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Privacy Statement

By visiting the Unofficial US Navy Site your browser submits information about you to the website. These information are mainly standard server logs (referrer URLs, pages viewed, OS, browser etc.) which are collected for statistic purposes (Website Statistics) only. These information are logged automatically.

The Crew List Section of this website allows visitors to submit their personal information to the website. These information will be made public on the website. Since the crew list is not intented to be a collection of email addresses but a tool to allow sailors to find former shipmates, no email addresses will be displayed. This is mainly to avoid that these email addresses will be added to any spam mailing lists. People in the crew list can be contacted through a form on the website that will be sent to the respective sailor. The email addresses in our crew list database will NEVER be given to any third party.

People added to the crew list are always able to edit or delete their submitted information by logging in to the crew list or by sending an email to the Webmaster.

We are using third party advertising on this website. These ads use cookies that allow ad placement based on information gathered from your visit to and other websites. The collected information do not include your name, address, email or phone number but mainly information on your visited web pages to enable ad placement based on your possible interests. These information are shared with our ad partners. Additionally, we are also using the cookies to analyse user behaviour on our website. Collected information include visited pages, the user's geographical location, OS, referrer URLs etc. These information are also shared with our partners (in our case Google). If you want to deactivate the cookies, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative Website for instructions on how to do it. To disable the cookies from the advertising networks used on you'll have to deactivate the cookies from Google and ValueClick Media.

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