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USS Constellation (CV 64) Patch Gallery

Cruise Patches:

Tiger Cruise 2001WESTPAC '88/'89WESTPAC '88/'89WESTPAC '68WESTPAC '72
contributed by Foeke Keijzer
WESTPAC '02/'03 - Operation Enduring FreedomWESTPAC '02/03 - Last Cruise, Operation Iraqi Freedom
contributed by Foeke Keijzer
1961-2003 Farewell
contributed by Foeke Keijzer
Operation Southern Watch 1995
WestPac '89Around the Horn - Rustler's last RideOperation Earnest Will - WestPac '87WestPac '2001WestPac '89
contributed by Vinson Miller
WestPac 1994 - 1995WestPac 1999Final WestPacWestPac 1977
contributed by John Jepsen
WestPac 1980 - 110 days at sea
contributed by Don Binger
Gonzo Station 1987
contributed by Ian Johnson
WestPac 1997
contributed by Ian Johnson
WestPac 1999
contributed by Ian Johnson
WestPac 1994-95
contributed by Ian Johnson

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