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USS Seawolf (SSN 575) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seawolf (SSN 575). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 72 crew members registered for the USS Seawolf (SSN 575).

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Ewalt, Fred (Woodie)CHIEF ETJan 20, 1956 – Dec 30, 1958ElectronicsHe is now on "Eternal Patrol" Commissioning crew member
Pelkey, TomYNCS(SS)Jun 1958 – Dec 1958AdminYN striker, onboard for first 60 day submerged patrol, trans when decomissioned to change reactor cooling system.
Olsen, MichaelQM2(SS)May 1959 – Apr 1960Operations (Nav)Was on the 1959 first 60 day submerged trip (as a QMSN). As a grunt, I was one of the last to leave the boat during decom. for the reactor change at EB. Going from Seawolf to Corsair SS 435 was a "downer."
Vincent, DonEN1Aug 19, 1959 – Dec 3, 1960MI tried to get transfered back on board after the sodum cooled reactor was replaced with the water cooled one In my mind this boat was the best to be on My other subs were SS483, SSN579, SSN586
McMicken, WilliamLT MCApr 1960 – Mar 1961Medical
Arendt, JpDec 30, 1960 – Jul 1, 1967Sub Base Groton-New London, CT
Gilbert, LeeIC2(SSN)Jun 1, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962
Pratt, Dell (Cleve For Cleveland)FTG3(SS)May 1962 – Sep 1964Served on the Seawolf during the first Show of Power Med. Cruise with the Enterprise, LongBeach and Bainbridge nuclear ships. One of the highlights of my life!
Olson, Galon (Oly) profile iconEM1 (SS)Aug 1962 – Dec 1964E
Robison, Ronald (Robbi)MM1(SS)Dec 23, 1963 – Dec 18, 1967Aux.
Leppart, Jerry (Spots)IC3(SS)1964 – Dec 15, 1967Part of the Crew of the First Nuclear Task Force in the Med...Seawolf, Enterprise, Long Beach & Bainbridge
Boardman, BennyET2Apr 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1966Engineering
Arnold, Herman/lurchMM2 (SS)1965 – 1968M
Bierman, Arvid/bessieMM2SS1965 – 1968M
Bierman, Arvid N.MM2[SS]1965 – 1968M
Arnold, Herman DMM3/MM2Jul 1965 – 1969M
Best, Gerald F. JrMM-1(SS)Dec 1965 – Oct 1970M
Sienicki, MichaelIC11966 – Aug 18, 1971EngineeringOperated onboard Seawolf in North Atlantic, Mediterranean, and went through Panama Canal up the West Coast into Mare Island NSY. Left her in 1971 during major overhaul and conversion to DSRV Mother ship.
Geltz, John (Johnny) (gomer)MMC (SS)Apr 2, 1966 – Jul 7, 1974A-GangGreat Gang, Good Boat
Dunn, Don M. (Mike)MMCMSS1967 – 1970A
Northrup, RichardTM2(SS)Oct 1, 1967 – Aug 16, 1970WeaponsThe best of times....especially when we surfaced after hitting the bottom... LOL
Bellinghausen, Bill profile iconIC1(ss)Jan 15, 1968 – Apr 1969E-DivLooking for any one on board 30 Jan 1968.
Ault, JohnQM3(SS)Nov 1969 – Dec 1972NAVGot out just before sea trials after Mare Island Addition.
Foster, Al /artETR2 (SS)Dec 20, 1969 – May 8, 1974Reactor Control2 years drydock at Mare Island gets us 50' longer. I was RO during Battle Dive during sea trials. (Future floor wax almost did us in!) Where did we go for the next two years????
Lomberk, Karl BerkQM 2(SS)Apr 5, 1970 – Apr 3, 1972navagationMade the trip around from New London to Mare Island. Great bunch of men tight crew.
Hamann, LarryIC3Nov 1970 – Oct 1972EngineeringAfter IC A school I was assigned to USS Seawolf
Hawkins, WilliamYN3 (SS)1971 – 1974ADMINShe was the only 'BOAT' I was ever assigned to. She kept the number of surfaces to dives equal. The command was kind of an 'UP THE DOWN STAIR CASE' gathering. A lot of PRIDE. 'GOD SPEED'
Bisler, Lawrence/larryRMC(SS)Sep 15, 1971 – Aug 25, 1981Operations/radioSpent 2 tours on Seawolf, 71-75 and 77-81.A great boat with a really strange , diversified crew. All good people. This was the strangest of my 25 year career because of the situation the boat was in. dead mans bluff
Tawney, Darrel IC2SSNov 1, 1971 – Jul 7, 1973EngineeringI had lots of friends while on the Seawolf during overhaul at Mare Island. I got off when it went to Puget Sound. I haven't really kept up with Crew Mates like I do on my first boat USS Ronquil SS396
Gillis, MarkMM2(SS)Jan 1972 – Sep 1974
Morrow, DonIc2Mar 1, 1972 –E- divisionAnyone serving during that time I would like to hear from..
Harwell, James LeeYN2(SS)Mar 15, 1972 – Mar 15, 1972ADMINI didn’t realize then but it was the 4 most adventurous years of my life. How was it said? Not much of a boat but she was a pretty good feeder.
Slingsby, JimTM2 (SS)May 15, 1972 – Mar 25, 1976WeaponsIn time aboard the "wolf" was some of the most interesting time of my life. Didn't appreciate it that much then....but looking back, I would not change it for anything.
Becker, William/billMM2 SS & MM1 SSJun 5, 1972 – Apr 5, 1975EngineeringMy first sea duty. Made a lot of friends. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the Diesel Boat Petty Officers. The Nukes were the epitomy of solidarity. Thanks Chief G.
Holesa, Mike (Pollock)EM1 (SS)Feb 1973 – Feb 1977E -DivisionGreat time Great friends. Remember the Garbage Bowl , Vancover Island trips and more
Cooke, JosephTM 2 (SS)Nov 20, 1973 – Jan 19, 1975WEPS
Resley, DanielSTS-1 SSJul 1974 – 1976SonarSpent a record number of days at sea on this boat.
Parker, Ercle DonIC1(SS)Dec 24, 1974 – Oct 1976FWD ICSome of the most interesting times of my 9 year navy time. Thanks for the memories. Specialy the unique announcing system that I helped maintain.
Breshears, JoeSTS1 (SS)1975 – Nov 1981SonarJust trying to connect with my old shipmates. CC, Val,Rico, Hal. This was one of the best times of my life
Moore, BobMM2 (SS)May 6, 1975 – Jun 26, 1978spa gang
Nardone, DennisPHC(SS)Jun 15, 1975 – Apr 2, 1980Operations

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