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USS Flasher (SSN 613) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Flasher (SSN 613). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 178 crew members registered for the USS Flasher (SSN 613).

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Manning, JimET2 (SS)Apr 1983 – Nov 1986Navigation Electronics
Janovick, JohnET2 (SS)May 1983 – Sep 1986Nav / OpsAfter the boat, was Tech 'til 1990, then as programmer 'til 1995, then as Network Administrator 'til 2003, then as owner/operator of semi truck. I have 3 beautiful daughters. Ages 16 - 16 - and 14. Divorced in 1990. No significant other
Thompson, Curtis(Pbf)ET1SSMay 20, 1983 – Oct 29, 1986RCImissed the last reunion unfortunately. I will be in San Diego this year. Looking forward to it. Too bad the Horse and Cow is gone!
Meredith, Jon/germMM2/SSJul 1983 – Aug 1987M
Grant, PhilIC3/SSAug 1983 – Mar 1987ENGGood times, nice to see some old shipmates listed.
Grant, PhillipE4/ICAug 1983 – Mar 1987ICGreat crew.
McLaughlin, Sean "Maxman"MM2/SSNov 20, 1983 – Dec 20, 1988A-Ganger
Manifold, JonMM2(SS)Feb 1984 – Apr 1987A-GangFirst boat and ALOT of good memories. Retired after 26yrs as a DCCM(SS/SW/SWCC/DV) after being a Navy Diver and SWCC. Look forward to June 2016.
Barrie, BoydEM1May 8, 1984 – Jun 8, 1989Electrical
Elkins, ShawnET2SSJun 1984 – Sep 18, 1987NAV/OPSBack in Illinois. Kids are about grown up and on thier way to college.
Brungard, BillRM2/SSJun 1984 – Nov 1989OPS/NAVGreat times on the Flasher... Shout out to the Radio group- Jeff, Jim, Jessie, Mark.. Also to my nuke buddies Jimmy G, Barry, Mondo. I Still live in San Diego.
Gasparro, DannyE6 / STSJun 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988WepsHey guy's !!!!! Also think about those day's often. Bent scope/adak, horse and cow. Any idea where Perry Martin or Dale (buford) Justice are today ?
Hitt, William C.MM1/SSJun 22, 1984 – Dec 10, 1987A-GangHad A Great Time [DBF-SS582]
Garity, TomET1 (SS)Jul 1984 – Oct 1987NAV/OPS
Bosman, DanSNJul 7, 1984 – Jul 15, 1985
Meyer, JimET2 (SS)Aug 1984 – Jun 1988RC
Anderson, Albert A-trainE-4Oct 1, 1984 – Oct 1, 1986weoponscrazy days, west pac morning stores
Hansen, CurtisEM1 (SS)Nov 1984 – Dec 1986EMGood times...
Baka, Mike (Chewie)MM1(SS)Nov 1984 – Nov 1986RL/MThe most interesting and challenging days of our lives - and the best of friends! Green board, Chewie.
Osborne, JimTM-1Jan 1985 – Apr 1988TMGreat times
Hudson, WilliamMS3 SSFeb 2, 1985 – Feb 2, 1986Supply
Blakey, James STS 2 (SS)Jun 1985 – Jun 1987SONAR
Knapp, Donald ( Mongo)MM2SSJun 7, 1985 – Aug 18, 1988M-div
Peters, JeffRM1Aug 23, 1985 – Sep 19, 1989Radio Rocks!!Great time on the Flasher... Especially when we bent the scope?? NAVOPS and LOWER Level MAFIA. Diesel that wouldn't run. Westpac's that were a blast!! Bill Brungard, Jesse Bell, Jim Grant and Chief Kucskar.
Salisbury, Dale "Sal"MS1Sep 1985 – Oct 1986MSI see a lot of familer names here, met a lot of good people aboard the flasher. Retired in 98 now reside in Va. All is now good.
Brungard, Bill profile iconRM2Sep 1985 – Nov 1989RADIOSome of the best times of my life with great people... Peters, Gage, "Tiger", Bell, "Mondo", and my spades partner Hunt to name a few. Still living in San Diego 858 243-8291.
Rowe, KenSNNov 1985 – Dec
Whipple, Whip-richardIC3/SSNov 17, 1985 – Jul 24, 1989IC/DECK
Whipple, Richasrd / WhipIC3/SSDec 12, 1985 – Jul 17, 1989IC
Gage, Jimmy "the Weasel"EM3/SSJan 1986 – 1988ElectricalI'd like to hear from some of you guys. I still think about those days.
Fergurson, John RickyMM2 (SS)Mar 6, 1986 – Sep 24, 1987MachineryI miss those days. Unfortunately a hardship discharge cut my time there short
Swaims, MarkTM2(ss)Aug 1986 – Oct 1990TorpedoFlasher was the best job i ever had. I left when the state of NM gave me custody of my 3 kids. I still use the skills and education i got on Flasher. Yes I remember the bent scope. Call 505-890-4745. great shipmates!
Noel, DaveSNAug 20, 1986 – Jun 20, 1988Deck and TMThis was my first boat. I qualified Horse and Cow Mare Island thanks to "Buford" Justice and got my dolphins in San Diego. This boat AND crew ste me up for a 23 year career on boats. I'm married and in San Diego.
Wulfekuhl, Russ profile iconMM1Aug 30, 1986 – Aug 1, 1987A-GangLeft the boat and spent 4 years on a Tender in Norfolk. The the last couple of years on recruiting duty. Got out in '93, went to college and got a B.S. in electrical engineering. Wife of 35 years, 1 child (daughter).
Hitt, SteveMM1(SS)Oct 15, 1986 – Mar 9, 1988RLLast command before getting out.
Turner, BruceEM1 (SS)Nov 1986 – Oct 1990E
Howe, KellyFTG1 (ss)Dec 1986 – Jun 1991FT
Corbin, Tddd ( Stickybuns )TM3 SSDec 15, 1986 – Sep 1, 1989TorpedomanNAVY, (Never Again Volunteer Yourself) unless you were on the Flasher when I was. West Pac, the bent scope, weapons department, and my brother Swaims, I miss it all. I have been married now for nearly 21yrs. 319-334-3736
Block, Walter (Walt)MMC(SS)1987 – 1989A-GangSome tough times and learning to lead.
Bell, BrianEM1Jun 1987 – May 1989EReunion June 2016. San Diego
Girard, JeffreyFT2Aug 1987 – Jan 1991Fire Control
Podgorski, Stephen (Pogo)E5 MS2/SSOct 1987 – Feb 1991MESS MANAGEMENTIt was my first boat.Out if school I met the boat in Japan on my first West-Pac.I now live back home in Rhode Island with my wife and three children

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