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USS Fairfax County (LST 1193) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fairfax County (LST 1193). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 316 crew members registered for the USS Fairfax County (LST 1193).

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Zako, EricBMSN1989 – 1992Deck
Worthley, SteveMS3Jan 1989 – Oct 17, 1992SupplyI always meant to count how many times I passed out on the bakeshop's floor after stumbling back on board!! Whatever happened to DK3 Taylor & SK2 Schouten?
Schroeder, KurtEN3Feb 1989 – Aug 1992MHad a great time with those crazy M & E Div. boys. Some of the most memorable times of my life.
Dushensky, AndrewYN3Apr 1989 – Aug 1992adminWhat's up shipmates? Jimmy Deloach, still drinking Bacardi and coke? I switched to Jameson and coke.
Fonville, AnthonyLTJGJun 1989 – Aug 31, 1991GunneryJust wanted to say hello to my old shipmates. Life is good now that I don't have Cmd. Baurer on my butt.
Maudsley, EricBM3Aug 1989 – Jun 1993DD01/02Looking for any of the old Deck guys..except for you, Englehardt (just kidding). Anyone know what happened to Mike Rose? What about Chief Hoff? Drop me an e-mail!
Longstreth, MikeRMC(SW)Aug 1, 1989 – Aug 31, 1991OCHad great group of guys working for me. Always wondering what happened to them. Also a great CPO Mess and great ship.
Leonard, BillOS2Aug 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1993CIC
Engelhardt, JamesBM3Sep 22, 1989 – Jun 20, 1993FirstDrop me an e-mail
Engelhardt, Jim EngelhardtBM3Sep 23, 1989 – Jun 22, 1993DeckWhat's up you mutts? Who wants to steel a boat? Come on Steve, let's go!!!!!
Miller, Harlan (Burf)DC2Oct 1989 – May 1993RTo the best chief Davis, thx for believing n me and pushing me to do my best!!!!!
Isom, SteveOS3Nov 1989 – Jun 1993DD01 / OII couldn't have asked to have been stationed with a better bunch of people. I had a blast. There were lots of great memories with great people. (
Lawson, Matt profile iconE3Dec 1989 – Dec 1991Signal CrewWould love to hear from Snow and Harden. Had fun times.
Jordan, RoyRM3Dec 15, 1989 – Apr 9, 1993OperationsHad the time of my life. Never forget the guys. Drop me an e-mail and lets get together. What about Barcellona
Blevins, RobertBM 21990 – 19932NDGreat ship , Good crew , great memories
Deloach, JimmyPN31990 – Jul 19, 1992Ship's OfficeI dad a lot of good times onboard and seeing the world. Hope all shipmates are doing well.
Derubeis, JoeE-4/EM31990 – 1992E
Forlastro, ChrisSM2Jan 2, 1990 – Feb 6, 1992operationsship was cool but the XO and ENS Shaw were 2 of the BIGGEST PRICKS i ever met while in the navy and i did 9 years
Rinck, DonEMCFeb 1990 – Mar 1993E20 years in and 1193 was by far the best tour and the finest crew.
Naughton, EdwardYN1Feb 1990 – May 1992NXShip's writer.
Young, TonyRMSNFeb 1990 – Jun 1992OPS/DECK
Spelman, LouBM-3Feb 4, 1990 – Jul 3, 1992Deck
Ybarra, Ramiro "yaba"EN3Mar 1990 – Apr 1994M and AI will never forget all the goodtimes we had!!! Dup is doing fine and Mr. Keys thanks for everything.
Saunders, TroyEn2Mar 1990 – Dec 31, 1993Engineering
Derubeis, JoeEM3May 15, 1990 – May 15, 1992ESecond ship but 1st in its class
Spears, Michaelpc1(sw)Jul 1, 1990 –admin
Dupree, StanEM3Jul 4, 1990 – Oct 12, 1993EPerhaps the 3 most defining years of my life when it comes to becoming a man. I loved the time spent on board this ship. I would like to thank EMC Rinck, Welfare, Brimer, Janousek, Hans, Mayers for being the father figure I never had.
Partain, LancePNSNAug 1990 – Nov 1991NAV/ADMIN
Herner, BrettGM2(SW)Aug 1990 – Jun 1994FOXGood to see all the shipmates on here. Glad Chief Longstreth is still kicking!!! I remember your pocket ashtray. Looking for GMC George Williams and GMC Macdonald.
Lamanna, EricEM3Sep 15, 1990 – May 5, 1993the mighty Enever thought I'd be a sparky cheif Senior Cheif rinck was the NCO in the NAVY . stan dupree , how are you doing ? drop me an E-mail
Sheets, WillardRMSRNov 21, 1990 – Jul 15, 1994
Trotter, Michaelfc31991 – 1992cant remember. weapons?freakin chow line and the damn marines... haha. lookin for mike rose. big george and mac... hope everyone is doin good. hope that fc1 geek we had has had a hard life. cant even remember his name.
Connelly, RonOS2(SW)Jan 16, 1991 – Nov 24, 1994OIServed during two Med cruises - Sailed with 1/2 US crew and 1/2 RAN crew when ship was decomissioned and turned over to Australian Navy. Later served on USS Fort McHenry and conducted joint operations in 1999 in South Pacific with HMAS Manoora.
Dill, JeffEN3Mar 1991 – Oct I wouldnt trade those years for anything. Shoot a line and say hello if you remember me.
Keyes, JosephENSIGN, LTJG, LTMay 1991 – May 1994Engineering
Barnes, MarioENS, LTJGMay 5, 1991 – Jul 9, 1992Deck, A/E, Nav/AdminChief Rinck, in case you wondered, you were the BEST chief in the Navy. BTW, I did, in fact, become a law professor. You must have been psychic. Glad to see my old roommate, LT Keyes (also now a lawyer), is still with us.
Maxwell, MichaelEN3Jun 1991 – Jul 1993M
Bunch, JackHNDec 13, 1991 – Jun 12, 199224th MEUWhat a blast being deployed for the first time. Had a great time and saw alot of great places in the MED.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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