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USS Nassau (LHA 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nassau (LHA 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1001 crew members registered for the USS Nassau (LHA 4).

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Hays, BrianMM21992 – 1994A-Gang AC&Rglad it's over but don't regret it.Had a blast. A-gang never got any respect.Hey, Wilk, Draughn, Dickerson, MR1 Alt., Z-man... holla back.
Nace, JeffABH SOMETHIN1992 – Jan 2, 1996V-1Not quite sure exactly when I got there, but I sure as hell remember leaving!!!!!!!
Malzahn, JohnMALZAHN1992 – 1994andStrange Asignment with this command, Took over A-Div as an ICC (SW) until a replacement could be located. Just had to enjoy the Cheng, for having it all together for sure. thanks CDR K.
Blackmon, JodyOS21992 – 1996OI
Wheeler, TimOS 21992 – 1994OIBOWERS
Blackmon, JodyOS21992 – 1996OI
Vo, Nhan (Neon)YN3Jan 1992 – Jun 1995AdminTHANKS FOR THE EVERLAST FRIENDSHIPS: J.Diaz, T.Gilmore, R.Manaois, G.Smith, D.James AND MEMORIES: J.Clark, S.Thomas, Gooch, R. Pierce, S.Hieghton, R.Griffin, F.Allen, Woodfin, Woods and all others not mentioned but always to be remembered
Dubey, HomerMM3Jan 1992 – Apr 1995MP 2Miss the guys from the MP divisions and the many good times aboard the Top Gator
Benford, RobertSNJan 12, 1992 – Oct 1, 19932nd DeckAnyone from Deck Dept from 92-93 please email me.
Hackett, Jeff Encino ManE4Jan 15, 1992 – Jul 15, 1995engineeringon my way to worlds strongest man
Lawson, Thomas ABH -ANJan 20, 1992 – Jan 20, 1994V-1Loved my time and coworkers an experience I always cherished Gary Vaughn and petty officer Phillips I will never forget and also LT Gilligan
Peve, JeffreyOS3Feb 7, 1992 – Jul 12, 1995OIIt was a good time boys.
Harris, JamesE-3Feb 11, 1992 – Feb 11, 1994ordnance
Gaither, JimOS2Mar 1, 1992 – May 1, 1995OI
Wampler, JasonE-2Mar 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 2004Deck
Shumard, JasonOS2Apr 1992 – Jul 1995OI
Smith, GregoryYNC(SW)Apr 1, 1992 – May 5, 1994ADMINGreat ship, outstanding CPO Mess and crew.
Smith, AlexIC 3Apr 10, 1992 – Sep 25, 1995engineering
Smith(smitty), TonyIT3Apr 15, 1992 – May 15, 1996CommCRhad a great time with everyone i served with there. Hit me back. Spence, avery, phillips, miller, shamheart, kehoe, chief willson, and callaghan, moss, johnson, hunter, bass,
Honablew, Shawn (Blue)AO/ E-3Apr 19, 1992 – Aug 26, 1995CAGo Top Gator! I had some very good friends and now that I look back on it some great time. Miss you Nassau (sometimes!)
Smith, IvanE-3Jun 1992 – Sep 19, 1994DECK DEPARTMENT
Johnston, Charles (Buzz)ABH/ANJul 1992 – Feb 14, 1994V3Greetings all. Didnt spend but 1.5 years on that tub but it was an experience I wont forget. Would love to hear from some old shipmates from that time. I am now a PA State Corrections Officer so still in uniform whether I like it or not!
Crans, MitchelBM3Jul 1992 – 1996Deck Dept. 1st DivisionBMOW3 MED CRUISE 1995 BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA ADRIATIC GATOR SQUARES
Hess, DanielFCC(SW/AW)Jul 1, 1992 – Jul 30, 1997CFExcellent ship; was sorry to see them remove the GFCS (my forte').
Griffin, RonYN3Jul 1, 1992 – Dec 17, 1993AdminAdmin was a great TEAM! From the Capt Office to the Print shop - Chief, Vo, Franklin, Clark, Washington, Chief Herring, Thanks for everything! Vo - especially!
Ansbach, RobE-5/DS2Jul 12, 1992 – Oct 3, 1996CD
Saunders, IanABF3Jul 30, 1992 – Apr 14, 1996v-4Mardi Gras was the hightlight of that tour.Still in norfolk a disabled vet now Navy retired me in '03.
Hogan, KwameAO3Aug 1992 – May 1994ORDI grew up on the NASSAU. I enjoyed mardi gras and the trip to boston. I left the NASSAU to play football. I also enjoyed the shipyards in portsmouth. Anyone from the old shop get with me.
Marshall, AaronABH3Aug 23, 1992 – Apr 20, 1996V-1 Second to None!Two Mardi Gras cruises Fleet Week Med Cruise Rico Dear lord we raged up and down this planet! It's great to see the comments from the old timers that served back in the day. I'll never forget the last time I walked the brow for the last
Thrasher, EricABHANSep 14, 1992 – 1995V-1 Crash & Salvage/Air OpsWhat an adventure on board the NASSAU! Met lots of friends, I still keep in touch w/ today. Hated to see NASSAU decom'd in11'. Sorry I missed it. Left Active duty 96' to Active Res. Chg rates & left as HM2 in 03'
Johnson, PaulSN 3Oct 1992 – Jul 1994deck 2ndlooking for anyone in deck department 92-94
Brown, GaryE-3/BMSNOct 1992 – Jul 1996Deck Dept.
Rosenholtz, Jeffrey (Rosie)ABH3Oct 1992 – Jul 1996V1I have very fond memories of my time serving aboard the USS Nassau. Would love to re-connect with some of my old shipmates and reminisce about the "old days".
Barnes, JamesMS3Nov 17, 1992 – Oct 23, 1997S2Nassau - NEVER A SET SCHEDULE ALWAYS UNDERWAY TOP GATOR
Williams, JohnABF2Nov 19, 1992 – Apr 5, 1997V-4Spent about 4 1/2 years aboard big nasty, found a new family in V-4 and we set the sea's on fire all my brothers from another it again if I had the youth.
Crain, Avery W.RM3Dec 8, 1992 – May 6, 1994Comm/CRGreat group of guys - Hope the command in the comm shack has improved. After the "ship-life" experience, college was a breeze.
Brancazio, Rick (Bronco)RM!1993 – 1996
Ihm, Todde31993 – 1995USS Nassau
Barnes, JamesMS3Jan 1993 – Nov 18, 1996mess managementthanks for all the great times we ahd in the bake shop and galley,looking fwd to hearing from ya!
Stovall, DwightAbhanJan 1993 – Sep 1994V3Enjoyed my time onboard. Wish I would’ve stayed in the Navy at times. Had a blast serving with the people onboard at the same time. Miss the ole Nassau
Rushlow, JerryMSSNJan 1993 – Aug 19, 1994S2, S5Great times times guy, Marti Gras, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Boston.. I did my best partying aboard the Top Gator. Lets not forget that engine room fire, to all of those with me in main engine damage control.
Perez, ChrisAAJan 1993 – 1994V 1
Touchet, ChrisBM3Jan 1993 – 1995Deck
Silver, ShawnE-4/BT3Jan 1, 1993 – Jun 28, 1997MP-1 / MP-2Hello former shipmates...Had great time when I served aboard the top gator. I am now in the U.S. Army and serving in Iraq. Love to get letters and e-mails.. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Bolick, Larry (Big Bo)MM2Jan 2, 1993 – Jul 3, 1998A Gang AC/RI want to say hey to BrianHays, JasonLowry, MikeChavarria, ChrisThomas, ChristianLong, TexDonahue,Byrne, Valador, Melchor, JJGamble,Ben Griffin Duke, Horton, Holloman, Eberly, Reeves, SteveTaylor, Eric Colvin, Stern, MMCS Jordan, Rudy,many many more.
Petitt, BobbyRM3Feb 1993 – Jul 1994CommDebo, Avery and PMoney- senior Chief Jones ... what more can I say?!!!
Gilman, StephenEN-3/E-4Feb 13, 1993 – Jul 26, 1996Diesel Shop/AC&R/AssaultAnybody from these time frames remember me.Love to here from you.E-mail me at or give me a call at 207-322-4029
Sudhoff, Eric "Omar"E-3Mar 1993 – Aug 22, 1995Deck 1stHey, Looking fo r shipmates from the NASSAU deck dept. If you can remember, I was the tall guy with the tattoos on my arms. My rack was next to BM1 Wolfe. Get ahold of me!
Divine, Jeremy/booderE-4/DC#Mar 1993 – Nov 25, 1996Repair
Serrano, Melvin "coo Coo"SNMar 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1994Deck 1stI must admit that I hated to be always underway, but hanging with all you guys made it a little better. Being a sailor was a life changing experience.
Goyen, DanBT3Apr 1993 – Jan 1997MP2/EB14Lots of great times onboard! Best thing I've done in my life is join the Navy. 2nd best thing was getting out. Miss the guys from MP2/MP1, oil lab, and you too Larry Bolick.
Richmond, PhilipE3Apr 1993 – Sep 1995deck
Lowry, JasonMM3Apr 1, 1993 – Mar 11, 1996A-GangLooking for the remainder of the "4 Bad Seeds". Like to say Hi to all of the guys. 281-282-0175
Wright, WillABF-3Apr 9, 1993 – Nov 10, 1997V-4I see a few familar names.Drop me a line be cool to here from someone from the old days.
Burgett, ChristopherDC1Apr 15, 1993 – May 18, 1994Eng/R
Bassitt, Scott "Skippy"EW3May 1993 – Oct 1997Combat Systems
Eberly, JoeE-5/EM2May 1993 – May 1997Baby!Jury-rigged, overpainted, overworked, underappreciated, always underway tin can, but a good time nonetheless
Akers, SteveCTO1May 1993 – Jun 1995OSHi to everyone still in JIC and SSES...
Bassitt, Scott "skippy"EW3May 1993 – Oct 15, 1997Combat SystemsHad some good times on the Nassau. We had some interesting experiences, too...breaking away from the pier and sinking a tug boat, breaking the flight deck elevator. Our first two captains were good, but then we hit the Wall.
Mitchell, John (Mitch)IC3May 1993 – Sep 10, 1996Engineering
Eggeman, ChadABH3May 1993 – Feb 1997V1 Crash & SalvageAnyone else from the C&S team?
Reed, TimothySH3(SW)May 1, 1993 – Oct 27, 1996S-3Good Ship, lots of good times enjoyed NYFleet week.Med cruise was cool....Sh3 porter drop me an email.....Any info on DCC David Letneger?????
Heinrich, Steve aka "Skate"ABF3/E-4May 6, 1993 – Oct 31, 1997V-4/AIRHad some really great times on the 'Ol Nasty with an interesting buch of guys, no one in real life has matched up. Still keep in touch with a few from back then, be cool to hear from more.
Eggeman, ChadABH3May 23, 1993 – Feb 7, 1997V-1 Crash and SalvageWorking the flight deck was great, but after leaving I became a corpsman in the reserves.
Thomas, ChrisBT3Jun 1993 – Jun 1996MP2Would love to hear from some old shipmates from MP1 and MP2. Anyone seen Jones?
McCullouch, Charles (Ed)DC1Jun 1993 – Sep 1995RTo those who remember, the work and days often seemed to never end but we got thru it all in one piece. From standing watches to fire drills, who could ask for a better time
Murphy, JimHM3Jun 1, 1993 – Apr 16, 1996MedicalEnjoyed many goods times all over the world with great people.
Weedon, DouglasE-5/ET-2Jun 1, 1993 – Nov 7, 1995CE
Aultman, MichaelE-4Jun 7, 1993 – Sep 22, 1994Hull Technican ShopEnjoyed going to Mardi Grasin 1994,Harborfest in Boston in 1994.Off the coast of Haiti in 1993 and Roosevelt Roads in 1993.
Williams, Earl "Will"CTA1Jul 1993 – Jul 1996OZN.A.S.S.A.U. (Never A Set Schedule Always Underway).
O'Brien, TimothyAC2Jul 1993 – Oct 1994OC/HDC
Smith, NeilABF2Jul 1993 – Oct 1995V-4I showed up as a 3rd class, and put on 2nd in July '95. At some point I ended up as belowdecks ALPO after ABF2 Ragusa left. Helluva lot of good memories there.
Cochran, KevinABHANJul 5, 1993 – Jul 5, 1995V-1Thanks for the memories Nassau. Mardigras, med cruise one terrific time!
Mattera, MichaelAMSANJul 5, 1993 – Nov 26, 1996AIMDI loved being in the NAVY!!! Senior Chief Duffy and Master Chief Pedigo were the best! Thanks for going to my wedding! The only AMSAN to be in charge of Repair locker 2 after 1st Class Petty officer Brown retired from the Navy.
Martell, MichaelBMSNJul 10, 1993 – Apr 19, 19951st DeckHey fellow deck apes, one and all, send me a note when you get this. Jimmy, Roland, etc....
Porter, MarshallSH3Aug 27, 1993 – Jul 26, 1996S-3Looking back almost 7 years after leaving the Nassau,I have nothing but great things to say.I still have friends from when I served,and the 6 month deployment was something I'll always remember.Best ship in the fleet!
McGuigan, JackAECSSep 1993 – Sep 1996AIMD
Hamrick, RichE-3Oct 1993 – Jul 7, 19951stI guess over the years you only remember the good times. lol If anyone out there from deck department remembers me, drop me a line. Jason White, Tom Sullivan, Jimmy French, Terry Miller, Rob Files; get a hold of me if you see this guys.
Staley, ShaneE-2Oct 1993 – Sep 1995IC - Engineering
Counterman, DanE-4/DP3Oct 5, 1993 – Oct 5, 1996Deck/S7Enjoyed my time while I was on the Nassua, now seeing if I can find some people I use to know
Jones, Erik NEN-3Nov 1993 – Jan 1996EngineeringOriginally assigned to MMR 1, then transfered to Engineman Shop. Does anyone still know a ENCS Poulin or EN-1 RAY?
Garton, J. Carl C.SH3Nov 1993 – Oct 1998S-3From the barbershop (Sign in and sit down) to the ship's store (there are too many in here right now, wait) to the vending machines (Yes this p-way is secured) to the ship's laundry/dry cleaning good times...
Sills, MarvinDP2Nov 1993 – Jun 1997S-7/SNAP
Mitchell, CharlieADANNov 20, 1993 – Aug 16, 1997AIMD

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