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USS Elrod (FFG 55) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elrod (FFG 55). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 225 crew members registered for the USS Elrod (FFG 55).

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Parnass, DarrellEM2(SW)1999 – 2001E
Rodriguez, GilE-4Apr 3, 1999 – Jun 18, 2001s2Looking to connect via e-mail with someone currently enlisted in the Navy. I'm a vet. that was stationed in Norflolk Va. Currently in Ca. If anyone here works onboard a ship currently please email me!!! Thanks!
Ciner, RichardEt2Aug 16, 1999 – Jul 28, 2003Cs-4
Lewis, Jason/jayE4/MSSep 20, 1999 – Apr 4,
Shaw, MikeQMSNSep 20, 1999 – Feb 18, 2002Quarter masterShout out to all the guys i served with i see some of u on this list seeing your names bring back so many memory's i got love for u all
Shaw, MikeQMSNSep 20, 1999 – Feb 20, 2002QMshout out to all the guys i served with love ya all
Oakley, C JCMCOct 1, 1999 – Jul 1, 2002ExecutiveServed my first CMC tour on ELROD. Thanks crew, we were good.
King, Corrie profile iconQMC(Ret) SM2 at the timeNov 22, 1999 – Jun 1, 2001OPSI will never forget the Elrod and CDR Bower at the time. I did a lot there and made some great friends. Thanks for the memories and fun times.
Paley, Kevin "Palz"STG2Dec 21, 1999 – Mar 21, 2005CS-2Thank you for the memories!!!
McLish, CleonDK1(SW)May 29, 2000 – Sep 8, 2004SupplyGreat crew I had the pleasure to serve with. For a small crew great teamwork, great times. Two of the best deployment of my career. Super crew and outstanding CO's.
Turner, CodyE-3 FN/SHSNJun 26, 2000 – Jun 26, 2004A-GANG\S-3
Salicrup, CesarHMC (SW)Aug 15, 2000 – Jun 1, 2002NAVADMINBest crew ever. Great memories. The 911 Force.
Conn, BrianSK1(SW)Sep 2, 2000 – Feb 28, 2005S-1
Heischberg, EdDC3Sep 26, 2000 – Jan 1, 2003dcWould like to talk to some of the guys that were on the ship. Hope to talk with hines, gronemen, turner,tillery and even magovern. see you all
Turner, RobertSMSNNov 11, 2000 – Apr 19, 2004NAV/ADMINFirst of all, I deeply apologize to those who I gave problems to. Second, I miss all ya'll though some may not miss me. Hope everything is well, and I will always try to have the fondest memories of "The Hammerin' Hank". God Bless. Pea
Karner, JosephBM3Dec 8, 2000 – Jul 2, 2003Ops-3/ 1stI served proudly with a great command and the best crew. Good luck to all who still serve on the "ROD"
Caballero, ManuelSK2Dec 15, 2000 – Mar 18, 2004Supply/S-1Worse command ever, I ended in the hospital and after that in treatment for depression for almost 2 years. Now retired and enjoying civilian life in sunshine Florida.
Beasley, Jon profile iconE52001 – 2006RadioThe crew made the ship and the ship was good!
Dyer, JasonENFN2001 – Jan 26, 2005Engineering Department
White, JamesSM3/E4Jan 10, 2001 – Jun 10, 2003NAV/ADMIN
Barnes III, StanleySM/ QM3 (SW)Jan 10, 2001 – Apr 5, 2005NAV/SUPThis command was one of the best!! I met a lot of good people during my time there, that I hope all are doing well.
Shiles, Robert J.DC1(SW)Jan 26, 2001 – Jun 30, 2005Repair & DCPOMy time on the Elrod was not only my last tour on sea duty, but the end of my time in the Navy as I ended my tour with my retirement. Enjoying civilian life, but still miss the closeness of a great crew.
Oborny, FrankFCC-FCCSMar 31, 2001 – Jan 9, 2004CS3Selected to FCCS one week after arrival. Dept LCPO the rest of the tour. Had some of the best people ever working for me. Still in touch with most on other websites. Decommed, but long live El Rod!
Neagglys, HenryEM3Apr 10, 2001 – Jun 11, 2005E-DIVShout outs to E-DIV and Engineering !!! wooot
Canada, ChristopherOS2May 24, 2001 – May 8, 2006OPS-4Looking for some old squids.
Pittman, ChristopherIT1(SW)Aug 20, 2001 – Aug 1, 2003OPS-2During my tour...a great crew, a great ship. The "Rod" made me a first class, and prepared me for Chief//
Blazek, AllenMR1(SW)Oct 29, 2001 – Oct 15, 2004DCMade MR1(SW) and alot of memories on the ship. I can say I miss the ship, the crew and many of the times. Dont miss the late nites during qulifications.
Blazek, AllenE6/MR1(SW)Oct 30, 2001 – Nov 14, 2004EMO4 I want to thank all who made the rod a good ship. I was lucky enough to be one of the few Engineers to get frocked on board. Thank's again.
Bulpitt, Joseph (Bull)STG1(SW)Jan 2, 2002 – Aug 8, 2005CAGreat crew & great ship. Retired 8 Aug 2005.
Melton, AntuoineE3 SHSNFeb 2, 2002 – Oct 14, 2006s3this has been the worst experiance of my life but i am glad i did it i have made alot of good frriends in the process
Beasley, JtIT3Mar 19, 2002 – Aug 12, 2005RadioThe people make the ship, and the ship was ok.
Stephens, ChristopherE5Mar 26, 2002 – Apr 10, 2006CS-3With one Faith, one God and one vision of preserving peace there is no limit to what this ship can accomplish. Each sailor has the power to make the tour better or worse. I enjoyed the "Elrod adventure!"
Boice, PhilLTJGOct 15, 2002 – Oct 14, 2004
Delamotte, George "boats"BMCMOct 22, 2002 – May 12, 20061stThis goes out to the best Deck Division on the water front. "Be good Be Safe" Keep in touch
Hargrave, BrianLT2003 – 2005
Gallagher, PatrickCTTSNJan 2003 – Sep 2005O
McMillian, KiyreeSA / E-2Jan 28, 2003 – Feb 19, 20041stI enjoyed my time being onboard. I had alot of different experiences and made alot of long time friends.
Jones, IvanYNC(SW/SCW)Jan 28, 2003 – Feb 25, 2006Sending a shout out to my boys on the ROD.
Davis, DocHM2(SW)Apr 21, 2003 – Feb 9, 2006MEDICALI miss you serving with you guys but i am really loving Cali right now. Give me a shout on so we can stay in touch.
Hamlett, BrianLTJGAug 2003 – Nov 2005OI

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1985 | 1986 – 1989 | 1990 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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