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USS Indianapolis (SSN 697) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 172 crew members registered for the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697).

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Otto, RickSTS3(SS)Jan 1982 – May 1985SonarThe Indy was my first command! My first sonar chief was Otis Henderson....thank you!!!
Cates, DavidMM2Jan 2, 1982 – Jun 1, 1983M divisionMy qual boat, shell back on 82 WESTPAC lots of good memories.
Duffell, MichaelQMC(SS)Jan 5, 1982 – May 5, 1988QMGreat time with great friends.
Gorsich, MichaelET1(SS)Feb 2, 1982 – Jan 15, 1986Reactor ControlsLet's hear from Lessman, Lehman, and 'Jumpin' Jack' Chandler!
Annis, TroyTM3Jun 16, 1982 –Torpedomen
Jiran, StephenET1(SS/DV)Aug 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1985ETMy first boat. Had a blast. Made some great friends.
Maddock, Bob/maddogFTG-1SSOct 3, 1982 – Jul 18, 1985Fire controlsomebody say wicksum
Norris, Bill "Chuck"STS2 SS1983 – 1986Sonar22-23 Whatever it takes!
Burden, Scott profile iconQM2 (SS)1983 – 1986Nav/OpsNo doubt an adventure! Pattaya Beach Thailand favorite port.
Keith, JohnEM2Jan 1983 – Nov 1983ElectricalMy first boat. Wonder what happened to Jake McNeil and Johnnie.
Ficek, HarveyMM2(SS)Feb 1983 – Jan 1986EngineeringGreat times, Great friends, lasting memories; wish it would never have ended. We all learned, lived, and enjoyed life as if it was our last day. Aloha Boys and MOJO; words cannot explain it, it could only be experienced.
Silis, KevinTM3 (SS)Mar 1, 1983 – Sep 23, 1986WeaponsOne of the Greatest things you can do is server your country. Too have been able to do it on the Indy with this group of men was an honor. Wild times for sure!!! Submariners once, Submariners twice...
Butkovich, MattJun 1983 – Aug 1987
Pennington, RalphRM2(SS)Jul 1983 – Jul 25, 1987Communications: CryptoQuite a few great memories, but the one that stands out is my first day onboard. I would like to thank TM2(SS) Tom Brockman for leaving the torpedo room bilge door open so my dumb ass could fall down it. Welcome Aboard!
Remley, TomO3Jan 1984 – Jun 1986E-IC-DCAJO tour. We were steaming Mo Foes. two west pacs, one east pac
Ward, GlenEM2(SS)Jan 1984 – Dec 1986E divisionBest people I have ever known.
Remley, TomLTJan 24, 1984 – Jun 9, 1986E, IC, DCAAt the airport I said, "Maybe in a few years I'll forget how much it sucked to be on the Indy." Really it was a blast.
Tatro, MikeMS2Feb 1984 – Jul 1988
Hicks, MikeSTS 1Feb 1, 1984 – Mar 1, 1987Sonar
Ashcraft, JohnMM1/SSApr 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1987MachineryTough working hours. Great experience.
Vaughn, KenIC1/SSMay 1, 1984 – Jul 6, 1986ElectricalGreat group of guys...back aft!!! D**n forward pukes!!! Just kiddin', had a lot of fun, great times, spent 30 days once in Olongapo man was I tired. Poker at Hoss' (div off) house, rebuilding the SSMG in 6 sleepless days with Rob Smith
Lubawski, MichaelRM1(SSS)Jun 1984 – Jul 1988Radio GangKinda miss the Westpac's. Don't miss the drills or sanitary tank valve mis-aligns during in-port blowings.
Kilgore, BartFTG2Oct 1, 1984 – Oct 1, 1987Fire ControlHey guys!! Port'nstarboard anyone? Wish I was in the P.I. most days(WHEW!!!) Anyone hear from Soliz or Corso? Tell everyone I said "HEY!"
Andrews, JohnMM1 SS/DVDec 11, 1984 – Oct 2, 1989MM/ELT
Offer, BradLT1985 – 1988M-Div / Comm / OpsThree of the hardest AND the most memorable years of my life. It's pretty hard to top being part of a nuclear submarine crew. Not sorry to be out, but definitely miss the people and the adventure.
Sweetheimer, DocHM1/AC/SSJan 22, 1985 – 1990ME MYSELF I
Copeland, MikeEM1/SSFeb 1985 – Jul 1988ElectricalTwo Westpacs, two Eastpacs, non stop weekly ops, No Can Do shipyard, what's not to love?
Watts, WayneFTG3Mar 1985 – Oct 1987WeaponsWished i had done things differently. But life is still good and i wouldnt trade my mems for anything.
Wimber, RichardMM1/SSMar 1, 1985 – May 15, 1989Machinery
Worley, MikeLTMar 10, 1985 – May 1988CRA, RCA, CSO/WeapsGreat ship & crew. Mojo make you smart! Amazed I didn't die climbing the whaling ship main mast in Lahaina with John Schierloh. Still giving Dan Palko crap for not having chocolate milk. I remember playing "name that bug juice" on m
Perrin, BradMM1/SSApr 1, 1985 – Apr 30, 1989Mjust wanted to be a good mechanic... long days and long nights ... bled more on the lagging than I should have. Night school in the shipyard .. and then more night school.
Owen, ClintonETC(SS)May 1985 – Jul 1988Reactor ControlI made Chief on the Indy in 1987, during the overhaul. I saw the BCP as part of the Pacific Submarine Force Museum (Bowfin Memorial) when I visited Pearl Harbor around 1999.
Anderson, MikeFTG1 (SS)Jun 1985 – Jun 1988Fire Control
Stevens, KevinET3/SSAug 15, 1985 – Dec 13, 1989OPSSea time sucked the big kahuna...
Schenck, ScottEM2/SSAug 17, 1985 – Aug 1, 1989Was the new guy in e-div for 1 year, doing decks and precip PMS. Memories include: Parties in the barracks, Moose happy hours, 28 days tied to the proteus serving under hollywood Bob (bar hunting), Maui dependent cruises, freeze seals..
Carl, DaveMM1Jan 6, 1986 – Dec 15, 1988Reactor LabratoriesLoved the west Pac, hated overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard
Robertson, Bryan profile iconE5/QMMar 28, 1986 – Jun 9, 1991QuartermasterHad a lot of ups and downs on this boat, if it wasn't for some key people I never would have survived. Thank you to the shipmates that never gave up on me and helped to become successful. I am forever in your debt.
Winsworth, BillMM1/SSMay 1986 – Jul 25, 1989MM/ELTI remember being part of a team in a way I don't see anymore.
Pedersen, MikeMM2/SSAug 6, 1986 – Dec 11, 1990A-gangOnly one to go to sea on her before and after the refit at PHNSY...
Gerren, DavidLTOct 1986 – Oct 1989Electrical/Sonar/EngineeringSpent most of the sub time in (ROH) No Ka Oi (for the better). Went on to spend 30 years in rebuilding commercial nuclear power plants. Rx head, SGs, Digital CRDS and Fukushima response as a senior nuclear consultant eng
Blair, StephenET2(SS)Dec 1986 – Jul 1990ReactorI was a reactor operator. Most of that time was spent in the No Ka Oi.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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