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USS Indianapolis (SSN 697) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 172 crew members registered for the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697).

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Gray, William (Dave)MM2Jun 1960 – Apr 1994Caught the tail end of the Yard from Hell. EastPac, WestPac, Wild Goose Chase by the Prez, missed the ZachPac. Got out. Got back in. Then got out for good.
Folwell, GreggRM3Nov 10, 1970 – Dec 1971CommunicationsLooking for shipmates
Zacharias, DavidCAPT USN Retired1975 – 1979A, E/IC, Comm, M, Ist LT, RCUSS Bergall was my first sub assignment in New London CT. . Chief Gagnon and RM1 Dixon were the reasons I stayed in the Navy. I was trained as an EOOW by Bruce B Englehardt. Qualified in Submarines by Capt Reid Smith.
Corna, GregoryMM2Mar 16, 1977 – Mar 12, 1980mdid the shipyard (plankowner),the shift to pearl
Williams, RalphMM1Apr 1977 – Sep 1979Machinery/Nuclear
Thompson, JohnMMCSep 1977 – Aug 1982MGreat boat, new con, first overhaul in HI, first west-pac, good times, great people, was there when the mains threw the shroud, was there when the yard couldn't weld the hull patch after the engine replacement.
Fickes, GaryRM1/SSNov 1977 – Jan 1980CommWas onboard with RMCS(SS) (Deadbolt) Dick Kopplin, RM1(SS) Dave (Steam) Pipes, RM1 (SS) Nick (Rusty) Jones, RM2 (SS) Gary (Bummer) Baumgardener and RMSN(SS) Dave Teemer in Precomm and sea trials - left before commissioning.
Ashley, MichaelMM1(SS)1978 – Mar 1980MachineryPlankowner, anyone remember when the main turbine threw the shroud at sea trial?
Ciciora, TimMM31978 – 1979ALiving in Atlantic Beach, Florida
Dalgren, GuyMS31978 – Sep 1983Cook
Paddock, Robert profile iconETC(SS) E-7Jan 2, 1978 – Jun 12, 1980OPSLots of work, good times and I believe the best crew I have served with.
Kemph, DavidMM2Jan 15, 1978 – Oct 5, 1981A GangPlankowner. Joined vessel when it was a hollow pipe.Alot of good memories in Groton, Conn.Hi Artie! I last saw Lloyd Leverette in 1982 when he visited me in Atlanta,GA. Went to a baseball game togather. He lived in North Carolina.
Gordon, Sr, Blane " Flash "IC2/SSFeb 1978 – Jul 1983IC-Remember the smell of Faulkners feet outside forward berthing...Noel Hernberger, Kerry Slain, IC1 Myers, Coy Smith...Harry P. Salmon , LCDR Kent, COB Gilstrape
Larson, BrianDSMar 1978 – Mar 1981DS/ETKudos to the senior petty officers (Scally, Krause, Chappel, Koppel, etc) that commissioned the Indy. Having worked and sailed on many Navy ships since the Indy, I have found that a ship's legacy starts before she sails
Archibald, Daniel (Arch)TM2 (SS)Sep 1978 – Jul 1981Torpedo DivisionMore to come !
Clark, ChrisET1(SS/DV)Sep 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981Operations & DiverServed on the commissioning crew in Groton, CT. Took her through the ditch to her new home port in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Bates, CarlMM1(SS)Nov 1978 – Jul 1982RL
Baumgarten, John Gary "bummer"RM1(SS)Dec 30, 1978 – Oct 1982Radio DivHows the picnic table (Grass never grew again), 1980 Olymbic soccer, Pflughatoff, Diego Garcia, "Strawberry Ice Cream" Deigo Lloyd. Huffs Green -Red sock, a few "sodas" inbound Pearl, Mary's Bike seat, Columbia, Indy Star, Hale
Parker, Dale ParkerET1SS1979 – 1982NavOps
Woolley, KeithET21979 – 1980Noseconer Electronics-ESMI'm happy to see the names of several shipmates such as C. Clark, Archie, Bummer & Paddock. While circumstances required an early exit from the Indy, my heart never left. I remain proud of everything Indy. The DE was BS.
Barton, William H. (Willie)MS1Jan 1979 – Jun 1980Don't rememberOn the Pre Commisioning crew!!!! Went to Fort Lauderdale,Cartegena Colombia, thru the Panama Canal(no pic's)on the way to Pearl Harbour!!! Which was to be our home in the near future !! Honorable discharge in June 1980!!
McTamaney, TomSTS2Feb 1979 – Mar 1983Sonar
Littell, JeffFTG1 SSFeb 10, 1979 – Apr 16, 1982Weapon/Fire controlPlank owner, seatrial, travelled thru the Panama Canal to Hawaii, Love on Land got me to leave the sea
Glover, ArtieMM1Apr 1979 – Sep 1980AuxlliaryGREAT Ship- Served with a great bunch of A-Gangers including MMC Scally and DeBoer. Harry Salmon was a great CO. Lloyd Leverette, where are you? LCDR Tom Kent was tall. Left the ship in PSA to go to instructor duty at NastyPac.
Wert, Jon VanET2(SS)Oct 1979 – Feb 1982Reactor ControlsPlank Owner
Archibald, Dan (Arch)TMS2(SS)Dec 1979 – Jul 1981WeaponsPlank Owner
Puling, Roger (Pully)MS-3-SS1980 – 1984SupplyI was a cook ,took over after Kimmzey and Dalgren.-Doug Simon was XO ..went through 3 captains..Drove 1 nuts in P-I. Greenquist and Shores were there at the time.Found Rodreguez & Brockmans Email.Was a hoot!!!
Ramsay, Thomas profile iconMS1 (SS)Jan 1980 – 1982CookBrought aboard to manage the galley for its first WestPac. Was a great night baker as well.
Lamb, KevinMM1/SSJun 10, 1980 – Oct 5, 1982AGood boat.
Nicholas, Bob "nick"ET1(SS)Jun 20, 1980 – Jun 21, 1984RCGood to hear from you guys. Thanks for revisiting the ol' Mojo receipe, Harvey! --But I think it was TWO shots vodka vice one.
Ewan, JohnFTG3/SSSep 16, 1980 – Nov 28, 1984FT/TM
Fish, MichaelEM2Dec 1980 – Aug 1984EJust missed being a plank owner, my only regret The Indy's first west pac was great
FabII, RenoMM2/ELTDec 7, 1980 – May 20, 1985M/RLUnforgetable! Charlie and Graham's Juice Parties Bar Hunters Inc. K-Bars. Austrailia. The P.I. Oh My God! Sabiland!!! Aloha Shirts and black socks at the BLUE KANGAROO MOJOs at The Kitchen Absolutely the best time of my life
Newman, Kennethst / sk1981 – 1984sonarhey shipmates just found this site hope to hear from you bubbleheads
Neneman, TerryMM3/SS1981 – 1986A gangEnjoyed my time for the most part. Lots of good times during port visits. Chuck Jorgensen and I are probably lucky to have survived some of those times.
Cerniglia, FrankE5/ IC2 SS1981 – 1985ICThis experience was one the best I would do it again . It taught me so much and has helped throughout my life. Thanks for the brotherhood,, friendship, knowledge, training and awesome adventures.
Robinson, RussMM3(ss)Jan 1981 – Jun 1984A-GangJust seeing some of these names really brings back memories. For sure that was wild times!
Trusello, JohnTMC ssJan 5, 1981 – Feb 5, 1989Weapons
Amato, RichRM2(SS)Feb 1981 – Nov 1984RadioFrank Winters, Bummer, Ray Garcia, Bill Lynch all under RMCS(SS) Kopplin...1st and 2nd Westpac.. CO underway heart attack. Self inflicted topside watch overboard...Guns, Guts and Girls..could not have asked for a better first boat.
Harrow, DaveSTS2/SSApr 1981 – Jun 1985Sonar
Rodriguez, ArtagnanDS2May 1981 – Jun 1984NavOpsGreat shipmates, amazing WestPacs, enough memories to last a lifetime!
Fawcett, Peter Aka DriftIC/snMay 15, 1981 – May 15, 1983ICHad a blast...
Gentry, EdwardQMCM(SS/DV)Jun 1981 – Sep 1984Command Master Chief
Faraklas, NickLTAug 1981 – May 1985I think back fondly of my years on the Indy. Many long hours, and alot of work. Many great friends and shipmates. Appreciate the time more each day. Would do it all again.
Shibley, GerryEM1Aug 11, 1981 – Jun 10, 1985ElectricalGreat boat. Great memories. Great bunch of brothers.
Lynch, WilliamRM2(SS)Oct 1981 – Aug 1983RADIOThis my first sea tour after training. Made WESTPAC '82 abd SPEC OP '83...served with great people like RMCS(SS) Kopplin made me the submarine sailor I became. Rick Amato was my best friend. Thanks to YNC and TMC.
Jorgensen, ChuckIC1/SSNov 1981 – Oct 1986Interior CommunicationsCheck out
Mitschke, PhillipTM2(SS)Dec 31, 1981 – Sep 5, 1987deck the torpedo5 years 8 mo Happiness is: Did somebody say Wixom ? 4 west pacs

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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