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US Navy Ship Classification Symbols

CAHeavy Cruiser
CAGGuided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CCCommand Ship
CGGuided Missile Cruiser
CGNGuided Missile Cruiser (nuclear-powered)
CLLight Cruiser
CLAAAnti Aircraft Light Cruiser
CLGGuided Missile Light Cruiser
CVAircraft Carrier
CVAAttack Aircraft Carrier
CVANAttack Aircraft Carrier (nuclear-powered)
CVBLarge Aircraft Carrier
CVE/ACV/AVGEscort Aircraft Carrier
CVLLight Carrier
CVNAircraft Carrier (nuclear-powered)
CVSASW Aircraft Carrier
CVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
CVUUtility Aircraft Carrier
DEDestroyer Escort
DEGGuided Missile Escort Ship
DERRadar Picket Escort Ship
DDGGuided Missile Destroyer
DDRRadar Picket Destroyer
DLGGuided Missile Frigate
DLGNGuided Missile Frigate (nuclear-powered)
DMDestroyer Minelayer
FFGGuided Missile Frigate
FFRRadar Picket Frigate
FFTReserve Training Frigate
IFSInshore Fire Support Ship
LCCAmphibious Command Ship
LCUUtility Landing Craft
LFRInshore Fire Support Ship
LHAAmphibious Assault Ship (general purpose)
LHDAmphibious Assault Ship (multi purpose)
LKAAmphibious Cargo Ship
LPAAmphibious Transport
LPDAmphibious Transport Dock
LPH/CVHAAmphibious Assault Ship (helicopter)
LPRAmphibious Transport (small)
LPSSAmphibious Transport Submarine
LSDDock Landing Ship
LSMMedium Landing Ship
LSMRMedium Landing Ship (Rocket)
LSTTank Landing Ship
LSVVehicle Landing Ship
MCMMine Countermeasures Ship
MCSMine Countermeasures Support Ship
MMFFleet Minelayer
MSBMinesweeping Boats
MSC/MHCMinesweeper, Coastal
MSFFleet Minesweeper
MSOMinesweeper, Oceanic
PCPatrol Coastal (old meaning: Submarine Chaser)
PCEPatrol Escort
PCERRescue Escort
PCHHydrofoil Submarine Chaser
PCSSubmarine Chaser
PGPatrol Combatant
PGHPatrol Craft (hydrofoil)
PGMMotor Gunboat
PHMPatrol Combatant Missile (hydrofoil)
PTFFast Patrol Craft
SSAG / AGSSAuxiliary Submarine
SSBNFleet Ballistic Submarine (nuclear-powered)
SSGGuided Missile Submarine
SSGNGuided Missile Submarine (nuclear-powered)
SSNSubmarine (nuclear-powered)

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Auxiliary Ships
A "T-" in front of a designation indicates that the respective
ship is operated by the Military Sealift Command (MSC)
and that it is manned by a civilian crew.
ACSAuxiliary Crane Ship
ADDestroyer Tender
ADGDegaussing Ship
AEAmmunition Ship
AFStore Ship
AFSCombat Stores Ship
AGCAmphibious Force Flagship
AGFCommand Ship
AGDSAuxiliary Deep Submergence Support Ship
AGDEEscort Research Ship
AGEHHydrofoil Research Ship
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship
AGFFFrigate Research Ship
AGHSPatrol Combatant Support Ship
AGMMissile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMRMajor Communication Relay Ship
AGOROceanographic Research Ship
AGOSOcean Surveillance Ship
AGPPatrol Craft Tender
AGRRadar Picket Ship
AGSSurveying Ship
AGSCCoastal Surveying Ship
AGTRTechnical Research Ship
AHHospital Ship
AKCargo Ship
AKAAttack Cargo Ship
AKEDry Cargo / Ammunition Ship
AKLLight Cargo Ship
AKRVehicle Cargo Ship
AKSStore Issue Ship
AKVCargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
ANNet Laying Ship
AOEFast Combatant Support Ship
AOGGasoline Tanker
AOTTransport Oiler
AORReplenishment Oiler
APAAttack Transport
APBSelf-propelled Barracks Ship
APDHigh-Speed Transport
APVTransport and Aircraft Ferry
ARRepair Ship
ARBBattle Damage Repair Ship
ARCCable Repairing Ship
ARGInternal Combustion Engines Repair Ship
ARLLanding Craft Repair Ship
ARSSalvage Ship
ARSDSalvage Lifting Tender
ARSTSalvage Ship Tender
ARVAircraft Repair Ship
ASSubmarine Tender
ASRSubmarine Rescue Ship
ATAAuxiliary Ocean Tug
ATFFleet Ocean Tug
ATSSalvage and Rescue Ship
AVSeaplane Tender
AVBAdvanced Aviation Base Ship
AVMGuided Missile Ship
AVPSmall Seaplane Tender
AVSAviation Supply Ship
AVTAuxiliary Aircraft Transport
AWDistilling Ship
AZLighter-than-Air Aircraft Tender
IXUnclassified Miscellaneous
T-AO / T-AOTOiler (MSC operated)
YAGSpecial Minesweeper

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Service Craft
AFDBLarge Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDLSmall Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDMMedium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
APLBarracks Ship (non self-propelled)
ARDAuxiliary Repair Dry Dock
ARDMMedium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock
YCOpen Lighter
YCFCar Floats
YCVAircraft Transportation Lighter
YDFloating Crane
YDTDiving Tender
YFCovered Lighter (self-propelled)
YFDYard Floating Dry Dock
YFNCovered Lighter (non self-propelled)
YFNBLarge Covered Lighter
YFNDDry Dock Companion Craft
YFNXLighter (special purpose)
YFPFloating Power Barge
YFRRefrigerated Covered Lighter
YFRNRefrigerated Covered Lighter (non self-propelled)
YFRTCovered Lighter (Range Tender)
YFUHarbor Utility Craft
YGGarbage Lighter (self-propelled)
YGNGarbage Lighter (non self-propelled)
YLCSalvage Lift Craft
YNGGate Craft
YOFuel Oil Barge (self-propelled)
YOGGasoline Barge (self-propelled)
YOGNGasoline Barge (non self-propelled)
YONFuil Oil Barge (non self-propelled)
YOSOil Storage Barge
YPPatrol Craft
YPDFloating Pile Driver
YRFloating Workshop
YRBRepair and Berthing Barge
YRBMRepair, Berthing and Messing Barge
YRDHFloating Dry Dock Workshop (hull)
YRDMFloating Dry Dock Workshop (machine)
YRRRadiological Repair Barge
YRSTSalvage Craft Tender
YSDSeaplane Wreckage Derrick
YSRSludge Removal Barge
YTBLarge Harbor Tug
YTLSmall Harbor Tug
YTMMedium Harbor Tug
YTTTorpedo Trials Ship
YVDrone Aircraft Catapult Control Craft
YWWater Barge (self-propelled)
YWNWater Barge (non self-propelled)

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