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USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1137 crew members registered for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).

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Saenz, Juan J.RMSA1980 – 1982C7F Staff
Amdor, JamesOS1980 – 1982OI
Gray, Rodger (Chief)OS1980 – 1982OI (CIC)You'd think there would be more of the old gang listed here. No-one but the Royal Scam (Hiya Scammy)
Arnold, MikeRM1(SW) RETIRED1980 – 1984CT/CRRetired in 94, was looking at old photo's, just wondering who's out there? Glad I found this site. Just seeing some of the names brings back memories. Some good, some bad. Good to see some of us older shits haven't croaked yet. (GRIN)
Allen, DannyMGySgt1980 – 1983PNLFS
Kellum, RickET21980 – 1983OEJust looking for old buddies...loved being on this ship!
McElroy, RogerEW21980 – 1981OEMy 2 years on the Blue Ridge in Japan were the Best of my 6 years in the Navy. PI was always the best stop we would make.
Henry, EdmondnoneJan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1982noneI am trying to find out more information about my real farther. His name is John Paul White and around 81 to 82 he was serving on the USS Blueridge. If anyone has any information i would be grateful for an email
Lindroos, RickMU2Jan 8, 1980 – Jan 20, 1982Commander 7th Fleet BandI saw the world...I loved it. Made the best friends to this day. Looking for John Thompson, Boatswain.
Rase, JackCTA1Feb 1, 1980 – Feb 1, 198222 DivisionStaff member of COMSEVENTHFLT
Belcher, James profile iconETFeb 22, 1980 – May 10, 1983OE
Blazes, JoeDS2Mar 1980 – May 1982ODMPDS Tech and Link-11,4A,14 Tech.
Babcock, MarkBT2Mar 1980 – Jun 1984
Ott, DonaldRM3Mar 1980 – 1982Comm
Bertrand, RyanDP3 (now DPC ret.)Mar 10, 1980 – May 14, 1982IntelGreat bunch of shipmates! DP3 Dennis Cameron, IS3 Seth Friedman (remember Australiaa) and a whole lot more.
Morton, JamesMSSNApr 1, 1980 – Aug 31, 1993s-2 galleyofficers mess, crews mess
Lepordo, TonyRM3Jun 1980 – Jun 1982She was a great ship with a great crew, Shipmates drop me a line, Morgan, Behan, Saenz,lackey, younger,lacombre, where are you guys. remember thailand and the PI, good old subic bay.
Brower, RonaldE3Jun 4, 1980 – Mar 19, 19822 nd saintsNo thank you.
Van Pelt, Arnold C.HT2Jun 15, 1980 – Jun 14, 1983Had Great times abroad stationed on Blue Ridge. Where are you guys? HT2 Rose, Ht2 Obrian Ht2 King hell I named my son after you BRENT. 30 Years has deposited me in Mentor Ohio ( CLEVELAND ) working for a Large Excavating Co. Takecare Friend
Floyd, KenRM3Jun 30, 1980 – Jul 1, 1982Staff
McWilliams, DaleE7 RETIREDJul 1980 – Jul 19, 19827th Fleet Comm
Gustavo, Gus FigeacMU3 GUS FIGEACAug 14, 1980 – Sep 17, 1982COMSEVENTHFLT BANDBest two years of my Navy carreer even with "Bucky" and big Lerma around. Chief Pete was the best leader the Navy music program has ever known; thanks for the leadership and inspiration.
Connelly, ScottBM2Sep 1980 – 1983First
Kennedy, JohnDP2Sep 10, 1980 – Sep 10, 1983ODWhat memories we had back in the day! Remember the GONZ!
Bray, ChrisMSSA-MS2Oct 1980 – Apr 1984Flag MessSome of the best times of my life. Now my son is in the Navy.I'm proud and grateful to have served. So many memories! Bides, Balan, Zamora, Romey,Barry C, where are you guys? I hope my son enjoys his Navy time as much as I did mine.
Edwards, MichaelMS3Oct 1980 – Oct 1983Supply Divisiongood day finally I'm being connected with the boys of USS blue ridge from 1980-83 this is Michael Edwards MS3 did you see I was a cook I'm doing well been at my job for 18 years alpha glass company I miss you guys.
Friedman, SethIS2Oct 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1982IntelBest fleet, best ship, best division, best shipmates, and best ports of call on any ship. Best education I ever recieved. I am lucky to have served on her, and grateful for the opportunity.
Choffel, JimOS2Oct 15, 1980 – Oct 25, 1983OIOI Raver's are #1 Great times great people. Hong Kong what a place. How many day's till the I. Great memorys and Japan never forget the best times.
Choffel, JimOS2Oct 15, 1980 – Oct 15, 1983OI
Speirs, Chris/devoDS2Nov 10, 1980 – Dec 10, 1984operations
Calanchini, HenryFTM3Dec 1980 – Jul 1984WeaponsI'd like to find Gunnersmate Greg Hill. I have a copy of his shellback certificate that I would like to return to him. It would be cool to reconnect with any other friends from those years
Hill, MarkQM3Dec 1980 – Dec 1982C7F Staff, Schedules OfficeStaff was the greatest. Tom, Al, Frank, Dave, Mark and the rest, we had many good times. Going to "Mast" wasn't that bad, it didn't hurt my career.
Borden, JimRM2Dec 3, 1980 – Sep 10, 1985CR/CTMike Toney good to see u guys on this page what u been doing for the past 20 yrs..the ZOO was the best of the 20 yrs i did in the Nav hey Toney TEAM SPIRIT 82 EA TAI WAN UNIA YEEEEEEEE HOPE TO HEAR FORM U GUYS JIM
Behan, MikeRM3Dec 10, 1980 – Dec 4, 1984CRSaw The World with the Blue Ridge. Had Lots of fun.
Taylor, JamesCPL/E-4Dec 19, 1980 – Jun 20, 1983MARDET
Whitley, TonyE3 seamanDec 21, 1980 – Jul 31, 1983Admincalifornia living
Lyle, TonyDS21981 – 1985OE
Cook, KevinOS1981 – 1983OIOne of the best ships to ever serve on. Lots of liberty, numerous ports of call and only a little trouble. To the "Ravers" of OI Division... Thanks for the memories, enough to last a couple lifetimes!!!
Behler, EricOS21981 – 1983OIGo Raivers!
Murphy, GregSN1981 – 19832ndWish I could place an old head on those young shoulders but then I would lose what I have gained today by the lessons of the losses of yesterday.
Lyle, TonyDS31981 – 1985OD DivisionWould like to get in touch with old friends.
Bracha, Rick profile iconE-4/RM31981 – 1985ComLooking for shipmates who were embarked aboard the ship from 81-85
Strook, Scott Aka(john Smith)MS31981 – 1983s5had a boatload of fun and not much money as i recall, as we never spent long peroids at sea like other ships. yet we hit alot of ports
Sigler, TimSM1981 – Dec 1982Signalman
Kitchens, GeraldSM1981 – 1983Signalman / Navigation
Poynter, RobertGYSGT USMC1981 – 1983Marine Security DetachmentNCOIC
Koehler, TomDS2Jan 2, 1981 – Jan 2, 1984OD
O'Dell, Kevin 'Odle'DP3Feb 1981 – Jan 1983ODLooking for OD Division shipmates
Held, MarkQM2Feb 1, 1981 – Nov 15, 1984navigationthe blue ridge was the best liberty ship in the navy. i always wanted to be the first one of the ship and the last one to come back onboard, and i"ll pay someone to take my dutyday. my seadaddy QMSM Kenny Wilson was the coolest in 7th flt
Van Winkle, JoeBM3Feb 10, 1981 – Nov 10, 1984firstfound the site just checking in
Hill, GmcE5/GMG2Mar 1981 – May 1984weapons1st ship would like to hear from anyone in weapons division. Remember Chief Sams. Anyone from the old missile house gang please give me a holler. Retired from navy in 2000 back in Missouri. Not much navy hear.
Shaffer, SteveRM3-RM2Apr 1981 – Sep 1985CRa great ship. had a wonderful tour. a lot of great friends and memories
McCauslin, Scott (Doc)HM3Apr 1981 – Jun 1983MedicalSpic and Span all the time! What can you expect for Com7Fleet's Ship?! Miss Capt. Chamberlain, thou.... He expected everyone to work hard and follow the rules, but, he played hard, too. Overall, a pretty nice guy.
Eastburg, DaveOS2Apr 10, 1981 – Mar 24, 1986OIShout out to all OI Ravers. Anybody still out there?
McNally, Stephen (Mac)ISSA-IS3May 1981 – May 1983IntelWhat a great way to start what turned out to be a great 20 year Navy Career! Made some great friends on Blue Ridge and still stay in contact with a few today, having been able to reconnect through Facebook.
Walters, StephenE-5Jun 9, 1981 – Nov 16, 1983IntelI sure had fun
Laciste, Patrick (Pat)DP3Jul 1981 – Jun 1982IntelBest command in the Navy. Would love to have spent more time on her. Made great memories and lifelong friendships.
Brown, Joseph profile iconOSJul 15, 1981 – Mar 3, 1983OIHello OI Ravers. I did have a wonderful time and aboard the Big Blue, and enjoyed the friends I remember, Dave, Jerry , Mike, Spaz? , and Jim. Just saying a hello to anyone remember me.
Taylor, VanceDP3Aug 1981 – Dec 1983ODLooking for other shipmates from the DP crew, or ship's softball team.
Leffler, TerryMM2Aug 1981 – Aug 1983A-GangWorked in A/C & R shop. Fresh air....only way to go...
Reid, KenIS2/IS1Aug 1981 – Jul 1983Intelligence
Taylor, VanceE5/DP2Aug 1981 – Jan 1984OD
Rogers, JonathanIS3Sep 1981 – Sep 1983Intel
Seeto, WilliamDP3Sep 10, 1981 – Jun 28, 1983ODI remember the guys listed, Jack, Vance, and Kevin. Kept in-touch with a couple that haven't registered with this site. DP3 Mike Williams is no longer with us.
Williams, BillMMFA THRU MM2Sep 18, 1981 – Apr 4, 1988EMO1 EngineroomSpent all but 10 months in M-Division. The 10 months I spent in the A/C & R Shop A-Division. Looking for a few shipmates. Hi ROCKY!
Maxwell, MichaelAGAR-AG3 E-1 - E-4Oct 1981 – Dec 15, 1984Flag Weather Office N30W, N31WLooking for flag weather personnel..... and anyone from forward staff berthing
Tipton, KeithRM2Oct 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983CommunicationIt was an honor to serve our great country on the USS Blue Ridge. I have great memories serving with my shipmates while having the opportunity to visit some beautiful countries. Long live the 7th Fleets finest ship.
Collis, Charles Bubba Jeen MM1-MMCOct 15, 1981 – Nov 15, 1986To all of you who said I'd never survive Subic Bay SRF Come Visit me @ Bubba's Place 1-2-7 Yasuura Cho, Yokosuka, Japan Plan on opening a Bubba's BBQ in Bagdad soon as we get the place under control WTF is Bumgarner
Shaffer, Kennedy (Leon)PC2Oct 17, 1981 – Oct 19, 1984XMy 1st duty station and was the best!!! Enjoyed port calls all over Pacific. Made great friends but lost contact. Looking for Ross Woody, Jr and Henry E. Glen, two best friends!
Zyph, KarlHNNov 1981 – Oct 1983Medical
Hall, DjSNNov 1, 1981 – Dec 1, 19832ND DIV
Hornbuckle, WayneMS3Nov 20, 1981 – Sep 10, 1984supplymain galley, cheifs mess wardroom
Sims, AdrianOS1Dec 1981 – Sep 1983OICrossdecked from USS Oklahoma City. Was on board just weeks awaiting reenlistment orders to USS Lockwood. Returned in 1981 for two year tour. Great times steaming in 7th Fleet and great friends too.
Roberts II, Chancellor CarlyleRPSR TO RP3Dec 1981 – Dec 1983XThe "pregnant guppie," as some of us used to call the Blue Ridge, was my first duty station following RP "A" school. After the Blue Ridge I went to the staff of COMDESRON 23 out of San Diego.
Barbour, GlenRM2Dec 6, 1981 – Oct 23, 1983CommunicationsIt was an honor to serve aboard the USS Blue Ridge. I worked with numerous guys that had the same goal of honor and service toward our country. We traveled to very nice places to do protocol and show the flag.
Austin, PaulSNDec 7, 1981 – Dec 10, 1983Deck/Intel/AdminThirty years ago.....Man! I wonder how Chief Wood's bar is doing?

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