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USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 712 crew members registered for the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964).

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Horelick, NickDC31991 – 1994RI am looking to talk with other foster crew that i served with
Brown, StephenSTG31991 – 1994CATo all CA Div (91-94) I had a hellava time. Contact me sometime.
Caruthers, BrianRM1991 – 1994OC
Pendl, Daniel profile iconFC21991 – 1994CGYo, I'm in Hawaii, Civilian Contractor at FACSFAC Pearl Harbor (Hula Dancer) in the Maintenance Department. FACSFACPH was my last Shore Duty Station.
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Toon, Norman A.O-4Jan 1991 – May 1993Supply
Wheeler, LarryYN1Jan 1991 – Jul 1992Admin/NavShip's Sec. Only served a year and a half - had to finish sea duty after decommissioning THE Battleship. Anyone have a copy of that Video Cruise Book from 1991? Seems the ex burned my old copy! Retired in 2001
Schmitz, JosephLTJan 1991 – Jul 1993SUPPOA USS Paul F. Foster Association was officially formed at the reunion this past weekend! Let me know if you would like any information on joining the Association. Looks like we will be having a ship's reunion every other year!
Baker, ScottDCJan 1991 – Apr 1992R
Montoya, GeneSTG3Jan 1991 – Mar 1993CAHey to all my crewmates, had some great times and great memories. Gene Montoya @FB
Lass, BryanGMM3Jan 1, 1991 – Feb 20, 1994CSM1Amazing how time flies. Seems like only yesterday that I was stripping and waxing the halls and cleaning the head. Don't know how many times I repainted the launcher. PMS, PMS, and more PMS. Look at me now...
Cheffer, GregSM1Jan 15, 1991 – Mar 2, 1993OpsLooking back, what a blast! Must say I do miss Thialand.
Quesnel, Todd (Wishbone)QMSNJan 30, 1991 – Apr 1, 1991NavOne all expense paid vacation to the Middle East.
Cosimano, DavidGMG2Feb 1991 – Sep 1993Weapons So much is forgotten but I still miss it. Any of the old Gun gang out there drop me a line.
Hafford, Anthony ( Tony) EMFNFeb 1991 – Jun 1994EIt's been over 25yrs since I was on the Foster. I will never forget all you guys that were my shipmates. As I look at the list of names you all come back to my memory like it was yesterday. Thanks for the memories.
Foster, JimLTFeb 1991 – Mar 19941st Div / Strike / CICMet ship in the Gulf just after they fired war shots. Did second Gulf trip (Southern Watch) and shipyard repair/prep for third deployment. Thankful to have served with so many hard working and great people.
Martin, AshleyOS2Feb 1, 1991 – Jul 15, 1994OIShoot me an email, wouldn't mind hearing from yeah.
Martin, AshleyFeb 10, 1991 – Jul 20, 1994OIShoot me an email, wouldn't mind hearing someone Hong Kong stories again. Or Vancouver, Thailand.. and many others... :)
Oosterhouse, Paul H.EW2Mar 15, 1991 – Apr 20, 1994OT01My fondest military memories are those born on the PF Flyer. It's not the Navy I miss - it's those shipmates...
Helgerson, MikeBM3Mar 18, 1991 – Oct 1, 1995OD
Suire, ONealGSM2Apr 1991 – Jul 1995GS
Oosterhouse, PaulEW2/E-5Apr 6, 1991 – Apr 20, 1994OT Division
Dorsky, DarylBM3May 13, 1991 – May 12, 1995deck divisionI had great four years working aboard the Foster
Brandt, BobE-4May 15, 1991 – May 15, 1995RI am living in oklahoma I am current deployed in afghanistan in the national gaurd.
Lupico, Michael "Lupie"RM2Jun 1991 – Aug 1995OC
Fussell, DougCTO3Jun 10, 1991 – Nov 1, 1994OTHere's to my OT division brothers for making the call to service worth it, to Chief Felix for having my back when it counted, to whatever BM3 Bodie said on the 1MC, to spending four years broke in LA, with lifelong friends. It was a riot!
Boyles, StevenLT O-3Jun 16, 1991 – Jan 15, 1993FirstFirst Lieutenant
Holdsworth, DavidCTO3Jul 1991 – Nov 1994OT-02Glad I found this site! Had so many good times and have no regrets being a Foster child! It was one hell of a great ride! Now working for FedEx for almost 12 years, father of twin boys, living in Greenville, North Carolina.
Lens, MarioEN3Jul 1991 – Aug 1994A-GangAux 1 where i lived, write to me
Tollison, RonaldDCCM(SW)Jul 15, 1991 – Sep 10, 1993Command Master ChiefI had a great tour on Paul F Foster the crew and officers were awesome. CDR buike was one of the best COs in my 30 years of service. any crew members who remember me contact me at
Demsey, TimSTG2(SW)Aug 4, 1991 – Apr 30, 1993CAPlayed games all day in Sonar 2
Belle, MikaFC3Aug 15, 1991 – Feb 15, 1993CFHad some good times on the Foster. I remember sailing with theFosters beer flag, heh heh. It was my first ship, saw her in dry dock, did all the preps and finished with a WestPac, including Thailand twice and Xmas in Hong Kong. Say hellol.
Hyder, JasonGMM3Sep 1991 – Mar 1993Had a decent time, learned alot! Thank you Rich Miller, Todd Samuels(SAM), Curtis Carey, Matt Schuesler(SHOE).
Parker, DanFC2Sep 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1994CG / CSG2Worked with Jim Rodgers, Dan Batey, Garcia, Dittler, "Duck" Haddon, Tooley, Pendl......RADAR 1. The greatest social setting on the 03 level.....Chief Simmons (AKA Homer Simpson).
Neither, ErikE-4Sep 13, 1991 – Apr 7, 1994EngineeringMER #1 Worked with Saddler, Pharoan, Stewart, Klein, Wright, Suire, Forepaugh and some other I cant remember they name.
Morris, A. "meateater"SEAL CHALLENGE PROGRAM/SARSep 16, 1991 – May 27, 1995So others may live. The best to all of you.
Walder, Anthony "Walderby" TonySM3Nov 25, 1991 – Sep 3, 1995CommsI never knew how much she meant to me until I heard she got decomed. If any of you ever heard about the Kangaroo getting on board in Australia, YA, THAT WAS ME. Damn some good times.
Aitchison, RobertGSE2Dec 1991 – Aug 1994Engineering
Holland, TonySTG31992 –
Staples, RolfSN1992 – 19941st
Ramirez, MarcoDECK1992 – 1994
Cox, BrianTm21992 – Sep 1994WeaponsLast duty station
Lowrance, JeffRM31992 – Nov 7, 1994OCSome of my best memories.
Armstrong, Darren "Army"STG2Jan 1992 – Feb 14, 1996CAGood times & crazy memories!
Cross, DanETJan 1, 1992 – Jul 5, 1994CEAwesome times hanging out with the boys!
Corbett, Mikee2Jan 1, 1992 – Jan 6,
Totanes, WillieDSCJan 10, 1992 – May 18, 1994fun crew, unforgettable west-pac cruise.
Staples, RolfSNFeb 16, 1992 – Apr 24, 19941st
Tillman, WilliamET3Mar 2, 1992 – Jul 16, 1996CE
Bolin, TomGMM2May 20, 1992 – May 20, 1994CMGM - VLS Tech who worked in CM DIV. T- Hawks. Moral was crap when I checked aboard compared to my previous command In 7th Fleet. New CO (CPT Buike) took over. Morale and spirit increased 10 fold. Thanks Captain!
Olsen, GreggGSM 3May 31, 1992 – Jun 5, 1995EngineeringKeep up with BJ Sayre on future reunions. We had a blast in Ventura. Thanks BJ.
Parker, RickENCJun 9, 1992 – Jul 1, 1994AStarted the HAZMAT center.
Jones, MikeE-3Jun 26, 1992 – Jun 10, 1994
Jones, Mike (Howdo)E3 FNJun 26, 1992 – Jun 10, 1994GS
Werfelmann, Arthur (AJ)STG2Jul 1992 – Oct 1996CAWatching Jeff Edwards quote Navy regulations word for word to Senior Officers!!
Blevins, DarrenSTG3Jul 1992 – Dec 23, 1994CAMy first day on the ship I had to be flown out to it by the good old Desert Duck. The first person I met on board was STG2 Southern and STG1 Coots and Edwards. While on board the ship was the best time I had in the Navy.
Sayre, Byron SayreDC2Jul 7, 1992 – Aug 7, 1995RPaul F. Foster Reunion please pass on to others.
Sayre, B.j./ ByronDC2Aug 3, 1992 – Aug 5, 1995RMany great and bad memories made here.I would love to hear from anyone i served with. Please drop me a line
Batey, DanFC1Aug 9, 1992 – Aug 25, 1994
Cain, JohnETC (SW) RETSep 1992 – Sep 1994CS-4
Cobb, MarkHM3Sep 1, 1992 – 1994Deck/Corpsman strikerGood times! Dorsey, Kieth, Flores, Ramires, HM1 Goodrich, look me up if you haven't heard from me. Entech Home Improvement Little Rock, AR 5013516043.
Samudio, Tony J JrSep 6, 1992 – May 18, 1994Deck
Richards, RandallCTR2Sep 10, 1992 – Jan 10, 1993Wish I was back there again.
Lindsey, JoeOS2Oct 1, 1992 – Jan 5, 1995OII had a great time on this ship. Jack Roper, get in touch with me at or I would love to hear from any old shipmates
Aragon, Tony (Loc)(aj)QM3Nov 19, 1992 – Apr 16, 1996NavigationGreat 3 1/2 years now that I look back. Looking for Lance Allen and the rest of the crew from Nav Berthing!
Koger, KogSM3Nov 27, 1992 – Jan 27, 1995NAV
Stallings, Anthony (Nutt/wilt)CTA1Dec 28, 1992 – Jan 20, 1995OTIt wasn't only the best Outboard Crew of all time, but best ships crew of all time as well! I miss the hell out of dominoes/madden all day and night underway!

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