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USS Wadsworth (FFG 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wadsworth (FFG 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 266 crew members registered for the USS Wadsworth (FFG 9).

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Satterfield, Mark profile iconSTGCJan 1992 – Dec 1994CS-2
Basara, PaulITC(EXW/SW)Feb 1992 – Feb 1997OCStill in serving with Xavier at Maritime Expeditionary Command and Control Division 14 in San Diego! Email me at
Moore, JamesPO 2Feb 1, 1992 – May 1, 1992Boat Deck
Mueller, EdwardDK2May 1992 – May 1994SupplyMy first independent duty tour. Great crew... great duty. It was this ship that made up my mind that I would make the Navy a career.
Garrett, MichaelBM1Jun 1992 – May 1995DeckDoes anyone remember the date and the name of the seaman who was injured in early 1995 when a mooring line snapped getting underway from San Diego?
Garza, RicardoRM3Jun 15, 1992 – Mar 15, 1994OPSFeel free to email me:
Graham, ArthurRMSNJul 19, 1992 – Apr 18, 1994SC2
Pellum, ScottSR1993 – 1993Deck Crew
Dean, KenOS2Jan 4, 1993 – Jan 30, 1997OI
Garcia, ErickFNJan 5, 1993 – Sep 9, 1995E-2Hey what happened to MR2 Doughty and Mr2 Newton?
Cowan, JamalSH3Mar 28, 1993 – Jun 16, 1996supplyhad many fun times on the old Wads and made some great buddies!!! hit me up
Avina, Juan C.MS2aApr 1993 – Sep 1993supplyGreat times and a whole lot of fun.
Bui, LocEM3 (SW)Apr 15, 1993 – Jun 23, 1996Engineering
Andreen, MichaelSK2Oct 1993 – Oct 1995S-1
Mares, MarioOS1Oct 17, 1993 – Dec 2001OIOne of the JAFR's on this ship, married, still teaching, baby girl
Doughty, Chris Aka GrodyMR3Dec 31, 1993 – May 1, 1997E-2Here you go Garcia, still in after 14 yrs. Just saw Newton the other day now serving on the Curts(FFG-38).
Adriatico, MarcelSN, SH3, CE3(NMCB25)1994 – 1997Operations/Supply
Motter, Matthewen31994 – 1996oil kingsecond ship miss everyone
Divall, JosephBM31994 – 1997Deck
Welch, BryanET3 [ETCS(retired)]1994 – 1996CS4The Mighty WADS, and her crew, were the main reasons I reenlisted and ended up staying in the Navy. Great group of Shipmates. Wish you all well.
Barkwell, TomOS2 (SW)1994 – 1996OIHad a great time onboard and made some pretty good friends. I wasn't a fan of the Reserve Weekends but the Law Enforcement Ops we did in the SOPAC were pretty cool (with the exception of refueling in Guadalajara.) #BEES
Meyers, MichaelGMGSNFeb 1994 – Dec 1997combat systemsfound this site and saw some old friends from my first ship and wanted to say hello to my first military familyand friends
Bengsch, Sean (Johnny/spanner Wrench Etc..)DC2Feb 15, 1994 – Aug 26, 1997E-2It's been forever. I think about my time on the Wads when I look at the plaque (the toilet flusher) engineering gave for me before I left out of Singpore. Some of the best times of my life. Dam we were haze gray underway, but balls to wall
Gray, JohnFC2Feb 18, 1994 – Apr 20, 1997CS3I had a great time on the mighty Wads. Made a lot of friends and am still looking for some of them. If anyone knows Michael Holden and how to contact him, help me out.
Meyers, MichaelGMGSNMar 1994 – Nov 1997combat systemslooking to find lost friends and shipmates
Dean, JasonET2Apr 1994 – Oct 1998CS-4I can't believe I've been out of the Navy longer than I was in. It was such a huge part of my life. Whoever's out there, contact me.
Matushek, Andrew, "Andy"EMCM-CMCApr 1994 – Feb 1997XI miss my ship!
Kaylor, PaulGSMCApr 3, 1994 – Nov 27, 1995E-1What an experience, learning to do the impossible with very little! "Welcome to the Reserve Navy". This was one of the most underway ships I was ever on! But hey it all counts towards 30! :-)
Lanfair, KevinSTG1/STGCJun 1994 – May 1998CS2
Lazo, AlbertIC1Sep 1994 – Aug 1997CS
McLarkey, RoyGMM31995 – 1999MK-13
Hayes, JamesGmG21995 – 1997Combat
Bynum, MichaelET2(SW)Jan 1995 – Mar 1998CS
Quijas, SamBMCJan 1995 – Oct 1997DeckGood Times
Shipley, RichardBM3Jan 12, 1995 – Apr 13, 1996First
Nicols, JeffGM2(SW)Feb 7, 1995 – Apr 3, 1999CS-3/CS06Missile Technician Extrordinaire
Bangeman, Matthew (Sunfish Or Oscar)QM2Feb 13, 1995 – Feb 12, 2000ON01Damn it Paul cant you even remember your division, I can see after i left it all went down hill. well any one even remebr my fat ass i figured out how this email thing worked after shore duty email me at
Vanpelt, JasonSN/FN...IC2 [ICC(SW/AW)]Mar 10, 1995 – Nov 23, 1998DECK--->CS-4Miss a lot of you guys, great times great first ship. Well I am still in, now a Chief teaching IC A school.
Davis, EugeneFC2Apr 1995 – Aug 1999Combat Systems
Boswell, Clay "Boz"GSM2(SW)Apr 1995 – Mar 2000E-1First of 3 frigates. As of now I'm serving on the Mighty McClusky. My 5th command in 12 years.
Vanderheiden, Randal (RandyFC2Apr 1995 – Aug 1999CSSeveral great memories on this ship. "Eveready"
Panis, JesseET2Apr 1, 1995 – Apr 23, 1997
Rubright, ChrisEN1/ENCApr 3, 1995 – Aug 1998What a great ship Wads was. My wife always comments, what's up with you and all the guys on the Wads, you all still keep in touch. All I can say it, what a great tour it was!
Stickler, BrianEW3May 1, 1995 – Jul 20, 1998OPSOnboard as active reservist for 3 years. Quarter deck POW, CIC watch on SLQ-32, Fire party for GQ. Lots of at sea battle excerises on the weekends with other FFGs and subs. Got to see Mexico ports... a diversion for a few of years...

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