1982Fox
Moran, DavidRM11978 – 1981OCPart of PreComm crew (2/78-6-78).
Gordon, PeteRM1Jan 1978 – Aug 1981OC
Bryant, Thomas J. (T. J)RM2Jan 1978 – Jun 1979OC-01NDIB! Pre-Comm Crew/ Commissioning Plank Owner. Remember good ole Goula-Goula? One funny - We had a fire in the Helo Det, our 1st real GQ, and "Chop Chop" was on QD and said "and this ain't no drill, man!" over the 1MC. Great Ship
Archer, EricET3Jan 1978 – May 5, 1981As a plankowner I was disappointed to hear of the decommissioning and subsequent sinking. I still remember the commissioning and the many friends from the original crew.
Lau, AllanGMG2Jan 1978 – Apr 15, 1980GMany great memories of the Bricoe and her crew. Very Proud to have been a plankowner serving on such a proud and accomplished ship.
Scott, Richardbm3Jan 1978 – 19811 stIm trying, to find my friend wesley graves. I used to call him shoes. My name is Richard scott. We also went boot camp together.
Mendoza, Loreto profile iconPN1Jan 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1979EXECUTIVE/NAVIGATIONReported on board while ship was being build in Pascagula Ms. Great experience, great shipmates, great ship. Revisited ship at Rota Spain and saw it on TV when John Kennedy Jr was buried at sea.
Phinney, Mikeyncs(aw/sw)Jan 1, 1978 – May 1, 1981adminlooking for all plankowners. please email me if interested.
Lapointe, MichelOS2Jan 13, 1978 – Jun 28, 1981OIGood times and bad times. Made some good friends. Shocked to hear they sunk my destroyer and never sent me the piece they told me I would receive for being a Plank Owner! Nice to see names of fellow crewman I served with
Moran, DaveRM1Feb 1978 – Oct 1981OCPre-Comm crew and Commissioning Crew Plank Owner.
Weakland (Mcfarlane), DavidSTG1Feb 1978 – Nov 1978CAPrecommed, commisioned and then xferred back to the west coast (USS Obrien DD-975). Retired in 1994 and now live in Dushore, Pa.
Momot, A. PeterGSE1Feb 1, 1978 – Oct 29, 1982EPrecommising crewmember and plankowner originally an EM converted to gse when the rating was created
Vick, DavidSTGSR-STG2Feb 27, 1978 – Jun 23, 1981CSI was a member of the commissioning crew in June of 1978. Left the Navy in 1981 and came back in 1985. Finally left Navy for good in 1993. Still living in Norfolk Virginia and somehow missed the decommissioning. Contact me.
Oberly, GeraldSK1Mar 1978 – Jan 1981SupplyProud to have been a plankowner. The best ship I ever served on. Wish I had been invited to the decomissioning.
Graves, WestleyBM3Mar 1978 – Mar 19831st
Terry, LesterBM2Mar 1978 – Jul 2, 1982deckGreat ship,GREAT FRIENDS,some of the best memories of my early years.With this said,I wish to thank each and every Plank owner that I served with For the comradery and loyalty to each other and to the ship .Thanks everyone.
Ethridge, MikeIC2Mar 1, 1978 – Sep 9, 1982EMGoodbye Old Friend.
Brunstetter, PeteLTMar 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1981G; F; NavPlankowner
Ames, TimothySeaman - E3Mar 1, 1978 – Apr 30, 1980DeckI was part of the Precomm. This was a great ship and crew. Enjoyed every minute on and off the boat
Knack, Edward Carl profile iconGSM-1Apr 1978 – Dec 10, 1982EM-01 and EA-01I made it my way. Captain Chesbrough was the best Naval Officer I ever served under, Unfortunately that didn't make up for other officers and their temper tantrums and poor leadership qualities. Since Nam, real officers were replaced by Politician
Blanchard, William (Bag)EN3Apr 1978 – Aug 1981enginerring auxillaries and oillabserving aboard th briscoe was the best time of my short naval career from precom until i left the ship being fortunate to be one of the priviliged ones to be called plankowner the briscoe remember NDIB
McInnis, Terry (Mac)IC2Apr 8, 1978 – Aug 3, 1981Some of my very best times were onboard Briscoe...and by far the best sailors i ever served with...thanks to all you PLANKOWNERS!! mac
Martin, MarshallGMM2Apr 15, 1978 – Apr 15, 1979FoxIt was great year and I has the honor of serving under one of the finest CO's I ever knew.
Moore, DavidEN/3May 1978 – Mar 10, 1980EngineeringSome of the best times of my life in St Thomas, Jamaica, Gitmo, Nassau, St Johns, Jacksonville, Newport, Pascagoula.
Burch, Gary profile iconOS2May 1978 – Apr 1980OIA great ship and a great Radar Gang. Very fond memories. I'm a retired Senior Chief living in SC. Much love to you all.
Butler, John M ButlerGS-2May 7, 1978 – Oct 1, 1982MER-1 MER-2 Oil LabI am a plankowner, 3 med cruises,4 times thru Suez canal,part of the Persian Gulf blockade,was on board during the laser guilded projectile.I was equipment monitor underway/inport(engineering ran unmaned spaces fwd/aft.refueled lamps helo
Sanderson, Harold / Tony / CookieE-6May 7, 1978 – Sep 10, 1981SupplyBest ship I eave was on, and as a Plank Owner it would of been nice to be there for decomission. Not fine out about it two years later. The plank owner card information was diffent than the Navy's Policy.
Ellis, JohnRMCSMay 10, 1978 – Feb 28, 1981OCGreat ship with an outstanding crew. Many fond memories. Call sign, NDIB, stood for nobody does it better. Call sign, NDIB, now stands for nobody did it better. Navy goofed again, she should still be sailing the seas.
Stasen, MarcSK2Jun 1978 – Oct 1981SupplyBriscoe will always be a part of me. She was a great ship and the people I served with were the best. No body does it better.
Simmons, KeithSTG1Jun 1978 – Jun 1980SonarI tried to call, I tried to write....
Reed, RussellDS2Jun 1978 – Jun 1982OENice to see some familiar names.
Smith, EdOS1(SW)Jun 1978 – Jun 1981Operations
Couchot, MikeHT2Jun 1978 – Jul 1981ENG/REPPlank Owner CHT-TECH
Giskin, AlanYN3Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 10, 1979EngineeringGreat times onboard. I am extremely proud to have served on this great ship with and a time I will never forget. As a commisioning crew it was exciting to create a lot of the history that continues today with a great bunch of guys.
Cohen, Timothy MichaelTMO3Jun 1, 1978 – Oct 15, 1981AS-2 This was my first time away from home and I learned to appreciate the fellas that crossed my wake. To learn more check me out at
Neary, SeanSM2Jun 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1979CommunicationsI am a plankowner and the person responsible for having the ship's bell moved "outside" the superstructure... one of only two Spruance's to have such configuration. Loved the ship! Hey Woodstock... great times, huh?
Sapp, William "Rocky"OS2Jun 3, 1978 – Jun 1981OperationsA time I will never forget. As a commisioning crew it was exciting to create a lot of the history that continues today.
Rathey, EricEN2Jun 3, 1978 – Aug 29, 1979A-One of the first crew member assigned. Looking for anyone who happened to be in Mississippi with me. E-mail me please.
Verano, RichardDS1Jun 3, 1978 – Jul 14, 1982OEI was a plank owner and disappointed to hear of the decommision. Nobdy did it better than the Briscoe
Greco, MarkE-3 SEAMANJun 3, 1978 – Aug 8, 1981BoatsWas very proud to have been a member of the crew. Lots of great memories and travel experience.
Murray, WillieOS2Jun 3, 1978 – May 29, 1981OperationsAs A plank owner I was shocked to find out that my ship had been decomissioned. I often think about the people I lived and served with.
Pfendner, GaryOS2Jun 3, 1978 – Jul 8, 1981OIShocked to hear of the decommisioning, more shocked to hear of the sinking as target practice. Proud to be a "plankowner". Good times with some good people. Me and Hymie still talk about the good and bad. Nice to see some familiar names. Hey to
Billiter, Mike 'Blit'OS1Jun 3, 1978 –OIAfter this time I can still remember the good times and the bad we all had onboard. There was no better ship in the navy.
Dushane, LarryBM3Jun 3, 1978 – Jun 3, 1980DeckPrecomm
Kraemer, MichaelGSE2Jun 3, 1978 – May 20, 1980ECommissioning crew in Pascagoula, MS. in 1978. The Briscoe was an awesome ship back then and is still remembered fondly to this day. We rewrote the Engineering Light off Procedures on her first trip to GITMO. NDIB!
Stanley, KevinHT2Jun 15, 1978 – Nov 15, 1980RepairWhat a great ship to start a Navy career on. Yes I did 20 but I learned from some of the best on the Briscoe. I'm so glad to see other Plankowner names here. Glad to see a lot of you alive and well.
Jewell, TomSM2Oct 1978 – Jun 1981OCGreat Ship, Crew...Retired SMC (SW), Orlando, Florida

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