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USS Dallas (SSN 700) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dallas (SSN 700). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 280 crew members registered for the USS Dallas (SSN 700).

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Frazier, ScottMM2/SSJan 14, 2001 – Jul 5, 2005a-gang
Towne, LucasCS3Feb 20, 2001 – Jun 15, 2005MSI was in the days before the CS's took over.
Barriere, EricMMFNMar 12, 2001 – Jun 21, 2005A-GangSome of the best people I've ever met or ever will meet.
Gorges, Logan2LT USAMay 1, 2001 – Jun 24, 2005RL2nd of Oeler's HIR FIST
Bodemann, DonnieSTS3Jul 2001 – Apr 2004SonarI have to agree with a few others here. Don't regret it at all, but don't think I'd do it again.
Martin, JohnnyEM1Aug 25, 2001 – Jun 30, 2006Hated doing it... Love having done it... What i miss the most are all you bastards i served with :)... keep in touch a-holes!!!
Ricketts, Pretty RickyFT1Nov 19, 2001 – May 13, 2006Fire Control
Mandile, MarkETCMDec 26, 2001 –Chief of the Boat
Mandile, MarkCOBDec 26, 2001 – Nov 1, 2004Great boat, my tour was the best of my career.
Frego, FrankTMS/SS2002 – 2004DECK tm
Simmons, David (Dave)MMC(SS)Mar 25, 2002 – Nov 30, 2005Great Crew, Great Memories.
Turnupseed, RichardFTSA - FT1Jun 7, 2002 – Dec 21, 2007Fire ControlI'm glad that I got through it, and I'm glad that I made the decision to stay in and get my degree, unlike the whiny eunuchs that couldn't handle it. Granted, I whined allot and openly despised the people, but a free degree is worth it.
Mata, RamonYN2(SS)Jul 17, 2002 – Sep 9, 2003YeomanMy first kiss, is all i can remember...hahaha
Barnett, JeremyET/2Oct 7, 2002 – Apr 2005RC
Erixson, ChrisE-6/MM1Nov 7, 2002 – Jan 23, 2007MGreat experiance overall.....but glad I will never have to do it again!
Livingston, Christian, "doc"STS2/SSNov 24, 2002 – Sep 26, 2006Sonar
Smith, JonE5/ET2Dec 18, 2002 –CommGood boat, good learning experience. Stepping stone for the future.
Adair, MathewMM32003 – 2004M
Kirtland, DavidMM1Feb 2003 – Jun 2007M
Woolbright, JohnSTSCSMar 14, 2003 – Apr 1, 2005Sonar /Weps LCPOProud to have served with the outstanding crew of Big D.
Summers, JeremyCS3 SS/DVApr 14, 2003 – Jul 10, 2005cskeep it tight cs div, deal duncan get my number
Lawrence, KennethET2Jun 18, 2003 – Jul 15, 2007NavigationProud and glad that I made it through the years I spent on that boat. Glad I got out to follow my plans of getting a college degree and will always remember the good and bad times, all was a learning experience.
Nguyen, BlammoETSNAug 29, 2003 – Dec 9, 2004Navblammo!!! good times, huh?
Valdez, AgustinE4Sep 2003 – Aug 2007A-Gang
Urquidez, CarlosMM2/E-5Sep 2, 2003 –MLive it, love it and let the mission be yours to accomplish and for the taking.
Hasson, Dave 'Radcon'MM2/E-5Sep 16, 2003 – Sep 15, 2009MachineryYou might remember me as the guy who got burned for putting radiation stickers on my snowboard, put my snowboard in my car, and parking in front of NCIS. Whoops!
Schulz, KevinEM2(SS)Oct 28, 2003 –E
Crane, Shawn "Cornfed"MM3/SSDec 2003 – Jan 2005M
Bolyard, MichaelMM1/SS2004 – 2006EM01Bad command. Co was a NARCISSISTIC piece of crap. Got hurt and short cycled off for reconstructive back surgery as well as to get sober
Partridge, CharlieET1Jan 2004 – Sep 2007RC01Wasn't too bad until McDouchebag took off and left me as the LPO
Vargas, CircusET2Jan 8, 2004 – Nov 19, 2005ET - COMMSMy time on the BIG D was the best experience I hope to never have to do again. But even if I did I would hope to have as strong a crew as was on when I was there. Whooya NFMR 2004!
Carney, JoshE-6/ET1Jun 23, 2004 – Nov 7, 2007Reactor ControlMet lots of great people. Never forget the Fuck Job!
Benavides, SergioCSSNJul 18, 2004 – Jul 18, 2009SupplyI used to work there but now I am free at last, the memories in that places I will never forget them.
Santiago, BenMM3Aug 12, 2004 – May 2, 2006A-gang
Kashuba, JosephMM2Dec 2004 – Feb 2006RL
Williams, John/ CrazyE-42005 – Oct 2007M-Div
Faust, LukeMM2/SSFeb 2005 – May 2009A-GangMany memories
Haynes, Troy (Tito)SSN 700Mar 7, 2005 – Feb 21, 2008MEDICALEveryday was ballz to the wall, but the crew made it fun.
Ahlgrim, BrandonEM2/SSMay 2, 2005 – Nov 17, 2008E-DivNothing drives you to drink like the Big D!
Savaria, JamesCS2Jul 8, 2005 –CS
Savaria, JamesCS2Jul 8, 2005 – Sep 30, 2006CSI am glas I left when I did but I will treasure the things that I learned and the people that I got to know.
McManigal, JosephET1Sep 2005 – Jan 2006RCGlad I got out of there when I did.
Reed, KennethSK2Oct 2005 – Aug 2007SKGlad to be free!!!!!!!
Losole, ShawnSTS2(SS)Oct 11, 2005 –Sonar
Fiddelman, JoeE-4/ET3May 31, 2006 –Reactor Control
Dressler, GarrickMM32007 –A-Gang
Wild, EdwardSKSNJul 10, 2007 –
Heck, AnthonyETNCSep 7, 2007 – Mar 21, 2012Reactor ControlDidn't appreciate my time on Dallas like I should have. Learned a lot since then heading to take over my first division on Hartford.
Malone, TrevorET2Dec 7, 2007 – Aug 3, 2012NavNothing good or bad to say just that it was worth it
Cassidy, MicCSSRMay 8, 2008 –CSNot on the boat yet, but for anyone who checks this, just know this guy is coming.
Beckham, Eugeneet3Nov 6, 2009 – 2010CommsHaving a blast, some of the nicest guys i've met since joining.
Fierros, AaronCS2Nov 2013 –CSCurrent CSLPO

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1988 | 1989 – 1994 | 1995 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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