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USS Ponce (LPD 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ponce (LPD 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 594 crew members registered for the USS Ponce (LPD 15).

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Greene, MikeEM2Feb 1, 1999 – May 13, 2002ElecticalWhats up people. Anyone that remembers me, hit me up on my E-mail. Anyone know IC2 Greer's email or contact info. I've been looking for that guy.
Glaser, MikeMar 1, 1999 – Oct 15, 2003MM
Dubois, JohnQM1Apr 1999 – Jun 2001NNO1GLAD IM GONE I HATED QM3 Atwood
Webb, TonyMM3 (SW)Apr 5, 1999 – Jan 10, 2003A-Div / MP-2
Kilner, EricMM3Aug 26, 1999 – Feb 19, 2001eb1dude whats up? give me a shout out brother. Mike's getting married and you have to be there!
Damminger, MikeHM3Sep 16, 1999 – Dec 20, 2002medicalDid not want to go there but after 3 yrs there i did not want to leave. Made a lot of good friends and miss all of you. Best 3 yrs in the navy with the best crew.
Durocher, Brandon (Alaskan Assassin)SK3Oct 16, 1999 – May 1, 2003S-1Just thought I would say whats up to all I served with! Hope the ship is treating you well. Still Hotter than the gates of Hell??
Williams, Ill Will, CoreySH3Oct 21, 1999 – Apr 8, 2002s-3What's da deal. This is one of the original P-Diddy Pioneers giving his blessings. Keep it gangsta on the diddy.
Ford, Derek, HollywoodMM3Dec 12, 1999 – Jun 18, 2004EBO4What's up fellas, out the navy and workin in rockdale TX at a power plant, can you believe it! Check me out on face book.keep it real, but not too real.
White, Randy profile iconMM12000 – 2003#2 MMRAhoy yall. Looking to get in contact with any of my old shipmates. Feel free to email me or look me up on FaceBook.
Marsula, JohnIT12000 –OPSHello!
Crossley, JasonMM3Jan 18, 2000 – Jul 14, 2003MP
West, Michael "Da Engineman"EN2Feb 4, 2000 – Feb 28, 2003A-GANGWhats up Fellas, wish I could of finished thew last ride with you guys, but Panama City was calling me. Glad I got to know all of you. Hit me up at ,
Brioso, Victor "Mad Cuban"MM3Mar 6, 2000 – Oct 3, 2003mp-2Thanks for all the awsome memories.
Withrow, DavidSHApr 10, 2000 – Feb 23, 2005S3fun times, hard times. I will never forget. Supply till I die.
Miller, Zachary J MillerLTMay 1, 2000 – Jul 31, 2002Main PropulsionHey MP guys...Hope all of you are doing well...look me up on USS WASP...
Little, MarkMM3May 5, 2000 – May 5, 2002ebo4Had fun with every body so if you remember me holla back. if you remember i got kicked out for weed. but im back in columbus oh with 2 kids
Davis Jr, Aaron (Dallas)Mm3(sw)May 18, 2000 – May 18, 2004Mp1I was the coldest BTOW on the P.Diddy with the gold grill from down south. Started at the burnerman and worked all the way up. We had the best crew ever.
Roberts, RodneyEM 2Jul 5, 2000 – Oct 28, 2003E Just want to say hello to all the guys who went through the hard days of EMC Pritchett And to all the crew down in the pit I know how hot you are so quit complaining
Roberts, RodneyEM2Jul 5, 2000 – Oct 27, 2003Anyone who knows me is welcome to contact me at
Conley, Mikemm2Aug 2000 – Sep 2004mp-1
Johnson, Dennis (Buzz)IC2 (SW)Aug 13, 2000 – Feb 11, 2005ERaised as an Engineer and very proud of it. Went through plenty of hell on the boat, but I don't regret it. I miss all you guys in E-div. Keep your heads up and be proud.
Pettyjohn, Omarbm2Aug 28, 2000 – Aug 5, 2003deck
Levels, JeffreySH 3Sep 2, 2000 – Jun 17, 2006SupplyThe Original Proud Lion!
Rose, Rasana/royalE-5/Boatswain'smateOct 15, 2000 – Jun 24, 20042nd. Div
Williamson, JonPC 3 (SW)2001 –Post OfficeHad a great time on board. While looking through the list of shipmates already on here, did recognize some of them. Since leaving the command have been married and widowed and back in school to receive BSBA.
Hass, Jonathane3Jan 1, 2001 – Jan 1, 2003Deck 2ndBeen to war and back. i dream about y'all often. Hope you all are doing well.
Barush, JoshAT3Jan 4, 2001 – Apr 1, 20032nd
Gronberg, TroyLTMar 1, 2001 –Supply
Smsn Degnan, RonnieSM1(SW)Apr 3, 2001 – Jul 26, 2004Navigation NSGreat command! Many good friends on this command. EW3 Lockhart, Baxter, Chad Curnow, Rob Hallmark, YN3 Johnson, YN1 Aponte, Did the 01 booze cruise then the 03 invasion of Iraq deployment.
Vecchione, Michael(mikeyp)SN-GM2May 5, 2001 – Dec 5, 20053RD
Soriano, NeilCTO2(SW)May 8, 2001 – Sep 24, 2001CT DET
Steinbach, FrankLCDRJul 23, 2001 – Jan 6, 2003OPSOMet her in Malta on the 2nd 1/2 of last great Liberty Cruise before 9/11 and left her as she left the pier for OIF. Very tough tour on a 70's ship. Tougher men and women put her to sea skillfully! Sail on!
Kent, JohnOS2Oct 14, 2001 – May 9, 2005OIThis is greatest hell that anyone could ever appreciate!
Wellman Jr, TimothyEM2Oct 15, 2001 – Jul 7, 2004EI can't believe it I miss hell. I miss all you guys I worked with. I know we had some bad times, but many were fun. Thanks for all the great memories. Keep in touch. Your Shipmate, "Wellman"
McCarty, GaryMM3Oct 15, 2001 – Sep 15, 2006ENG/MP1I'm now 28 trying to wrap up my degree, living in good old Mi, gotta love it. To all my old ship mates it was a privilege and an honor to have served with you, hit me up on facebook
Matthews, JustinET2Nov 21, 2001 – Dec 6, 2007OEWas the first sea duty ever. Lot of ruff times, a few good times. A lot of memories that i'd just as soon forget, but some people that i'd like to keep around for a while. Thanks guys. But GOD do i love shore duty... HAHAHAHA
Welch, Kennethmmfn2002 – 2004mp2
Ellis, RonET2/1 (THEN) ETC (NOW)2002 – 2005OE
Adkins, GreyDC3Feb 2002 – Aug 2005RWhat an experience. By far, nothing I've experienced in my life has come close to having such an immense impact on me. I remember the Ponce more vividly than the 4 years I spent in college right after it, what a trip.
Wilson, NatMM3Mar 22, 2002 – Dec 25, 2005MP-2Hot as hell, humid, loud... hated it then, miss it and my friends now. Would'nt trade that time for anything.
Sawchuk, JamesEW 3Mar 25, 2002 – Jun 15, 2004OT OW01This place sucked. I'm glad to be off the Ford Pinto of the Atlantic Fleet.
Sangals, Janzen 'country'E-3Apr 2002 – Mar 2005DeckGood Times
Eaves, BobbyE-4/ABH3May 21, 2002 – May 22, 2006AirThis ship was the 4 year's of my life. I worked on the flight deck and if you ask anyone on that ship they will tell you I was a hard worker. I did my time as expected and i hope you do the same. Don't give up, its just a game. hahaha!
Kahle, DanielCTT2Aug 2002 – Mar 2005OTHad some great friends on the Ponce.

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