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USS Saipan (LHA 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saipan (LHA 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1309 crew members registered for the USS Saipan (LHA 2).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 | 2000 – 2001 | 2002 | 2003 – 2004 | 2005 – now

Hobbs, MichaelET21978 –Plankowner
Huddleston, TimBT21978 – Jul 1979B
Rogers, Lonnie MouseBT31978 – 1980main propulsionanyone remember going dead in the water during BECCE drills in gitmo, that was thanks to myself and watson.Got meritorious advancement and a ceremony on hanger deck out of that one
Hudgins, BobbyAGCJan 1978 – Oct 1980OA
Sweet, BobAG2Jan 1978 – Jun 1981OA
Pinkerman, Neal "Pinky"EN3Jan 1978 –A GANG and ASSAULTLast Active Comand
Williams, DannySM3Jan 1978 – Aug 1981CSGreat experience. Many Friends
King, MarshallMM3Jan 1978 – Aug 20, 1981AssaultPlayed football for Little Creek Gators-undefeated 2 years. Started a rugby team on a Med cruise-didn't win a game. A couple of you may remember my microbus. US Army Reserve 1986 - 1995, Desert Storm. Miss you all.
Nelson, DavidQMSN - QM2Jan 3, 1978 – Aug 31, 1981NavigationI enjoyed my 3 1/2 Years on Saipan. I later served in the reserves and went to OCS in Newport Rhode Island (for 4 days) and decided that I wasn't a lifer after all. I went to Temple University and have worked for FDIC for 22 Years.
Foster, MarkBT 2Jan 11, 1978 – Jun 7, 1981MPFwd Engine Room. Remember the first Med Cruise, going through the Suez Canal. The trips to Gitmo, going to Haiti, picking up Cuban refugees.
Moyer, RandyBTFNFeb 1978 – Aug 20, 1981MPHey all shipmates. Glad to see some I know. Does anyone remember I was the first one to report flooding on board, . How about the three that jump over board. Hi jim , chief, remembering all the others.Hope all well
Vancleave, ForrestAMS-1Feb 15, 1978 – Oct 1, 1981AIMDWORKED HARD BUT HAD A GOOD TIME
Taylor, David A.BT-2Mar 1978 – Mar 1980BPlank Owner!
Wilson, Calvin (Big Bird)ABH 3Mar 12, 1978 – Jul 9, 1981V3 then to V1Well to all that sail the high sea's....I have a ball ....seen the world many ports so many women....I live in Philly and I was there went they tow her to the out of port...on way to scarp yard .were Chief Brownlee
Samuelson, Howard "Sam"JO2Mar 28, 1978 – Jun 6, 1981X and OZI am the ship's first journalist, assigned weeks before Ft. Lauderdale. I see YNC Reed has registered. Hutch(ins) too. Gentlemen, you need to contact me. Not sure how I found this site, but from GTMO to Med, I'll never forget my ship, my home.
Briones, EdwardPR2Apr 1978 – Jul 3, 1980AIMDWhat a great crew to have served with. From trapping the tugs through the yards, Norway GITMO, Nicaraugua, the Mariel boat lift. Went reserves and retired CWO3...What a ride!
Anderson, AndyMACM/CWO3, (RET)Apr 1978 – Jan 1980XFirst CMAA with a great MAA gang. Had a great CO (Capt. Fred Johnston) and a great XO (Cdr E.E. White). Had a super time in Ft. Lauderdale and GITMO. Does anyone remember P-Goula and the precom time?
Jeruss, StephenHTFNMay 1978 – Jul 1979RepairLooking back I should have made the Navy my life. I had a lot of good friends there.
Robertson, RobbieHT3May 1978 – Oct 1980EngI was stationed aboard the Saipan during her early years. It was a lot of shakedowns and yard time, but the port calls were great. I hope all my friends are doing well. The Navy has changed a lot since then....
Douglas, GregoryEW3May 1978 – Dec 1979OE
Wilson, Calvin / BigbirdE-3May 4, 1978 – Nov 7, 1982V-1/V-3IT WAS A HELL OF ARIDE . I REMEMBER WENT WE WENT ON OUR FIRST MED. WELL THAT WERE MY LIFE CHANGE ...........
O'Shaughnessy, TomAZ2Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1982ADMIN
Bailey, TomSM3Jun 28, 1978 – Jan 28, 1982signalman
White, KeithBM 1Jul 1978 – Jul 1979LPO 1st
McCormick, RobertAHANJul 1978 – Sep 1980aviation supply
Bailey, Tomsm3Jul 2, 1978 – Jan 28, 1982smjoin in on facebook with me, walt jones, keith hutto
Borek, Walt profile iconIC-2Aug 1978 – Aug 1979E divisionHad some good times with the guys of IC-Gang. I remember going aloft and also pulling kp duty in the Chief's mess.
Grotkier, RichardFTG2Aug 15, 1978 – Jan 4, 1983CF01After carrying an ID for over 26 years and being stationed all over the world I still think back to my day of this grand Lady. I remember the first time I saw her in Norfolk and the Last time in Greece.
Bailey, TomSM3Aug 29, 1978 – Jan 28, 1982communications
Armstrong, JackAG2Oct 1, 1978 – Aug 25, 1980OA
Thompson, KevinSK2Nov 1978 – Jul 1982S-1
La Rue, Mike profile iconBM3 then made BM2 why I was onNov 8, 1978 – Sep 28, 1984Second Div. Boats and SidesJust trying to get in contact with some people from my past. Its been a long time since I seen anyone. To contact me I would like to get in contact with Rob Klein or Charles Manyard..
Person, DavidBM2Dec 24, 1978 – Feb 19, 19822ndBoats Cowswain LCPL, LCM-6 and LCM8-19. I hope they fixed that port accom ladder rigging at the port side port door, almost died one night work on that ladder whilethe ship was underway doing close to 20 knots.
Ford, LannyDS3 (PNA'ED FOR DS2)1979 – 1982OEHad some of the best times of my life aboard the Saipan. Was actually one of the pipefitters for Ingalls and worked on Saipan before joining the Navy and becoming a crew member. OE all the way!!!
Smith, Russell1979 – 19801st battalion 2ndI was one of the marines onboard wit Anorack express, I also boxed onboard,with lt. Breslin, and Capt. Hamilton as my CO. If anybody out their remembers anything, please contact me...
Frederick, BradMS21979 – 1981S-2I was saddened to learn the Saipan was decommissioned last year. I still have many fond memories of the Saipan.
Loder, DavidMR1979 – 1985AWorked in the Machine Shop. Petty Officer Taylor was First Class and MR1m & Lt. Galley was division leader
Faulkenburg, GaryMM31979 – 1983MP Div.looking for my old shipmates from the fwd and aft eng rooms this is faulky am looking for my old friends
O'Dell, Michael????1979 – Aug 1979Deck
Bates, Dave (Buddy)E-31979 – 1981V-1/V-3Bluenose, Shellback
Mabus, WalterRM31979 – 1983CommunicationsEnjoyed all my overseas tours. Lost my Med Cruise jacket over the years. Wish I could find one.
Gilson, DaveIC2Jan 1979 – Nov 1981IC Gang EJust stumbled onto this site and it was really great to recognize some of the names. Had a lot of hard work but really good times aboard. Note to engineers...LOEs and OPPEs?
Myers, DannyAE 1Jan 1979 – Oct 1979AIMD QABest ship and crew. Was the AEQAR and the training assistant for AIMD.
Watson, William / DocMM2Jan 1, 1979 – Oct 22, 1982MM AND Assaultlooking for you knuckle dragging hole snipes between 1978-1982.BT, MM, Anyone that worked in either engine room or assault division.
Mitchell, Mitche4Jan 10, 1979 – Jun 12, 1983v-1wow ,what a ride .,any of the old c&s crew out there,
Vancleave, VanE 6Feb 3, 1979 – Oct 20, 1981AIMDthe one and only saipan
Vancleave, VanAMS-1Feb 9, 1979 – Oct 10, 1981AIMDhelped set up aimd. it was topside. made Saipan's first med cruise.NO CRY BABIES BACK THEN!
Bryan, MikeAT2Mar 1979 – Jul 1982AIMDGood times and not so good when we ran out of water. The beer flowed like water in the ports. Got out and still in civil service as a contracting officer with DoD. Hey Tombstone. Saw your name. How ya doing bud? Still got that tarantula?
Henley, ErnestOS2Mar 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1984OI
Sanders, HarryRm3Apr 12, 1979 – Dec 1980OperationsWas on the freedom flotilla first nato and med cruises of 1980 Worked in radio central with Gary Jackson and Dave Morgan who have posted . I left in 1980 for holy loch scotlamd
Smith, John E. "Smitty"BTFAApr 20, 1979 – Jul 28, 1982MPI served in both Fwd. & Aft. Eng. Rms. I had all good memories. I would like to hear from the guys I served with.
Lukaszewski, DavidEM3May 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981Engineering ElectricalNever thought I would look back and say wow that was one of the best times in my life. Did two MED deployments, went through the canal and took the ride all the way to Kenya and Australia. Good friends and definetly some great times.
Sides, JerryEN2Jun 1979 – Jun 9, 1981AEnjoyed my time on the Saipan. I was in A -Gang. Boat shop.
Johnson, Tom profile iconmmfaJun 19, 1979 – Feb 23, 1982mpI worked in the forward engine room, did two Med. cruises. worked with some great guys. worked hard, played hard. Looking for any old shipmates.
Reed, FredYNC(SW)Jun 30, 1979 – Jul 30, 1984XGreat tour of duty with great shipmates!
Cummings, DonaldJul 1979 – Aug 1981Asst Supply Off
Beach, GordonMM1Jul 1979 – Nov 1982MPUSS Saipan LHA-2 was my first assignment and most memorable. I was a troubled teenager who developed into a young man while serving on board her. The Saipan wow what memories she holds.
Surrency, AliceE-3Jul 10, 1979 – Jul 16, 1979USAF Air Rescue SquadronRemember me "Alice does'nt live there anymore". You all were right the USAF is reconigizing me this year for being the "1st Women to serve on a Naval Combat Vessel in a war zone" I am so honored to have served with you.
Garza, RamiroE-3Jul 11, 1979 – Nov 12, 19801st battalion 8th MarinesI wish I could do my tour all over again. Any fellow Marines, I would like to hear from you. Email is
Mason, Gregabh-3Jul 12, 1979 – Jul 3, 1982V1/V3Where are you PO Gillenwater? Was a memorable time of my Life with a great crew. Still hate the song, "On The Road Again" Upon leaving, I swore in to the United States Army for a 4 year hitch. WOW!
Russell Jr, ThomasABH3Aug 1979 – Sep 1981
Bryant, PhilipLISNAug 1979 – Nov 1981XOI started out in 2nd division, and went to the print shop as a striker. I'm looking for anyone who was aboard at the same time especially those I worked closely with.
Mechling, "Chief"SgtAug 1, 1979 – Dec 1, 1982Weapons Co., 2ndBn 8th MarinesServed aboard USS Saipan twice.. 1st cruise hit and first port was South Hampton England. Awesome. Any other Jarheads out there?? Now my 1st son is a Marine with 1/5..
Cooper, DonaldOS#Aug 9, 1979 – Dec 18, 1982OI01
Vescio, JosephMR-2Sep 1979 – Dec 1980AMain Machine Shop
Schwindt, LouLieutenantSep 15, 1979 – Jan 5, 1982DeckGun Boss
Shoptaw, MichaelAROct 10, 1979 – May 1980AIMDFirst command. I learned so much before going to AE school. I got my Bluenose on the North Atlantic. Did one short yard period. Got transferred just the Cuban boat lift mission. Good times. Great memories.
Lee, General LeeFNOct 15, 1979 – Jan 12, 1982MPJust found out the Siapan has been scrapped ! Wow ! What a shock. I'm looking for my old shipmates from fwd eng rm. Any know what happened to Chuck " Mac " McLaughlin?
Betterley, CliffordOS3Nov 1979 – Aug 1983OI
Rourke, JohnABH E-3Nov 1979 – Jun 1982Crash & SalvageLooking for old friends. Anyone know Patrick Mckissick?
Pelton, RandyE4Nov 1979 – Sep 24, 1981Signalman
Ice, BrianOS2Nov 1, 1979 – Jul 1981OIWas best duty I had
Wright, Gregory L WrightAIRMENNov 5, 1979 – May 10, 1980i was a crewmember for a little time untill i went to a school
Young, DaveBM2 when departed, BMC(SW) Ret. Nov 11, 1979 – Jun 8, 19821st/Sides DivisionEnjoyed my tour on the BEDPAN. She was my first ship and I enjoyed the ride, We were "On The Road Again" Loved being in "Sides Division" with CWO2 Estes, a good man. Chief Poore,BM2 Ski,BM3 Buzz, BM3 Estes, Thanks Guys!
Logan, RobEN2Dec 1979 – Jul 23, 1983A GangI started out in the Steam and Heat shop, and finished in the Boat Shop working for EN1 Rollins. Great memories
Buzzanco, Tracey ( Buzz)BM2Dec 24, 1979 – Aug 31, 1985Deck 2nd, Boats & SidesI had a great time on this ship. I am a member of the 360 club . Would like to hear from anyone that was on the ship from 1979 to 1985 or any other time

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