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Antigo (YTB 792)

- stricken -

no coat of arms

The second ship to bear the name of the city in northeastern Wisconsin, the ANTIGO was one of the NATICK - class large harbor tugs. Assigned to Naval Station Charleston, SC., for almost her entire service life, the ANTIGO was stricken from the Navy list on June 25, 1999. Sold on May 17, 2000, she subsequently entered service as civilian tug DONALD G. McALLISTER.

General Characteristics:Awarded: June 16, 1966
Keel laid: September 27, 1966
Launched: April 18, 1967
Delivered: July 10, 1967
Stricken: June 25, 1999
Builder: Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, Wis.
Propulsion system: one diesel propulsion engine, 2000 HP
Propellers: one
Length: 109 feet (33.2 meters)
Beam: 29 feet (8.8 meters)
Draft: 13 feet (3.95 meters)
Displacement: approx. 356 tons
Speed: 12 knots
Armament: none
Crew: 12

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Crew List:

This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard ANTIGO. It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information.

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