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Fuel Oil Barges - YON

Fuel Oil Barges are non-self-propelled liquid cargo barges designed to carry liquid petroleum products for refueling ships.

BargeHull NumberClassHomeport / Status
YON 91YON 91YON 89stricken
YON 280YON 280YON 245San Diego, Ca.
YON 307YON 307YON 307Diego Garcia
YON 308YON 308YON 307stricken
YON 309YON 309YON 307Bremerton, Wa.
YON 311YON 311YON 307Norfolk, Va.
YON 312YON 312YON 307Norfolk, Va.
YON 313YON 313YON 307Norfolk, Va.
YON 314YON 314YON 307Bremerton, Wa.
YON 315YON 315YON 307Bremerton, Wa.
YON 316YON 316YON 307stricken
YON 317YON 317YON 307stricken
YON 318YON 318YON 307Norfolk, Va.
YON 319YON 319YON 307Bremerton, Wa.
YON 321YON 321YON 321Sasebo, Japan
YON 322YON 322YON 321Bremerton, Wa.
YON 323YON 323YON 321Norfolk, Va.
YON 324YON 324YON 321Norfolk, Va.
YON 325YON 325YON 321Bremerton, Wa.
YON 326YON 326YON 321Bremerton, Wa.
YON 327YON 327YON 321San Diego, Ca.
YON 328YON 328YON 321Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YON 330YON 330YON 330Norfolk, Va.
YON 331YON 331YON 330Norfolk, Va.
YON 332YON 332YON 332San Diego, Ca.
YON 333YON 333YON 332San Diego, Ca.
YON 334YON 334YON 332Norfolk, Va.
YON 335YON 335YON 332Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YON 336YON 336YON 332Pearl Harbor, Hi.

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