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USS Hawes (FFG 53) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hawes (FFG 53). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 313 crew members registered for the USS Hawes (FFG 53).

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Eastridge, JoshuaHM31996 – 1997MedicalGood ship and 96/97 med cruise rocked. New years in venice was fun but friggin cold and wet. Looks like I got out right before it started going downhill. Too bad, we had a great crew.
Melio, BrianQM3/E-4Jan 10, 1996 – Sep 13, 1998NAVJolly Roger... This is one FAST FRIGATE
Elam, LeonDS1Jan 31, 1996 – Aug 31, 1997Combat Systems Electronics MaintenanceFinished the twenty onboard. The check is nice. That harsh life. People don't realize. Moored. Liberty Call.
Jones, SkaifeGSE2Jul 1996 – Jun 1999E1
Cartwright, DavidDC3Aug 1996 – May 1998RepairBetween Master Chief Harkin and Clemens, we didn't know which way we were going or how we were to get there, but we had a blast in the process.
Ford, Gordon GeeE-5/DC2Sep 1996 – Dec 1999E-4Enjoyed the tour. The best MED. CRUISE 96-97 What up to the Eng. Dept. E-1-E-4
MacLin, LawrenceLTJGSep 6, 1996 – Oct 16, 1998CS-2
Adkison, Michael Big MikeGM2Sep 10, 1996 – Jul 3, 2001CS-3 LOVED IT, LIVED IT, LEFT IT
Winters, GunnerGMC SW/AWNov 15, 1996 – Jul 15, 2001CS DivisionLots of great shipmates I worked with and will always remember, those folks in CS Division I will never for get. I'm in the process of building a 1/96 scale model of the Hawes. e-mail me for pictures.
Marcum, WilliamBM3Dec 1996 – May 2000OD01
Asbury, RandyFC11997 – 2002CS-3Had a great time made many good friends.
Harkin, JamesSCPOJan 5, 1997 – Jan 5, 2000Repair
Nordstrom, DonLTMay 1997 – Mar 1999CHENGGreat memories. The bad ones you tend to forget. The crew and engineering department were great. I hope to see or hear from shipmates from the past. Good luck to you all, past, present and future members.
Garcia, Lorenzo (Lolo)OS2(SW)Jun 4, 1997 – Jul 2, 2003OI-01This was a good ship I must say but as time went on the moral and chain of command hit the fan. I wouldn't recommend any go here but do wish them luck if they get orders here!!
Warnock, Shawn (Cat Brains)FC2Jul 1997 – Jul 2001CS-3It was great when I got there, lots of good friends and a great crew. As time went by, things got worse, and I got royally screwed over when I left, but I still had a good tour and good memories and good friends.
Gessel, BrandanSK3Sep 14, 1997 – Feb 7, 2001Parts baby, early lunch and great nap time during lunchThe hawes was fun but sucked in many ways but I wont forget the good times I had while cruising around the world and the hawes got me back home.
Merritt, RonCDRNov 1997 – Feb 1999XOA tremendous ship with an even better crew. We worked hard, played hard, and established life-long friends with our shipmates.
Rivera, Carlos/ GunsE-1 through E-4Dec 1, 1997 – Dec 24, 2000DECK DIV/ CG WEAPONSBest command i have been in..great crew...great memories and unforgettable experience.Where i met all my best friends at.great port visits.glad to be a HAWESMEN.
Lamphere, RickeyE-6/DC!1998 – 2002R-DivisionHad a good tour, met some good people, and not so good people!
Casteel, DjPN1Feb 4, 1998 – Jul 31, 2000NAV/EXEOne of my best tours in the Navy. I had many friends and associates who I still remember fondly.
Marrs, PhilOS2Mar 1998 – Mar 2003OIKillah im with you man, the worst ship in the navy by far, hey to let it be known but im glad im gone, but i met some good people...
Knoch, AnthonyDK2 (98-99) then DK1 (00 - 02)Apr 14, 1998 – Apr 20, 2002S-1The most rewarding tour of my career to date (still active and just passed 20 years). We had 3 awesome CO's and 3 awesome XO's in my time aboard.
Tran, NguyenIT2Aug 22, 1998 – Apr 22, 2002OCMet awesome people. Had a great tour there.
McFarland, JustinSNNov 11, 1998 – Aug 11, 2001ODHad some great times with some great people. A lot of booze, widespread, and gray paint.
Bucknor, AevonE4/YN3(SW)Dec 23, 1998 – Dec 20, 2001NAV/EXEThe real Navy. Enjoyed the my whole tour. Great Crew.
Eckley, Timothy profile iconPC2 - PC1 - NC11999 – 2003Supply - AdminTo all my brothers. It was an honor to serve with you all. We had some great times, and some I cannot get over (Oct 12, 2000 USS Cole).
Kern, William (Billy)QM2Feb 1999 – Aug 2002NAV/EXEI couldn't wait to get out while I was there, but think back now how many good times I had and good friends I made.
Hull, DjSTG2Mar 1999 – Sep 2002CS-2Good Times... Good Times
Lambert, MichaelIT2(SW)Apr 20, 1999 – Jun 9, 2002OPSAlthough this was a small ship it was a big family. From the top to bottom, everyone was treated with respect. Wassup brothers from the radio shack Brown,Jones, Tremblay,PJ,Jenkins,Troyer, Tran & Mooch BZ
Taylor, JasonEM2(SW)Jun 9, 1999 – Jun 1, 2003EM03WOW. That ship helped changed me from a 19 year old boy to a man. She was a fine ship and she taught me many lessons about life. Great friends and great memories. Fair winds and following seas 53...
Hudson, KevinGM2Jun 20, 1999 – Aug 1, 2002Just when you think it can't get any worse... In hindsight, I wouldn't change a thing.
Bishop, ShaneEN3Jul 9, 1999 – Jun 21, 2001EngineeringI deffinally don't miss the Hawes. Loved it when I got there hated it when I left, deffinally went down hill.
Gandy, Sean profile iconEMFA to EMFNAug 20, 1999 – Sep 2, 2002Electrical DivisionStarted on the Hawes as a 19 y/o wide eyed kid. I had to grow up quickly. I had no idea that my time on the Hawes would change my life like it did. We worked hard and played hard. More importantly we worked to tegether.
Steiner, NighthawkGM2(SW) STEINER code name nighthawk radar eagle eyes heck just call da legendSep 20, 1999 – May 30, 2003cs3Well for me ti best time of my life all the place we visit i there for 3 dif Co 2 of them was cool the one was boring the XO WAS ALL GOOD SAve one ahhaaha still rember all the good time best time of my life
Lambert, En1(Sw/aw) RandyEN2(SW)Oct 1, 1999 – 2001A-Gang
Johnston, DarrellLT (PROMOTED TO LCDR)Dec 12, 1999 – Oct 9, 2001Supply HeadWas an honor to work with the world's finest sailors!
Turner, Kelvin D.YNC(SW)Dec 29, 1999 – Dec 4, 2003NAV/EXEThe most satisfying tour of my career. Great people onboard. One of the best ship in the Fleet, bar none.
Robertson, William HarvyE22000 –SK2Believe me i love being in the navy.
Lumahan, GenghisE62000 – 2014CSHello, looking for old Navy buddies!
Adams, RobertDCCJan 2000 – Jan 2001RepairBest tour of duty in my 21 years of service. Great skipper, great crew, great ship.
Green, JohnEN1(SW)Feb 2000 – Nov 2003A-GANGThis ship really boosted my career i am forever greatful to Senior chief Delay and Lt. Brewer for what they did for my career. To the guys who were on the deck plates from 2000-2003 outstanding job and thank you.
Stuart, BrianSH3Feb 15, 2000 – Jul 2003supply
McDowell, RichardOS2Mar 22, 2000 – Oct 27, 2003oii now have a daughter and living in upstate ny
Anderson, Scott profile iconQM1Apr 8, 2000 – Sep 23, 2001Nav/X
Revilla, RuelPSC(SW) (PN1(SW) THEN)Jun 7, 2000 – Jun 6, 2003NAV/EXEGreat Crew from 2000-2003. Operation Determined Response, SNFM, BaltOps, and Boston Fleet week were great times. This tour set up me up for selection to CPO.
Brittingham, JasonGSE2(SW)Jul 2000 – Oct 2003
Paxton, MichaelDc3(sw)Jul 15, 2000 – Feb 14, 2004E-4 RepairThis was the only ship i served on and if the hul could talk, wow. I have meet some great people and not so great people. I also have and still have contacts from the ship to this day. The mighty Hawes rocks.
Abalama, Davin "bama"E-5 EN2(FORMERLY GSE3 WHILE ONBOARD)Oct 13, 2000 – Jun 4, 2003ENGServed on board As a GSE from E-1 to E-4 met some awesome people and had a fairly fun deployment.
Hetherington, NobleENSNov 4, 2000 – Apr 4, 2002OD01The best of times. A great crew, a good-lookin ship, and a rhib full of memories.
McNutt, ChrisENFA TO EN3 OR SHOULD I SAY EN2 BACK TO ENFADec 1, 2000 – Dec 12, 2002A-Gangwas good till Chief Albert showed up the jerk cost me my career and a whole lot more. The rest of the crew was cool especially A-gang. And HT1 Taylor, EM2 Taylor, Baby Doc, and a few others you know who you are. thanks for the memories
Saltzgiver, DavidE-3Dec 11, 2000 – Oct 10, 2002S-2i got to see the world

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