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USS Newport (LST 1179) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newport (LST 1179). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 250 crew members registered for the USS Newport (LST 1179).

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Dean, LesterE3 ENGINEMAN1981 – Jan 10, 1983A I was on board during both the Pegisus and Berbera incidents. The Fire in Berbera happened on the day after My 21st birthday.
Dean, LesterEN3Mar 1981 – Jan 10, 1983A DivisionThe fire of March 1981 in Berbera Somalia was well remembered as it happened on my birthday. If I recall correctly there was a name given to the incident that was something along the lines of the Berbera BBQ.
Gibbs, ScottSM2Jul 1981 – Jul 1984OCThe signal deck seemed the place to be as everyone usually ended up there at one time or another to check out the "big eyes" while we were nearing a beach or any type of civilization. Seems silly, but I miss the old girl and the adventure
Benoit, ReneEN2Jul 5, 1981 – Jun 25, 1984EB04
Jones, ChanningLTOct 16, 1981 – May 1, 19842ndI was on board for the Med and North Atlantic deployments, in addition to the fire in Somolia. During the first two years I was on board, we spent 12 months at sea.
Gallagher, Brian/galgmg2Oct 16, 1981 – Aug 30, 1985fox
Grimes, SamPO3Oct 16, 1981 – Sep 26, 1985OPSA great group of folks, I started in deck and moved to OPS. I married an officer and we both spent 20 and left just 5 days before 9-11. I hope that all my shipmates are doing well. Email feel free (
Hall, RobertE-4/SK3Nov 20, 1981 – Feb 21, 1985S-1 Supply DeptGSK, Supply Office and Storerooms. Procurement of stock/repair parts. Control files, records, reporting. MILSTRIP (DAMES) correspondence files. Material receipt, custody, storage. Hazardous materials. Repair Parties 2, 3, POW Qtrdk, DC.
Lundstrom, EricEN1Apr 1982 – Apr 1987MNewport was the 2nd command of my 22 yr carreer and it was BY FAR the very best tour of duty for me. One of the happiest times of my life. Just a really great, tight group of hardworking and fun loving engineers!
Andrews, Ronald Aka SM3Jul 8, 1982 – May 14, 19871st Div / OpsMiss you guys Cat Daddy, Jessie, Coe, Castro, BM3 Johnson, PN3 Murry and a special shout out to the signal crew and the guys in Supply Dept. SMC Cocklin thank you for all you did. What's up SM1 Williams
Connell, FrankEN5Jan 1983 – Aug 1986M
Samuels, KeithQM2(Retired)Mar 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1986Operation17 yrs retired navy and loving life...3kids, 24, 21(2boys) 19yr daughter, residing in Atlanta, GA ,...teaching credit finance and cert home inspector...hit me up 770-882-4545
Keefe, Andy Aka SheepheadEM3Jun 1983 – May 28, 1986electrical
Koonce, JohnQMCS(SW)Oct 1983 – Mar 1986NavWas a good ship, Had a great bunch of guys in the Chiefs Mess. Alot of GGGOOOOODDDD Liberty together.
Naruz, RandyYN2Dec 1, 1983 – Feb 23, 1985X DivisionWorked as a Yeoman in the Ships Office
Stanley, TomGMG 31984 – 1987weps
Stanfield, LeeGMG2Feb 15, 1984 – Aug 15, 1987FOXGreat memories. I started out in 1st DIV then went to FOx which was later changed to 3rd DIV. I think about my time aboard the ship and the people all the time.
Blanton, BrianFeb 16, 1984 – Jul 29, 1984e
Willis, BillRM3Mar 20, 1984 – Mar 18, 1987opsHi everyone. Stopping by again and wanted to let all you Newport shipmates know that there is a Facebook page for the USS Newport. There are currently 175 members of that page.
Jim, ThompsonGMG2Apr 4, 1984 – Jan 10, 1988FOXLots of great memories, Think about my shipmates often
Ackerman, StevenMIDN 2/CJul 1984 – Aug 1984CICThis was my second class cruise for training in ROTC. Went fom Norflok, Va to Camp Lejune, NC and back.
Robinosn, RickBMSJul 1984 – Jul 1987Deck was the spot to be...Looking for BM3 Stall or BM3 M.Gray , BM1-B. (florida) Day, give me an email
Kronz, SteveBM3Jul 15, 1984 – Jan 22, 1988Deck DivisionI miss all you freaks.
Adelfang, HansE-3, SNAug 1984 – Jun 1988First, and Second DIVHad lots of great memories of all of the the things that happened in those years, and all the times we all had together. Thank you all for the memories, I think of them often. LTCRM Granger what a Skipper.
Thompson, JerrySM1Sep 10, 1984 – May 3, 1989ocGreat experience, "haze-gray and underway", 18 countries in 4.5 years.........would not want to repeat, but appreciated the oportunity I had.............,HI Doug ;o)
Jakway, CharlesE-1-E-51985 – 1990DECK, OPSJust wanting to see what you guys are up to after so long, shoot me an e-mail.
Frey, KennethEN3Jan 1, 1985 – 1987A-Gang
Cordero, EdwinBM3Mar 1985 – Feb 1990
Cross, ScottETMar 1985 – Oct 1987OPS
White, DarrellE-2May 1985 – Apr 1987Deck DivisionHad some of the best times of my life onboard this ship, Looking for long lost friends from those days. BM3 M,Gray where are you hiding now days?
White, Michael "Whitey"EN 3Jun 30, 1985 – Feb 7, 1987A-GangWas A gang but was POIC #2 Engine Rm. so I knew alot of M div.. Was #1 Investigator Repair Locker 5 that let me know the HT's. Was also Boat Engineer so worked w/ Deck on ops.. Had my drinkin buddy OS3 Artrup so knew some OPS as well.
Inmon, Dougsm2Oct 7, 1985 – Jun 7, 1989oci had a blast on the newport,just got in touch with ic-man benny stallsworth ,i still ponder life on that ship bad and good daysi still visit tex mcdorman. the newport was a great ship to serve on
Brady, MelENNov 1985 –MThose were the days when I wasnt in trouble....too bad my career cut short cant have no fun with an E N 1 right piazza?
Piazza, MichaelEN2Dec 7, 1985 – Aug 12, 1989Served on 6 ships so far and Newport was by far the best. All were good people, Rodney Myers, Buck, Snyd, Fitton and RRRRRRRiiiiiiiight Shuttenberg! (grin)
Dewey, JamesBT31986 – 1992EB04/M DIVI had a lot of fun with all my shipmates. I rember delevering freight to the NEWPORT after I started driving truck. Still miss the NAVY to this day. Hope all shipmates are doing well. Still friends with TIM Ragian
Spain, ShawnSH3Jan 1986 – Nov 1989SupplyThe BEST in its class. "USS Underway" Those who say they seen it go from worst to best after 1989 were not there in 1986-1989. we were the best and only went down because we were never in port. always replacing the other lst's that couldn
Carozza, ChrisHM3Jan 5, 1986 – May 10, 1989X-DIV.Just wanted to say Hi to all the guys i served with back in the 80's. Love the Newport a lot an what a great crew to sail with.Had a great time with all
Rosenberg, RonENCSApr 1986 – Aug 1991MA hard working ship coupled with a hard working crew. She was a proud lady, who met all of her commitments;sometimes by the sweat of her crew that not only worked hard, but play hard as well. She is now a memory, a fond memory.
Kendrick, DonE2-BM3Apr 1986 – Mar 19902nd&1stAlways underway. Had some really good times with some great people.
Musha, MarkOS3Apr 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1988OIGreat first ship that prepared me for a 20 year Navy career!
Hayes, Henry (Hank)EN1May 1986 – Sep 1989A-div
Chaney, PaulBM2Jun 1986 – Nov 19892nd DivisionThe only ship I served in the Navy during my 4 years. Great crew. Though not career Navy material, I did my best not to kill anyone while there. Went to Art school, married and work as a web developer.
Belflower, JeffE-6/MS1Jun 3, 1986 – 1989S2Enjoyed the Newport. I was also on the USS Orion AS-18 and USS Glennon
Slover, JoelE-3Jun 15, 1986 – Jan 19, 19901stI just want to stand at the helm one more time....
Clifford, AllenEN3Jul 1986 – Jan 1990A - Gang
Myers, RodneyEN5Aug 1986 – Aug 1989MI was in charge of Engine room #3 when I left in 1989. I worked with Ken Quigley and Mike Snyder and Brian Fitton when I first arrived. Boy those were some times. I met my brother in law Carl Schuttenberg on that ship so it will be remembered.
Lehman, DennyFC2Sep 1986 – Jun 1989FOXGreat Ship
Barfield, MichaelPC2(SW)Oct 1986 – Jul 1990XThe USS No Port as it was affectionately called! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! Best ship and crew in the fleet, period! I ran the post office and knew everyone. I left the Navy in 1994. Hope to hear from everyone.
Tracy, RussellEn2Dec 1986 – Oct 1990A divisionSorry I dropped the forklift seat on your head Tim

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