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Open Lighter - YC

Open Lighters are non-self-propelled steel barges designed to transport cargo in rivers, harbors or other protected waters.

Open LighterHull NumberHomeport / Status
YC 804YC 804Everett, Wa.
YC 816YC 816Norfolk, Va.
YC 829YC 829stricken
YC 1068YC 1068stricken
YC 1070YC 1070Norfolk, Va.
YC 1073YC 1073Everett, Wa.
YC 1090YC 1090Bremerton, Wa.
YC 1381YC 1381Yokosuka, Japan
YC 1382YC 1382San Diego, Calif.
YC 1409YC 1409Norfolk, Va.
YC 1474YC 1474San Diego, Ca.
YC 1484YC 1484stricken
YC 1486YC 1486San Diego, Ca.
YC 1491YC 1491San Diego, Ca.
YC 1492YC 1492San Diego, Ca.
YC 1574YC 1574San Diego, Ca.
YC 1579YC 1579San Diego, Ca.
YC 1580YC 1580Kittery, Me.
YC 1585YC 1585San Diego, Ca.
YC 1586YC 1586Norfolk, Va.
YC 1589YC 1589Everett, Wa.
YC 1593YC 1593Philadelphia, Pa.
YC 1599YC 1599Norfolk, Va.
YC 1600YC 1600Kittery, Me.
YC 1609YC 1609Bremerton, Wa.
YC 1619YC 1619Kittery, Me.
YC 1626YC 1626Philadelphia, Pa.
YC 1628YC 1628Norfolk, Va.
YC 1632YC 1632San Diego, Ca.
YC 1637YC 1637Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YC 1638YC 1638Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YC 1640YC 1640Norfolk, Va.
YC 1641YC 1641Norfolk, Va.
YC 1651YC 1651Norfolk, Va.
YC 1652YC 1652Norfolk, Va.
YC 1653YC 1653Norfolk, Va.
YC 1654YC 1654Norfolk, Va.
YC 1655YC 1655Norfolk, Va.
YC 1656YC 1656Norfolk, Va.
YC 1657YC 1657Norfolk, Va.
YC 1658YC 1658San Diego, Ca.
YC 1659YC 1659San Diego, Ca.
YC 1661YC 1661San Diego, Ca.
YC 1662YC 1662San Diego, Ca.
YC 1666YC 1666San Diego, Ca.
YC 1669YC 1669Norfolk, Va.
YC 1671YC 1671Norfolk, Va.
YC 1676YC 1676San Diego, Ca.
YC 1677YC 1677San Diego, Ca.
YC 1678YC 1678East Coast
YC 1680YC 1680Norfolk, Va.
YC 1682YC 1682stricken
YC 1683YC 1683Norfolk, Va.

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