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Destroyer Escorts - DE

Destroyer Escorts were escort vessels designed to protect convoy vessels (primarily merchant marine ships) against submarines. Destroyer Escorts also had a limited anti-air and anti-surface-warfare capability.

Dealey DE 1006 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
DEALEYDE 1006decommissioned
CROMWELLDE 1014decommissioned
HAMMERBERGDE 1015decommissioned
COURTNEYDE 1021decommissioned
LESTERDE 1022decommissioned
EVANSDE 1023decommissioned
BRIDGETDE 1024decommissioned
BAUERDE 1025decommissioned
HOOPERDE 1026decommissioned
JOHN WILLISDE 1027decommissioned
VAN VOORHISDE 1028decommissioned
HARTLEYDE 1029decommissioned
JOSEPH K. TAUSSIGDE 1030decommissioned

Claud Jones DE 1033 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
CLAUD JONESDE 1033decommissioned
JOHN R. PERRYDE 1034decommissioned
CHARLES BERRYDE 1035decommissioned
McMORRISDE 1036decommissioned

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