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USS John A. Moore (FFG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John A. Moore (FFG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 293 crew members registered for the USS John A. Moore (FFG 19).

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Raykovich, MichaelSN1992 – 19941st division
Martinez, FattyRM31992 – 1996RadioThe Shack ruled!!!
Harvey, ChrisE51992 – Jan 24, 1997Combat systems
Clough, SandyOS1/OSC1992 – 1995OIMade CPO there...was a good tour
Bond, AndrewRM1Jan 1992 – Oct 1994OC02Radio Gang, Drop me a line.
Neel, BobbyPN1Jan 8, 1992 – May 20, 1992Ships OFficeServed onboard during the reserve tour (tad) of the westpac. Was Just on board for a while but meet some great guys.
Schouten, AdamE4Jan 9, 1992 – Sep 19, 1995emo4/er09
Snider, RoyFC`1Feb 1992 – Feb 1994weapons 2ndworst ship I was ever on but I worked with some of the best people as far as fire controlmen go but our cheif was a politically motivated lier with no regard for the people who worked for him. best thing the navy did was retire this ship.
Olesen, Darryl "Jimmy"HT2Feb 1992 – Mar 1994EM04Awesome crew with awesome port visits. Memories that will last forever.
Olesen, Darryl "Jimmy"HT2Feb 1, 1992 – Mar 4, 1994EM04/ER09"Jammin' Johnny" was my first ship and I miss her. Haven't been on another that could match the crew or ship. I don't think any other crew drank as much! Great times with the "Complex Wars", before hazing was outlawed
Winter, TomGSMFN-GSM3Mar 1992 – Sep 15, 1995Main Engine RoomLoved the Moore, had great times and great friends. Special shout to Griffin, Trujillo, Poblete, and the rest.
Griffin, JamesGSM2Mar 14, 1992 – Mar 15, 1996EMO1 MPIt's just me Griff...i actually came back into the navy. Now i am a Navy Recruiter in Jacksonville, Florida
Griffin, JamesGSM 2Mar 15, 1992 – Mar 15, 1996emo1 mpI worked in the main engine room received awesome training. Got out in 1996 came back in after September 11th. made E-5 then went to do my third enlistment as a navy recruiter. Also did a tour on the USS Samuel B. Roberts
Chamberlin, MikeFC1Mar 18, 1992 – Apr 1997Currently employed with Caterpillar Inc. as a Facilities Maintenance Technician.
Hamilton, ThomasDK3Apr 22, 1992 – May 1, 1994SupplyGreat memories and wonderful friends!!!! time of my life
Rounds, JerryE5/SK2May 1992 – Nov 1995S-1
Lott, Christopher T.RMSA - RM3May 16, 1992 – Nov 12, 1995I served aboard the Jammin Johnny for three years and work in radio.
Wright, BretFC1Jun 1992 – May 1998CMBest damn frigate in the fleet. The crew was the best, esp. the weapons types.
Shippey, ShawnDC2Jun 1992 –Missin the Crew on The Jammin Johnny !Lots of good times with Pete Pringle, David Lawless
Wright, BretFC1(SW)Jun 1992 – Feb 1998CMBest experience in the Navy serving on the JAM.
Corkill, RobinET1(SW)Jun 2, 1992 – Oct 4, 1995CECame back to the Jammin' Johnny for another round and it was a great tour with an awesome CO...Saw the ship last year, 2003, in Turkey... Brought back memories.
Mireles, TonyFC2Jun 11, 1992 – May 15, 1997CS-3/CMMan those were some good times..Panama, Singapore, and especially Australia of what I remember. Still living in the LBC the JAM original home.
Pratt, JasonEM2 (SW)Jul 1992 – Jul 1996Worked with GSE2 Dino, GSE2 Marvin P. GSM2 Trujillo. EM1 Rodgers AKA Buck Rodgers, EM1 Messmer, GSE2 Bagley, LT Macraken aka Phil my craken, EN2 Domby, and more. Email if needed.
Villa, John e-4Jul 4, 1992 – Aug 26, 1996sco2/radio centralthese were some of the best years of my young adult life. i will never forget my radio crew( veasey, dominguez, butler, player peete, batman and robin(hutchinson & bond), oconnell, lange, lott, martinez, mazon.
Robart, DonaldBMSNAug 1992 – Aug 19961stthe jammin johnny was a great ship to the end
Houx, BrianETC(SW)Aug 1992 – Sep 1994CS04Stood CSOW underway. LIFERDOG was my nickname (besides CHIEF) and I wore them PROUDLY!
Cox, BrianEW3Sep 1992 – Sep 1994Had a great time serving my Reserve weekends on board
Brock, VaughnET3Sep 7, 1992 – Mar 29, 1994Combat SystemsYou guys thought I was dead, but I'm still alive and doing well in Houston. Shouts to all of my old sea buddies!! Veasey, where are you? Bracy, Peete, Maynard, Green, JC, ETC, all of you cats?
Domby, Matt"Mega Domby"EN3Oct 1992 – Mar 1996A Gang EMO2Would love to hear from some of all of you guys. Miss everybody. Great bunch of guys. Had the time of my life
Davey, WilliamGSE1Nov 1, 1992 – Nov 1, 1996MP
Griffin, JamesGSM3 GRIFFINDec 25, 1992 – Mar 15, 1996MP EMO1Go Rockets!! HHUUUOOO-ston!
Hunter, DanielHT31993 – Mar 1995ER04/ER09 Left in 95 got out for a couple of years and came back in (HT1 now ) R.I.P. to my old weightlifting buddy from the Moore,BM3 Andy Maynard.FYI, is another good site to find shipmates
Bishop, JeffSTG31993 – 1996OK, so I was a drunk. It was still an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life.
White, Anthony "Opie Taylor"ETSN1993 – 1995Combat SystemsHad allot of good times aboard the "Jammin Johnny", probably a little too good. I landed on my feet though, got a great job trading electricity in Denver, CO. Just stopping in to say hey to all my old shipmates. Hope all is well. Take care.
Poblete, MarvGSE2Jan 1993 – Nov 1996EM01
Hodge, LeonMRFNFeb 1993 – 1994Engineering
Penner, Justin "Juice"IC3Mar 1993 – Apr 1997Wow what great time we had. I like to get in touch with some of my pals that I havn't talk to in a while. Like Jeff Letts, Andy Maynard and so on. Send me a email or something. Take care to all JUICE!!!!!
Burkus, BrentLTMar 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1996Engineering / Operations
Mazon, OtisRADIOMANMay 1993 – Oct 1995OERATIONSIt was a great experience to voyage on the J. A. M. I enjoyed the crew. What's up fellows, you know who you are. Hopefully, we'll meet again.
Masten, Adam01 to 03May 1993 – May 1996Ordinance / Engineering
Patterson, DougEN2/1Jun 13, 1993 – Jul 19, 1996A-GangBy far still the best ship. I miss all you guys.
Wright, JasonSNAug 1993 – May 1995DeckMany memories that will last a lifetime. A special thanks to BM1 Vanoosting and Derusha for giving me endless opportunities. I definitely made the best of my short military life. "Cheers" to all of my shipmates! Stay in touch, email me!
Wall, KenEN2Aug 1993 – May 1995A-GangHave a lot of great memories with the best crew in the fleet. Met awesome people and would love to hear from any of you!
Lush, TravisE-4Aug 1993 – Jun 1997A-div
Lush, TravisE-4Nov 25, 1993 – Jun 10, 1997The best ship and crew. It was an Honor to serve with everyone! big jim with his goofy glasses.Patterson, Mega Domby, Wall Balls,Marv, Manny,Chief Whitley, Woody, I'm sure i'm forgetting someone if so i'm sorry. oh Roone dog and Stretch.
Gotham, Scott A.OS2Dec 13, 1993 – Sep 1, 2000OIPart of the Decom Crew and was aboard for the Cocaine Bust during the 2000 deployment.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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