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At first: This is not the official site of the U.S. NAVY, you can find the official one at
This website has no official connection to the US Navy or the US Department of Defense.

You are currently visiting the largest European US Navy website. The whole project was started in early 1999 by two German students and has since then developed into an interesting and informative source of US Navy related information.

About us:

The Team
Thoralf DoehringWebmaster and project manager. Initially only responsible for the website's contents but since early 2001 also working as webmaster.

Michael Jenning
Michael was the webmaster from April 1999 - early 2001. Due to the lack of time he gave up this job. Since then, he provides software solutions (e.g. the crewlist script) for the website.


About the Site:

First of all I would like to apologize to all visitors who do not have a high-speed internet connection because some of the pages on this website are really large and take some time to load.

This website is online since April 9, 1999, and currently provides information on more than 1000 ships. It also contains more than 10,000 photos and several video clips.

The website was created without using any WYSIWYG editors. We only used the Mircosoft Windows Notepad.
The site contains information that are displayed with JavaScript, Cascading Style-Sheets, and Dynamic HTML, but no frames. These are the reasons why we recommend using a browser of the 4th generation like Microsoft's Internet Explorer (versions equal or greater 4) or Netscape Navigator (also versions equal or greater 4). The website is best viewed at 1024 x 768.

Most of the images as well as most of the information on this site are official US Navy material. Photos by other people are mostly marked as those. Anyway, if you should come across one of your photos that is not marked as such please contact us and the photo will be removed from the site.
Our own photos were all taken by Thoralf Doehring and are marked with a copyright watermark in the lower right corner.

Please do not use mass-downloading software on this website!


Maintaining a website like this requires a lot of time and effort. That's why I depend on you - the visitors - to keep the site an interesting and informative place.

There are several ways in which you can help. The probably easiest one is to leave a comment in the guestbook to let me know what you liked or what you disliked about this website. I also always again appreciate submissions of photos and information. Valuable as well are reports of incorrect page content.

At the moment this website is only maintained by me and therefore, some sections do not get the attention they might deserve. These are for example the weapons' and missiles' sections and the helicopters' and planes' sections. Co-webmasters for these sections are always very welcome.

I thank the following people for their help:

Howard Walsh; Howald Walsh, Jr.; Klaus Herrmann, William Chiu, Phillip Whiteman, Brian Barton, Anthony Schneider, TJ Tropea, Sherman Pitzer, Stefan Karpinski, Carl Groll, as well as all the others who sent photos or information.

Website Statistics:

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2010 total2,506,21712,591,2161365.75 GB91,987,494
December 2010231,3351,393,645128.58 GB9,336,371
November 2010245,8091,153,999131.68 GB9,712,289
October 2010200,1481,202,340109.93 GB8,275,973
September 2010198,1311,053,936122.14 GB8,659,615
August 2010208,8801,050,376118.41 GB8,669,830
July 2010208,310964,122118.24 GB8,575,588
June 2010201,840877,915102.96 GB7,862,223
May 2010200,051995,399110.87 GB8,184,507
April 2010203,967941,654106.22 GB8,096,784
March 2010204,755930,415109.92 GB7,520,962
February 2010185,058890,87794.22 GB7,116,674
January 2010217,9331,136,538112.58 GB8,636,292
2009 total2,323,09213,714,4161434.35 GB109,811,113
December 2009192,0381,125,396103.91 GB7,830,383
November 2009212,0011,239,687118.21 GB9,122,078
October 2009221,0351,275,755110.98 GB8,704,444
September 2009210,1941,161,61499.93 GB8,104,342
August 2009195,0431,108,223108.72 GB8,198,432
July 2009180,4741,116,939107.25 GB8,395,099
June 2009173,3621,046,202112.49 GB8,767,894
May 2009182,7551,162,235127.58 GB10,004,939
April 2009224,1251,219,590177.18 GB11,936,884
March 2009199,7391,186,661130.80 GB10,262,200
February 2009166,340990,678109.93 GB8,890,685
January 2009165,9861,081,436127.37 GB9,593,733
2008 total2,300,0389,981,2441143.54 GB94,588,029
December 2008152,1481,003,215101.60 GB8,022,008
November 2008171,683994,566111.43 GB8,524,524
October 2008171,919997,165109.12 GB8,434,528
September 2008166,259825,55895.15 GB8,108,822
August 2008161,698774,49886.40 GB7,430,593
July 2008178,985765,24389.29 GB7,292,053
June 2008192,778774,53487.71 GB7,111,207
May 2008262,800848,660106.28 GB8,864,623
April 2008257,783788,28092.88 GB8,246,281
March 2008206,174702,71783.93 GB6,988,229
February 2008195,439771,33988.05 GB7,809,204
January 2008182,372735,46991.70 GB7,755,957
2007 total2,427,7087,865,4151059.16 GB90,168,587
December 2007149,291570,68572.92 GB5,673,202
November 2007175,834584,36376.08 GB6,606,745
October 2007188,603556,58082.10 GB6,772,179
September 2007180,133600,96481.54 GB6,561,829
August 2007201,126635,78979.71 GB6,966,532
July 2007231,389674,94880.47 GB7,160,491
June 2007241,193674,73981.92 GB7,238,537
May 2007204,326677,40489.30 GB7,899,529
April 2007199,292667,06887.31 GB7,776,556
March 2007252,557837,423134.33 GB10,814,318
February 2007189,829630,28788.16 GB7,544,152
January 2007214,135755,165105.32 GB9,154,517
2006 total2,204,3497,250,6001058.04 GB88,060,569
December 2006195,589648,61988.03 GB7,694,517
November 2006193,733653,71687.32 GB7,656,311
October 2006190,330645,79588.32 GB7,541,162
September 2006164,349569,17185.99 GB6,748,427
August 2006181,682692,22194.2 GB7,990,651
July 2006203,415669,419103.28 GB8,200,592
June 2006158,571494,70371.23 GB5,668,258
May 2006194,385613,029101.51 GB7,764,757
April 2006185,033561,45788.38 GB7,143,200
March 2006219,406653,05396.07 GB8,234,422
February 2006169,410508,43082.98 GB6,829,842
January 2006148,446540,98770.73 GB6,588,430
2005 total1,484,0045,032,934627.45 GB141,433,688
December 2005139,011453,916105.02 GB6,037,824
November 2005134,946434,45654.60 GB5,598,167
October 2005135,827448,88150.81 GB5,469,455
September 2005130,166418,97144.98 GB5,110,279
August 2005129,805524,30759.46 GB5,653,114
July 2005103,446337,96239.98 GB4,354,916
June 200590,102302,91634.76 GB3,852,621
May 200575,781287,35432.53 GB3,420,368
April 200589,956311,61634.92 GB3,904,374
March 2005158,900488,71256.95 GB40,797,226
February 2005135,893457,39455.46 GB33,823,579
January 2005160,171566,44957.98 GB23,411,775
2004 total1,220,2894,261,078400.89 GB50,964,093
December 2004112,735405,17439.30 GB5,414,084
November 2004111,548405,06439.40 GB4,893,206
Oktober 2004110,378376,62038.31 GB4,824,242
September 2004104,869372,59535.20 GB4,380,125
August 2004101,851350,58632.49 GB4,136,416
July 2004104,624359,89333.99 GB4,302,747
June 2004105,942353,11933.67 GB4,238,366
May 2004101,614434,46131.62 GB3,992,833
April 200491,706288,57130.14 GB3,689,130
March 200497,906301,88129.34 GB3,716,498
February 200487,970276,04526.57 GB3,449,295
January 200489,146337,06930.86 GB3,927,151
2003 total855,2052,654,833270.91 GB31,392,208
December 200381,233264,57825.58 GB3,133,620
November 200377,180233,82425.41 GB2,850,599
October 200369,758211,55422.25 GB2,420,739
September 200366,088230,85723.05 GB2,403,174
August 200361,352190,07819.33 GB2,254,479
July 200370,431229,71323.74 GB2,709,603
June 200358,587221,31718.55 GB2,185,058
May 200380,719224,70024.48 GB2,904,521
April 200376,205226,70521.41 GB2,632,818
March 2003100,333290,08731.04 GB3,688,707
February 200358,619165,11017.89 GB2,172,774
January 200354,700166,31018.18 GB2,036,116
December 200236,696144,00612.4 GB1,407,633
November 200234,34395,78910.89 GB1,227,194
October 200210,29046,0183.5 GB369,224

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