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USS Toledo (SSN 769) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Toledo (SSN 769). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 129 crew members registered for the USS Toledo (SSN 769).

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Sloan, KyleSTSSN2001 – 2002SonarI got to put my name on here like Avery did woohoo.
Chapman, Super Dave profile iconYNC2001 – Mar 2004Executive
Freyer, ScottTMC/SSFeb 1, 2001 – Feb 28, 2005TORPEDOIt was an honor and a privelage to serve on such a great ship with the people that I served with. Good luck to the follow on crews. I am currently serving as the CSG II TM/ATO.
Clinton, Michael "Turtle"MM2/SSApr 19, 2001 – Jan 31, 2006MachineryI arrived. I did my thing. I left. It is what it was.
Doerr, NicholasMM2/SSJun 1, 2001 – Aug 5, 2005AuxiliaryBest of luck to you on team Toledo, it was an honor and a privalage to know everyone of you. If you end up in Norfolk look me up.
Musloski, Jonathan "Moose, Mushobi"STS 2Jun 1, 2001 – Jan 14, 2005sonarthe great mushobi is going strong and still working on those ninja skills i miss you guys and and proud to have served on the best sub the navy has ever had
Morgan, Joshua "Zoochimp"ET2 (SS) at the timeJun 11, 2001 – Jun 5, 2005Can't rememberIn Pearl Harbor on a Destroyer, looking at volunteering for an GSA billet in Bahrain for a year. Oh and I am now a Spy-1D Technician.
Shea, TimothyEM1Jun 12, 2001 – Nov 2, 2005ElectricalI appreciate the learning experience and brotherhood that you all have offered! May God bless and protect you. I am honored to have served with you!
Avery, JoshMM2 FOR A LITTLE WHILEAug 1, 2001 – Sep 1, 2003AI know alot of you that I served with thought they made me disappear.I'm a reliability engineer in Indianapolis, and life couldn't be better. I encourage guys that I served with to contact me. We had alot of fun, and good times nobody took that
Suskey, ErikFT2/SSAug 12, 2001 – Jan 21, 2006FTSevering on the best damn submarine in the fleet
Denbigh, RobET1/SSJun 7, 2002 – Nov 6, 2006Reactor ControlsThe boat may smell like balls and feet and always be breaking at the most inconvenient times but I actually miss her sometimes. I'm a ShipSup in PHNSY IMF right now, if anyone makes it out this way look me up.
Coleman, Brad "B"ET1/RM1(SS)Jun 23, 2002 – Jul 23, 2006RadioThe Good out weighs the Bad in my mind. I hold dear my time on board. It is a distinct pleasure to be associated with all of you. If you ever find yourself in italy, I'll be here until 10/2010. Happy hunting!
Maldonado, Martin "Fred"MM2/SSJul 7, 2002 – Dec 28, 2006Machinery"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." That pretty much sums it up for me. I made some of the best friends serving as a member of her crew and came away with great experiences.
Gay, BryanSTS2(SS)Sep 16, 2002 – Jun 1, 2006SonarShe was my first boat. Great experiences, and people! I am proud to be part of her history. She was the greatest warship in the fleet! Everybody I served with; it was an honor, and a privelage to work serve with you.
Dippel, EricET2/SSOct 28, 2002 – Apr 19, 2004RadioProud to have been on board the best damn boat on the east coast. Met some really amazing people, and had the best experience of my life. Trying out the cop gig now in NYC. Gun, shield, and power... nice.
Boyce, BillyFT1Nov 14, 2002 – Nov 1, 2006Fire Control biotchesyes, I made first class while on terminal. Wheres my twenty bucks. (thats only ment for those that get it)
Zientek, NickMackOneTimeET2/SSJan 1, 2003 – May 15, 2006ETROSome days I dont want to remember, Some of the best friends I will never forget. And some of the best times of my life.
Toth, Joshua TothFT2(SS/DV)Mar 1, 2003 – Oct 21, 2006FTSome of the best lessons learned in life are from the toughest experiences.
Smithhisler, Jay (Smitty)MM2/SSMar 16, 2003 – Dec 3, 2008A-GANG
McVeigh, RyanET1Apr 15, 2003 – Dec 3, 2007Reactor ControlGood times had by none!
Keys, IvanMM3Apr 15, 2003 – Apr 15, 2004a-div
Walsh, ZachTM3(SS)Apr 30, 2003 –TorpedoI am still a very proud member of team Toledo. We continue to keep this war-ship at her highest level of readieness, and i thank all of you that passed her down that way.
Kennon, PatrickMM3May 2003 – Jun 2007A-GANGWas a pleasure to serve with the best crew in the Navy. P.S. Ring the bell, I dare you!
Svedarsky, BrentMMCJul 8, 2003 –MachineryWorking together with the best submarine sailors in the fleet to make Team Toledo the best boat she can be.
Minter, Clint "Meathook"STS2(SS)Aug 2003 – Dec 2006SonarI am now going to school to become a Chiropractor. I miss the experience but most of all the brotherhood. To fellow sailing and travels back home!
Lawson, RamseySTS3 (SS)Sep 2003 – Apr 2004SonarReally miss being on a submarine. Great times.
Youngblood, Jason "the Fattest Skinniest Man"ET2 (SS)Oct 2003 – Apr 2006RadioAs I look back on everything, I realized that I'll always have a piece of the Toledo deep down inside (good times or bad). I really do miss a lot of the people, but I'm glad that I was able to at least be apart of it all for that time. OU
Chaney, JesseSTS2/SSDec 19, 2003 – Dec 12, 2007SonarTwas the best of times and the worst of times...Currently on Recruiting Duty in Louisville, KY
Mullen, Daryl (Bar-rag)MM2Mar 18, 2004 – May 30, 2008A-GANG
Gauntt, Timothy "Timbo"PETTY OFFICER, THIRD CLASS, SUPPLYJun 1, 2004 – Oct 2007
Powers, TomFT2 (SS)Sep 5, 2004 –FTTo quote my friend: "Look at me, I am big American cowboy. I have big American penis. I go to mall and buy shoes on credit card. YeeHaw, Bang, Bang" ET3 San
Powers, Tom profile iconFT1(SS)Sep 5, 2004 – Nov 2009Fire ControlI just want to say the shipyard sucks. FT Div is still holding down the fort but i miss the guys from the '06 deployment. We were the best division on the boat. Just trying to hold down the legacy.
Mullen, RyenMM2/SSApr 20, 2005 – Mar 18, 2009MachineryIf you can survive there, you can survive anywhere. What is Toledo backwards?
Larson, MatthewSKSN(SS)May 10, 2005 –STOREKEEPER
Ward, Warren W.E-6Jun 30, 2006 – Oct 1, 2008A-Gang
Esmerio, Miguel(Esmo)CSSN(SS)Jul 2006 – Sep 29, 2009Supply DepartmentI will always remember the welcome i got in Diego Garcia, the crazy times in La Magdalena Italy, and the shipyard days.The Good, the bad, the ugly!!! Im a Coastie now 2016-????
Roberts, WilliamMM3Oct 22, 2006 – Mar 4, 2011A-GangLoved and hated it best and worst boat in the navy
Whitford, ShaneMM1Dec 2007 – Apr 2010A gang
Jogerst, WilliamMMCS2008 – 20093MC
Gumina, ChristopherMM2Jan 8, 2008 – Jan 22, 2010RLELT for two years, great boat. In STA-21 commissioning program and I miss the people in the sub force. You will never work with a closer group of people.
Hauze, MattET2Oct 2008 – Dec 2012Nav
Cygnarowicz, Mark (Cyggy)TM1Mar 2012 – Jan 2014TMHooyah teamledo

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