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USS Essex (LHD 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Essex (LHD 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 433 crew members registered for the USS Essex (LHD 2).

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Castaneda, FrankBM3Jan 11, 2001 – Aug 5, 20051st deckhated the place but the people were cool but now im enjoying school and civilian life.
Castaneda, FrankE3Jan 11, 2001 – Sep 25, 20051st deckwho is that other guy dont know but its not me my adress is
Serrano, RomelBMSNJan 11, 2001 – Jan 11, 20051st
Capellupo, TonyCM2Jan 20, 2001 – Feb 20, 20051st
Hartwig, JenniferPR2Feb 6, 2001 – Mar 22, 2004AIMD IM2The best damn command I have been to yet!!! Great people and great ports.
MacK, RhunickE-3 FRFeb 21, 2001 – Jun 22, 2003eng hydrulic shopI miss my shop and the fun of being in diffrent countrys and most of all my homies on the ship
Dalton, DavidEM2Mar 14, 2001 – Mar 3, 2003EThe ship was ok The crew were ok The chain of command sucked There was prejudice, because of the amount of pilipion's on board, if you were anything else but from the Philipines you were no good. Sorry but thats just the way it was unfortunate
Teran, VickiE-7/LNCMar 21, 2001 – Feb 2, 2004EXECUTIVEServed as the Independent Duty Legalman onboard.
Samson, MelvinEM2 (SW/AW)May 29, 2001 – Jul 18, 2003A-gang
Porter, AmandaMMFNMay 31, 2001 – Jan 7, 2002MP-1I loved the ship. I regret getting pregnant when I did. Hated the other ship I was on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. But now I have beautiful daughter named Jasmine, and I am getting to graduate from college with an Associate Degree in Social Work.
Collins, RobAC1 (AW)Jun 1, 2001 – Dec 1, 2001TACRON-12TACC SUP
Robinson, SamuelLTJul 29, 2001 – Jan 4, 2004S-3/ S-5Had a great time, learned a lot. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything!!
Dewalt, Jeremy profile iconIC2(SW/AW)Aug 15, 2001 – Jan 13, 2004ECapt. Evans was great! Many awesome memories from ports visited and travels while on leave. Learned a lot about technical stuff from IC1 Mabe and life from IC1 Gordon. Retired 2016. BS(2018)/MS(2020) in Computer Science.
Carter, NicholasE-4/SHNov 10, 2001 – Jun 27, 2005S-3I am ready to deploy to the USS TEX-AS 77627
Watters, Markdc3Dec 2001 – Aug 2003engJust wanted to say hi to all I served with while I was on board the iron gator. Ihad a blast and if anyone has a clue on how to find other people like bowman, seidel. willingham, beltran, or anyone else durning that time
Tice-taylor, BlakeDC32002 – 2005R/ENGThe people I met during my time on stinktown made it worth it. Plus I got to travel to some amazing places and I'll always remember the good and bad that went down. Yo whats up Hickey?
Rice, WayneMM3 (SW/AW)2002 – 2002AuxiliaryGreat Times! Cold Beer or Saki
McAnally, CameronSK2Jan 2002 – Jun 2005S1/S8Fucking loved the "deuce"......Box, Dave, TJ, Dean, and Ronnie I will see you in Vegas..........anyone else hit me up at
Albin, Amanda profile iconBM3Jan 2002 – Jul 20052ndMiss this ship and the Navy more than I could ever imagine!!
Beckwith, Ashley (Kat)BMSNFeb 1, 2002 – May 12, 20031st DeckI miss all of my old friends. If you guys can find me, email me! living in Japan (although short) was a HUGE part of my life. I'm married now, last name is Waterstradt, I have kids, and a great family. All thanks to the USS ESSEX.
Bumolo, RobertCSSNMar 1, 2002 – Mar 1, 2004S2Had a lot of good and bad times. Over all I should of stayed.
Hickey, ChristopherDC3Apr 23, 2002 – Nov 12, 2005I learned a lot on the Essex. The ship wasn't bad but the way the chain of command in Engineering conducted business left something to be desired. Piss-poor planning combined with Micro-management at times made life hell. But it is what you make
Metzos, JET2Jun 2002 – Jun 2004Chain of command here is terrible. No sense of order. Low standards. Terrible command climate. Captain is lazy. Ship is a reflection of him, IMO
Jose M. Genis Gonzalez, GenisE-4Jun 26, 2002 – Jul 14, 2006R-divhated it but I made good friends
Adams, HeatherQM3Jul 2002 – Jan 4, 2007NAV
Johnson, RandyENS-LTJGJul 1, 2002 – Jul 15, 2005CRaka "Will"
Lopez, JoseE-6/MM1Aug 22, 2002 – Oct 1, 2005
Sullivan, Scottic3Sep 2002 – 2006combat
Hines, DustinE-2/E-3Oct 10, 2002 – Oct 11, 2004deck 1Well life since the stressex has been better than most maybe but i am still kicking and livin life, just trying to find some old
Pyle, StevenAMANOct 23, 2002 – Oct 23, 2007AIMDmy contact information is
Turner, PaulE3/EW/CTTOct 25, 2002 – Nov 1, 2005OPS/OTSome of the best times of my life.
Huertas, AhzerAHZER HUERTASFeb 3, 2003 – Feb 26, 2005MP-2, A-Gang, SUPPLYi enjoyed being in Japan most of all. All I want to say is that I really hated being in engineering.
Arthur, ChrisE7/OSCFeb 4, 2003 – Oct 1, 2005OIPut on Chief on ESSEX. Made the 8 month deployment and some good memories, and friends.
Baker, MaryABF/QM3Mar 19, 2003 – Mar 1, 2006AIR V-4 / OPSI hated that damm ship. but a few people made it the best time i evr had i donno what i would have done with out them... i miss you guy you should know who you are... e mail me at
Balderas, AbrahamABH3Apr 9, 2003 – May 30, 2006V-1
Cuevas, LauraE-4/CSJun 6, 2003 – Jun 14, 2006S-2 Great experiences, meet alot of good people. and I got to see alot of places... Would I go bk??? No..that phase of my life is something that now i put in the past so now I have to move on and go to a different path....No regrets!!!
McKee, ShaunMM3Jul 4, 2003 – Mar 2005ENG AIt was fun and ok on board the Essex but Eng chain of command wasn't always right. I had a few friends you know who you are. To those still serveing party on.
Poff, PatrickCS3Aug 2003 – Feb 2004DeckWell I wasn't on the Essex for very long but I still have some fond memories of being on that ship. I am trying to find some people that served with me. If anyone remembers me. contact me. I was always the biggest goon on the ship.
McGregor, IanMM2Aug 1, 2003 – Oct 27, 2008ENG/MP-1
Armstrong, JasonIT2(SW)Oct 1, 2003 – Feb 25, 2007CIBest, but certainly the most challenging, time of my life.
Shields, RichardABHDec 1, 2003 –V-1The Iron Gater
Tao, IvySNDec 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 20062nd/ deckbeen to many places hope to see more
Olmedo, MarcelaQM3(SW/AW)Dec 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 2006Navigation
Monto, AaronMM3Dec 12, 2003 – May 12, 2011If you can keep up with the pace and the BS it isn't that bad. Travel the world and always meet new people. I learned alot and had twice as much fun.

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