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Ocean Minesweepers - MSO

The Ocean Minesweepers were ocean-going minesweepers capable of finding, classifying and destroying moored and bottom contact, magnetic and acoustic mines.

Agile MSO 421 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
AGILEMSO 421decommissioned

Aggressive MSO 422 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
AGGRESSIVEMSO 422decommissioned
AVENGEMSO 423decommissioned
BOLDMSO 424decommissioned
BULWARKMSO 425decommissioned
CONFLICTMSO 426decommissioned
CONSTANTMSO 427decommissioned
DASHMSO 428decommissioned
DETECTORMSO 429decommissioned
DIRECTMSO 430decommissioned
DOMINANTMSO 431decommissioned
DYNAMICMSO 432decommissioned
ENGAGEMSO 433decommissioned
EMBATTLEMSO 434decommissioned
ENDURANCEMSO 435decommissioned
ENERGYMSO 436decommissioned
ENHANCEMSO 437decommissioned
ESTEEMMSO 438decommissioned
EXCELMSO 439decommissioned
EXPLOITMSO 440decommissioned
EXULTANTMSO 441decommissioned
FEARLESSMSO 442decommissioned
FIDELITYMSO 443decommissioned
FIRMMSO 444decommissioned
FORCEMSO 445lost on April 24, 1973
FORTIFYMSO 446decommissioned
GUIDEMSO 447decommissioned
ILLUSIVEMSO 448decommissioned
IMPERVIOUSMSO 449decommissioned
IMPLICITMSO 455decommissioned
INFLICTMSO 456decommissioned
LOYALTYMSO 457decommissioned
LUCIDMSO 458decommissioned
NIMBLEMSO 459decommissioned
NOTABLEMSO 460decommissioned
OBSERVERMSO 461decommissioned
PINNACLEMSO 462decommissioned
PIVOTMSO 463decommissioned
PLUCKMSO 464decommissioned
PRESTIGEMSO 465lost on August 23, 1958
PRIMEMSO 466decommissioned
REAPERMSO 467decommissioned
RIVALMSO 468decommissioned
SAGACITYMSO 469decommissioned
SALUTEMSO 470decommissioned
SKILLMSO 471decommissioned
VALORMSO 472decommissioned
VIGORMSO 473decommissioned
VITALMSO 474decommissioned
CONQUESTMSO 488decommissioned
GALLANTMSO 489decommissioned
LEADERMSO 490decommissioned
PERSISTENTMSO 491decommissioned
PLEDGEMSO 492decommissioned
STALWARTMSO 493decommissioned
STURDYMSO 494decommissioned
SWERVEMSO 495decommissioned
VENTUREMSO 496decommissioned

Acme MSO 508 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
ACMEMSO 508decommissioned
ADROITMSO 509decommissioned
ADVANCEMSO 510decommissioned
AFFRAYMSO 511decommissioned

Ability MSO 519 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
ABILITYMSO 519decommissioned
ALACRITYMSO 520decommissioned
ASSURANCEMSO 521decommissioned

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