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Submarine Rescue Ships - ASR

Submarine Rescue Ships were designed as submarine rescue vehicles capable of deploying the McCann rescue chamber and supporting deep sea diving operations.

Chanticleer ASR 7 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
CHANTICLEERASR 7decommissioned
COUCALASR 8decommissioned
FLORIKANASR 9decommissioned
GREENLETASR 10decommissioned
MACAWASR 11sunk February 13, 1944
KITTIWAKEASR 13decommissioned
PETRELASR 14decommissioned
SUNBIRDASR 15decommissioned
TRINGAASR 16decommissioned

Pigeon ASR 21 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
PIGEONASR 21decommissioned
ORTOLANASR 22decommissioned

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