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USS Newport (LST 1179) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newport (LST 1179). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 250 crew members registered for the USS Newport (LST 1179).

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Straub, MattLN31961 – 1965repar
Wilson, KenETN21968 – 1971electronicswas on for a year before commissioning in phila.let in '71 to work at AMSU in little creek. very good memories of that time
MacKin, RichardLT1968 – 1970EngineeringPrecommissioning crew at Little Creek ,Philadelphia,and plank owner. Fond memories of shakedown cruise, especially having medal of honor recipient, Adm Buckley ride us, GITMO and Caribbean. God bless all you guys.
Jackson, RolandEN31968 – 1971Engineering DivisionPart of precommissioning detail and a Plank Owner. Part of A-Gang, Would love to get in contact with all I know from the USS Newport. Wish I had found this site a lot sooner. A great bunch of guys and a great ship.
Burwinkel, TonyEM1968 – 1971RIt was like a family away from home. Really enjoyed my time on that ship. Would like to find shipmates during my time.
Doland, PhillipGm31968 – 1970Gunners matePre-comm , plank owner was a pleasure serving on this ship ,had a great crew
Zimarowski, PaulINTERIOR COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRICIANMar 12, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971E Gangpre com,part of skeleton crew,commissioned Dec 1969, plank owner,was FN(IC),responsible for movies,radio stations,phones, ships entertainment,operated the Bow Thruster in the wheelhouse,like to hear from other shipmates.
Velez, GabrielE2May 25, 1968 – Nov 2, 1970DeckLooking for for that person from Jersey City who helped me out of a jam. Blanket party for 2 remember?
Miller, KennethENCJun 1, 1968 – Feb 15, 1971MThe following were the first CPO's aboard the Newport; ENC Ken Miller, BMC Owen Sampson, CSC Morin, QMC Benson; RMC Yardell. I donated the Newport's Commissioning Book, along with numerous photo's & newspaper reports to the Wis. in
Kerns, TerryETR2Jun 1, 1968 – 1971ElectronicsMember of precom crew at Philadelphia. Would enjoy hearing from a few people. Both good times and a few not so good. Served with a lot of good people while aboard, and was the beginning of a lot of great adventures.
Carnes, AllanBm2Jun 6, 1968 – Apr 21, 1972First div deckI was a plank owner made the first over sea crews to the Medertraina
Smith, BillRM3Aug 1968 – Oct 1971OCAhhh the birth of a career and a professional. The people, being a plank owner, the responsibilities and the fun shaped my life. Wonderful memories that stay.
Lettich, JohnSeamanOct 1968 – Nov 1970OII was a part of the precomm crew in Little Creek VA, a lot of inspection and classes. Then came the commissioning in Philadelphia, next came shakedown ooh what joy off the coast of Cuba. The crew what a great bunch of guys, what good times.
Rudinski, Joe "The Joe Rude Show"SH2Oct 1968 – Aug 19, 1972SUPPLYGreat crew - Great fun - Remember the good, forget the bad. Lots of great ports of call. The experience really changed my life for the good. I'm glad i got to see some of my shipmates at the reunion. "The Joe Rude Show
St Germain, Richard profile iconEN2Oct 8, 1968 – Mar 31, 1971M
Harris, CraigFNOct 30, 1968 – Nov 30, 1970ENGINERINGI was one of the commissioning crew members,work in #3 engine room and lehelmsmen underway during manovers.We had a great crew spent a lot of time at sea.Hi Wahley.Transfered to USS PUGET SOUND(AD-38) home port Newport R.I.
Wahl, Ken "Wahley"EN 2Nov 1968 – Aug 5, 1972M Division
May, PhilipeLT.Nov 1968 – Sep 1971EngineeringGreat Ship, Great Crew
Wahl, Kenneth (Wahley)EN 2Nov 1, 1968 – Aug 5, 1972MCommissioning Crewmember for the first of the last LST class.
Stoeppleman, JamesRM21969 – 1973OCI was a member of the commishoning crew I enjoyed my time on the Newport Retired from the Navy in 1984
Regan, DanielSK 31969 – 1970SupplyGood Ship, great crew, good times in the Carribean.
Clark, James (Jim)RM2Jan 1969 – Nov 1970OC
Villanueva, ApolonioTNJan 13, 1969 – Dec 28, 1970Supply
Minogue, Dick (Mogi)SK2Jul 1969 – Aug 1971SupplyArr. in Phil. with Pat Patterson, 1st non-plank owners. Div. 2 then supply office. Editor of 1st cruise book. Great house on VA beach winter of 70-71 with Patterson, Sloan, VanSant . Great life long memories
Hefner, RobertE-2Aug 15, 1969 – Dec 2, 1970Deck
Venter, George F.venterSNAug 25, 1969 – May 24, 1970Deck/AssaultboatI was a member of commissioning crew in Philidephia.Remember all the shakedown cruises and the training at Little Creek,VA. After leaving Navy went into law enforceemnet for 30years in Albany NY.Now I'm retired and enjoying it.
Grajcar, Andrew (Mick)QM3Sep 1969 – Jul 1973OPSNewport was the only ship i was stationed on. Hade a great time Still keep in touch with a few of my old shipmates
Zweck, KennethSN1970 – Dec 19722nd DivisionHad a great time and I visited several countries during the first Med cruise. I was the artist in our first Med Cruise Book, We catch up on Facebook under trhe ships name and have annual reunions. Hook up with us.
Weisgerber, Marcus (Gerber)EN 3Feb 1970 – Dec 1974MGreat ship, Great shipmates. Great memories Worked # 3 engine room when I got out. Would like to hear from some of you guys.
Tabe, DavidEM3Apr 4, 1970 – Aug 6, 1973EGreat Ship and Great crew members. Like to hear from any past crew members
Batiato, Ray "Batman" profile iconBM3RD/C THEN BM2ND/C FOR AWHILEApr 10, 1970 – Oct 15, 1971First then SecondI enjoyed my time in the Newport. The first cruise for the ship was Carib 1-70. Several trips back to the Carib. Then a Med Cruise April - Oct 1971. After the Navy, College, Law Enforcement Career, A Bed and Breakfast, now auctioneering.
Majewski, GarySEAMANMay 1970 – Aug 19721 stI miss all the good friend I made well aboard the Newport, enlisted as well as Officers. Was the best experience you could ask for!
Sancin, JimEN 3May 13, 1970 – Apr 26, 1971AI made many weekend roundtrips from Little Creek to Cleveland, Ohio in a 1967 Buick Special with shipmates from Penn & Ohio. I got an early out in May 1971 and did not make the Med Cruise in 4/1971.
Petro, John (Jack)IC-2Jun 1970 – Apr 1972I was the telephone guy and entertainment guy on the ship. Had a radio station playing oldies while deployed in the Med. Would like ot hear from som of the crew from that time period.
Miranda, BenjaminTNJun 20, 1970 – Sep 12, 1972supplyIt was my first duty station after my a school in san diego ca. i was 19 years old who had never been away from another country (philippines). If anyone remembers parrocha, tumangday, berganio. We are the ones who work for the officers.
Harden, GaryYN1Aug 1970 – 1973Admin
Tourville, Bill/TooTSH3Nov 10, 1970 – Dec 13, 1972SupplyMade many friends and had some good times along the way aboard the USS Newport LST-1179. I was aboard her between 1970 to late 1972. Ran the (Ships Store). If I could show the super 8 movies to my shipmates now! Hope to hear from you. Best Regards.
Torquato, Robert (Turk)BT3Dec 16, 1970 – Nov 30, 1972ENG.Cariban, and north atlantic cruises.Order of the Blue Nose. Served under LTJG Banks,Cheif Hackert ,BT 2 Wolmax. and BT3 Simon McCulogh (MAC). I am Proud that i served on the .USS NEWPORT
Silva, FrankSFM 2Apr 10, 1971 – Nov 3, 1971R
Liston, LorenEN2May 1971 – Nov 3, 1971EngHad great time in Main Control and keeping the Air Conditioning working while in the Med.
Swett, Jamesboatswain mateSep 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1975Second
Beach, Albertsecond classNov 20, 1971 – Jul 20, 1974supply
Rizzo, Robert (Bob)Engineman 3rd ClassDec 6, 1971 – Dec 5, 1973EngineeringEnjoyed my time on the USS Newport
Smith, Howard (Tommy)EN3Dec 16, 1971 – Sep 19, 1975A-Gang

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