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USS Newport (LST 1179) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newport (LST 1179). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 251 crew members registered for the USS Newport (LST 1179).

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Silva, FrankSFM 2Apr 10, 1971 – Nov 3, 1971R
Liston, LorenEN2May 1971 – Nov 3, 1971EngHad great time in Main Control and keeping the Air Conditioning working while in the Med.
Swett, Jamesboatswain mateSep 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1975Second
Beach, Albertsecond classNov 20, 1971 – Jul 20, 1974supply
Rizzo, Robert (Bob)Engineman 3rd ClassDec 6, 1971 – Dec 5, 1973EngineeringEnjoyed my time on the USS Newport
Smith, Howard (Tommy)EN3Dec 16, 1971 – Sep 19, 1975A-Gang
Ross, DavidENSIGNMar 1972 – Mar 1973OperationsServed on the Newport as CIC and Legal Officer. Mostly remember the trip to Aruba, PR, and other Caribbean spots in mid-winter.
Petro, JackIC-2Jun 1972 – Nov 1974Electrical
Falco, FredRM3Sep 1972 – Mar 1974OperationsAs a radioman on this ship duty was a breeze. I remember going to sea only three times while I was aboard. In the middle of the winter we went to Aruba with stops in PR and St Thomas. Francis Bosch from deck division was a close buddie.
Scott, Jamesen4Sep 23, 1972 – Sep 22, 1975a-gang
Wideman Jr., Royce / WarlockE1/E2Oct 21, 1972 – Jun 27, 19752nd DeckPainted the ship ALOT.
Johnson, CharlesHT3Oct 23, 1972 – Aug 1, 1975R-DivHTC(SW) Retired May 1993
King, Anthony "Tk"EM31973 – 1976EngineeringStarted in drydock ,Did the Med and Caribbean , real good times in Amsterdam and Curacao.Would be nice to know what everyone is doing now.Crew like Smitty,Joe ,Wafer,Jarvis,G.Harvey my homeboy,the PR crew Manny.
Copeland, SkipIC3 (SS)Jan 1973 – Apr 1973IC
Spicer, GaryE3Feb 1973 – Aug 8, 1975BTWorked in the boiler room.
Scott, Slimm profile iconBMSN/BM3Sep 1973 – Jun 27, 1977Deck Yeoman then to 2nd Division/ DECKWarlock, Bosch, Sully, Fritz, Lt. J. Stewart, Ens. Hatton, Orozco, Falco, Roach, Robinson, Don Horn, BMC Price, BM1 W. Ketterman. You guys and so many others to great to number were my brothers, Love to hear from all!
Kruger, GeorgeYN3Dec 11, 1973 – Nov 17, 1976OIReported aboard as a Seaman. My first introduction to the modern Navy (drydock in Newport News, VA). Haze Grey and Underway soon emerged. Got a few deployments under my belt and went to Idaho Falls, Idaho for shore duty as a YN2. B Z !
Smith, Phil...little DocHM31974 –OPSI served with the greatest bunch of sailors in the fleet. I could ever forget that North Atlantic storm we all endured. Big Doc Rihimacki taught me so much about life.
Harlan, William/wild Billos31974 – 1977operationslooking for old ops buddies don starley ken john temple getting ready to retire at 62
Weight, CharlesPC31974 – 1976OperationsThe Tour aboard the Newport was a great learning experience. Operating the post office was great way to make friends. Was aboard till we were anchored of the coast of Lebanon, then was discharged.
Ricci, MonteE-2Feb 1, 1974 – Sep 1, 1975Deck handServed on the Newport for a short time. Did one Gitmo crews and that's enough for any one. Enjoyed my time. Miss some of the friends I had there
Vaughan, Bill Vog-hanQM2Mar 1974 – Sep 1977OperationsGreat times! I remember Warlock, Fergetti, Blink, Mitch and so many great guys... and fan tail parties! Specially fond of Chief Shupe. He helped me grow up. Favorite officer - ENS Moncure. Would love to hear from anyone!
Wood, JohnEM2Mar 1974 – Aug 5, 1977E
Montgomery, Wayne MontyEM3Apr 1974 – 1977ESpent more time in mess cooking than in E div.
Fargardo, RalphSM3Jun 1974 – Jan 1978Like many others, I grew up on the Newport. Being 17 and from "Hells Kitchen" NY, I learned some tough lessons. Was in Lebanon in 76. Made some good friends and wouldn't mind hearing from some of the guys I served with.
Kutska, Brad WallyENFNJun 1, 1974 – May 11, 1977EngineneeringHad some good times and a chance to make some friends and see some different places.If there is any one from the newport crew in this time period give me a email
Weight, CharlesPC3Aug 15, 1974 – Jul 10, 1976OperationsThe tour aboard the Newport was a great experience. Operating the post office was a great way to make friends with all the crew. During 1974 to 1976 cruising the Caribbean, North Atlantic and final Med cruise was an experience I would never
Good, Mike (Goody)EMFNSep 1974 – May 1976E-DIVI'll never forget the Caribbean and North Atlantic cruises and the friends I made in the short time I was aboard. Thanks for the memories...
Andrade, Victor HE4 / sk3Oct 1974 – 1978Supply DepartmentWent on 2 Mediterranean crouses, Puerto RIco, North Atlantic, New York, Albany, Washington DC
Moncure, SamENSIGNDec 1974 – Oct 1977OperationsSpent my entire active duty Navy commitment on the Newport. Many great memories; wonderful people & experiences. Left Navy to pursue a degree in International Management and spent a business career mostly in Asia. Now retired in Thailand
Rochette, Bob/ Doc RoachHM1975 – Aug 1977firstAlot of fine memories from this ship. After I left the Navy I went on to get my RN. Hope all is well with my former shipmates.
Reitzel, Dougit changed alot sm smsa smsm sm3 smsm smsa smsr u get the drift1975 – 1979ops/ sigsits been some years now .. living in seattle.wa have a flooring bussiness, had great times with u guys rember buying gifts up in the gut or 4th july 76 2 beers wow any of you feel free to email or call 425-213-6885
Garcia, JohnnySK31975 – Jun 6, 1976SupplyMany friends onboard. Manny, others from HT shop, Supply Chief, nice to work with. Forgot his real name we called him Chief YaYa. Remember Ralph hung the ship Christmas Tree from ship's bow structure on Xmas eve. Cool
Staehler, PatrickE41975 – 1977ELooking for Ron Deatly and Brad Kutska, please contact me at
Palmer, LorenGMG1Mar 1, 1975 – Feb 1, 1978FoxLooking for shipmates from Fox Division
Bradley, KennethLTApr 10, 1975 – Jul 14, 1979OPS/COMMMany long yrs w/ a cast of great people in all divs both off and enls that kept me together thru 3 mjr deplmts and Horne Bros. Did 20 & lft. Now bldng Intl ADGE C2 sys N LA. L16 SME w/MBA & MCSE. Mar'd RU lady fm StPete
Nissen, RickyEM3Apr 16, 1975 – Jan 8, 1979EngineeringHard to believe all these year's have passed. I literally grew up on the Newport. Well!! I hate to think what my life would have been like without that experience. Recently retired from the Air Force Reserve. Hope to hear from an old Em
Moorefield, JohnBM2May 25, 1975 – Jun 15, 1978First and SecondI miss the men I knew on the Newport every day.I can still see all the faces.I hope my shipmates all found happiness,and full lives.You guys were my brothers in every way.
Jones, SpikeRMSNMay 30, 1975 – Jun 8, 1976CommunicationsI had a great time aboard the Newport. Made some good friends, Sam Moncure was an awesome officer and I will never forget him or Capt Michael Delpercio.
Howley, JamesHT 3Jun 1, 1975 – Jun 1977
White, RichardEM3Jul 1975 – Oct 20, 1978EGreat time aboard. "Underway was the only way" was the motto. Made two Meds and a North Atlantic as well as a couple of Caribbeans. Highlights were going to NYC for the Navy's Birthday, winning a basketball trophy in Sicily. Good times
Johnson, DeanPN3Aug 15, 1975 – Jun 15, 1977NAVAD
Wurtz, JerryENFNOct 6, 1975 – Sep 6, 1978m divison / A GANGI was 17 when I got aboard you all helped me turn into a man thank you for the good times! met some great guys and great friends. it was more than a job it was a adventure got to see the world
Konopka, EdwardGMG/SNNov 25, 1975 – Aug 26, 1977FOXWhat GREAT Memories! Would do it again in a heartbeat! Lebanon 76', out in the landing party boats drinking beer Jul 76, FanTail Parties, watchout for PO Horn! Connolly, Bradley(YO YO ), Ungoi,
Konopka, EddieGMG/SNNov 26, 1975 – Aug 26, 1977FoxWas a gunner on the Newport, great crew and would do it again. Was in Lebanon in 76 when they assasinated the US Ambassador and all US citizens were evacuated. Best shot in the 6th fleet 76-7 Mount 31 Mr Death & his crew, Ace of Spades,
Alvarado, JonathanQM3Dec 26, 1975 – Aug 13, 1978I spend alot of time thinking about my Navy experience. I used my GI Bill to go to UCLA and ended up becoming a college professor. I currently live in Omaha teaching International Relations at the University of Nebraska.

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