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USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1137 crew members registered for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).

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Burkholder, LloydDK31977 – 1979Supply Great time
Noonan, William "bill"JO11977 – 1978X-2 (PAO)Best of all 6 ships's I served in. It was a pleasure working with the Pro's of X-2 Div. The 1st Class Mess was also tops in the Fleet. After retiring I was editor of several civilian newspapers.
Erlacher, MarkElectrician1977 – 1980E DivisionMy one and only ship while on active duty. Was on board when she changed homeports from San Diego to Yokuska.
Creen, TerryBM21977 – 19812NDnothing but good memories, had an incredible time, made good friends and am proud and honored to have been part of it
Russo, JeffBM31977 – 19801stLooking for shipmates.. Want to see if you're all still alive and kicking!
Rance, Garyms31977 – 1979supply
Folger, James (Bowser)Second Class Petty Officer-PH2Jan 1977 – Jun 1979X-2I miss BIG Blue and the crew!
Garner, BobPN2Jan 1, 1977 – Mar 25, 1980X-1What a career changing command....seemed like all we did was clean and deploy. Did make some good friends though.
Schriever, Robert (Bob)SAJan 10, 1977 – Jan 2, 1979Deck/1ST77-79 two of the most fun years of my life, I just wish I would have taken life a little more seriously, but at 17 it was mostly about having a good time. To the dudes still here, have a great life.
Jim, KnuffEW3Feb 1977 – 1978OpsI remember all my great friends, Bear, Beastie, Daniel, charlie. Love you guys.. I also remeber my nemesis an EW chief named eberhart or something to that effect, does anyone else remember him?
Blair, PhillipRMSNMar 1, 1977 – Jun 28, 1979CommunicationLoved the 2 westpacs I went on. Also Acapulco!! yee haw, Portland Rose Festival. Tiger cruise from Manila to Subic!! Taiwan, Hong Kong tatoos. Would love to hear from anyone. Hated waxing passageways. remember bug juice? Dial a Sailor?
Patterson, RoyRM2Mar 15, 1977 –commGood times with shipmates. Great liberty. The WWII Bomb found in berm across from head of Drydock shortly after changing Homeport to Yokosuka.
Young, CharlieEW1Apr 1977 – Apr 1979OperationsBlue Ridge was my last ship - finally made Shellback after 6 years!
Davidson, Robert ( Cowboy )OS2Apr 1, 1977 – Oct 26, 1980OIA good few years. Got tired of hearing on the Ok City we did it this way. Well on the Big Blue we did it our way.
Dawson, JamessnMay 1977 – Sep 1980first division deck dept.had some great times and good memories. It was a tough life style but wouldn't change any of it. Learned a lot. No regrets. Proud to have served. Smooth sailing. Jim [ Duke] Dawson
Richards, MickPH3May 1977 – May 1977X2
Pickett, Joel profile iconIS1Jun 1977 – Sep 1979IntelGreat times. SSO/SAO, watch supervisor, SNOOPIE team, road runner team, OOD. Rioe ship to Japan for homeport change. Softball with Deck Apes, then Ship's Championship team.
Harder, JohnSGTJun 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979Marine Detachment This was the best assignment ever had in the 8 Yrs. of my tour of duty.
Parker, BruceMS3Jun 15, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979S2I worked in all aspects of the Mess Managment Department on the "Tilton Hilton"including the Captain's Mess.
Ingram, GeneDS3Jul 15, 1977 – Mar 15, 1979ODWhere are all the Data System Techs? I had a lot of good times and friends on the Blue Ridge. I made two West Pacs. If any of the guys are out there get ahold of me.
Deatherage, StevenSAAug 1977 – Feb 19792ndBig Blue was my first Comand
Kottas, DonaldLI 3Aug 1977 – Jun 1979X 2What a blast working with all the great guys in the print shop and photo lab , some of the best times of my life
Phillips, TomMS3Aug 10, 1977 – Jul 2, 1979SupplyServing on board gave me some of the happiest memories of my life. Compared to other ships, Blueridge was a floating hotel. I still remember some of the great guys I served with.
Calder, G. Brent "Tig"AG2Sep 1977 – Dec 1979Navigation
Kay, RobertDP2Sep 10, 1977 – Sep 25, 1979IntelligenceMade two deployments before leaving due to change of home port from San Diego to Yokosuka. Had lots of fun and great friends. Made DP1 just before leaving.
Kanyusik, JimPN2Nov 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1979XGreat ship / good times - with ship when we visited San Francisco, and Portland. Also, at least two WESTPACS and was on board when we assumed the Flag of the 7th Fleet. Worked with PN1 Marshall, PN3 Fred Burke.
Babbitt, MarkFTG3Nov 20, 1977 – Feb 18, 19803rd
Gabbart, EricSK 31978 – 1979S-1
Carman, BobPH31978 – 1980X2I was a photographer on the Blue Ridge for 3 years. Also Played alot of softball for the ships team, The OtherTeam. Always had a blast playing Softball in all the different Countries. Let me know if you were on the team or the Photo Lab
Edlen, SteveMM21978 – 1981MJust looking for ship mates from m div from 1978 to 1981
Dozier, JamesDSC--DSCM1978 – 1981ODSpent almost a third of my Navy carree on the Blue Ridge. I really enjoyed my time and would like to contact any DS that searve with me.
Heller, Mattftm21978 – 19833rd/weaponslooking for people to show up for a reunion, 3/9/2013 to 3/13/2013
Patterson, KennethSK3Jan 1978 – Jun 1979S1
Mosher, SteveJan 1978 – Apr 1980OEGreat Ship and Mates
Van Deusen, CharlieMM2Jan 1978 – Sep 1979A GangHad a great time on the Blue Ridge worked in a gang and the engine room after steering and diesel generators
Lask, VernOS2/OS1Feb 15, 1978 – Nov 21, 1982OI Div
Gordon, DavidDT2Mar 1, 1978 – Mar 15, 1978Dental/MedicalI survived on of the worst typhoons in the history of the ship, while in the Pacific on this ship. The ship invited some of us Navy Corpsman from Camp Kuwae (now the USNRMC hospital, renamed Camp Lester after medal-of-honor winner) for a 2 week trip.
Urrutia, Ron (Mr. U)O-2EMar 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1979Asst Commo; Tech Control OfficerGreat crew, good time, work hard/play hard. Best Antenna gang and tech control in the Pac Fleet. Always miss the good times and reflect on the bad. Naturally shipmates who endure time.
Bristow, RandyEW3Mar 20, 1978 – Aug 18, 1980OPSLots of memories and friends. Beasty, Charlie, Dale and Jim.
Banghart, JimDP2Jul 1, 1978 – Oct 14, 1981IntelHad a lot of fun on the Blue Ridge. Drove for the DAT team for a year and that was fun too. Just wished I had made it to Australia.
Hensley, BillOS3Oct 1978 – Jun 1979OICouldn't get off of this ship(or out of the Navy) fast enough..
Dodd, Dean profile iconFTM2Nov 1978 – Aug 1979FOn board until just after Home port change to Yokosuka

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