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Floating Cranes - YD

Floating Cranes are craft specialized in lifting heavy loads.

CraneHull NumberHomeport / Status
YD 117YD 117stricken
YD 246YD 246stricken
YD 247YD 247stricken
YD 248YD 248Bremerton, Wa.
YD 249YD 249Norfolk, Va.
YD 250YD 250Groton, Ct.
YD 251YD 251stricken
YD 254YD 254San Diego, Ca.
YD 255YD 255Norfolk, Va.
YD 256YD 256stricken
YD 257YD 257Norfolk, Va.
YD 259YD 259Bremerton, Wa.
YD 260YD 260San Diego, Ca.
YD 261YD 261Pearl Harbor, Hi.

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