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Deployments of USS PHILIPPINE SEA:

During deployments a VRC (Fleet Tactical Support Squadron) detachment provides carrier-on-board delivery and is embarked aboard the carrier but is no real part of the Air Wing. These detachments are not listed below.

Date of DepartureDate of ReturnCruise BookCVWSquadrons (Aircraft)Tail codeArea of OperationsBattle GroupOperations/ExercisesPorts of Call
February 9, 1948June 26, 1948

CVAG-9VF-9A (F8F-1)
VF-10A (F8F-1)
VA-9A (SB2C-5)
VA-10A (TBM-3E)
PSMediterranean Gibraltar
Bone, Algeria
Sfax, Tunisia
Argostoli, Greece
Valletta, Malta
Toulon, France
Naples, Italy
Tripoli, Lybia
Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
January 4, 1949May 22, 1949 CVG-7VF-71 (F8F-1)
VF-72 (F8F-1)
VA-74 (F4U-4)
VA-75 (TBM-3E/3Q)
September 1949October 1949

CVG-1VF-11 (F8F-1)
VF-12 (F8F-1)
VF-13 (F4U-5)
VA-14 (F4U-4)
HU-2 Det. (HO3S-1)
TCaribbean  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Port Au Prince, Haiti
July 5, 1950March 26, 1951
(remained in WestPac)

CV 47 Cruise Book

CVG-11 Cruise Book

CVG-11VF-111 (F9F-2)
VF-112 (F9F-2)
VF-113 (F4U-4B)
VF-114 (F4U-4B)
VA-115 (AD-4/4Q)
VC-3 Det. D (F4U-5N/AD-4N)
VC-61 Det. C (F4U-4P)
VC-11 Det. 3 (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. 3 (HO3S-1)
Vleft San Diego for WestPac and Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Sasebo, Japan
Yokosuka, Japan
March 28, 1951June 9, 1951

CVG-2VF-64 (F4U-4)
VF-63 (F4U-4)
VF-24 (F4U-4)
VA-65 (AD-2)
VC-3 Det. A (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. A (F4U-4P)
VC-35 Det. A (AD-4N)
VC-11 Det. A (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. A (HO3S-1)
MWestPac and Korea and return to San Francisco  Yokosuka, Japan
December 31, 1951August 8, 1952

CVG-11VF-112 (F9F-2)
VF-113 (F4U-4)
VF-114 (F4U-4)
VC-3 Det. C (F4U-5N/5NL)
VC-61 Det. C (F2H-2P/F9F-2P)
VC-35 Det. C (AD-4NL/4Q/2Q)
VC-11 Det. C (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. C (HO3S-1)
VWestern Pacific, Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
December 15, 1952August 14, 1953

CVG-9VF-91 (F9F-2)
VF-93 (F9F-2)
VF-94 (F4U-4)
VA-95 (AD-4/4NA/4NL)
VC-3 Det. M (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. M (F9F-5P)
VC-35 Det. M (AD-4N)
VC-11 Det. M (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. 8 (HO3S-1)
NWestern Pacific, Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
March 12, 1954November 19, 1954

CVG-5VF-51 (F9F-6)
VF-53 (F9F-2)
VF-54 (AD-6)
VF-92 (F9F-2)
VC-3 Det. B (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. B
VC-35 Det. B (AD-4NL)
VC-11 Det. B
HU-1 Det. B
SWestern Pacific  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
Manila, Philippines
Hong Kong
April 1, 1955November 23, 1955

ATG-2VF-123 (F9F-2)
VF-143 (F9F-6)
VA-55 (AD-6)
VC-61 Det. I
VC-35 Det. I (AD-5N)
VC-11 Det. I (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. 16
WWestern Pacific  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Okinawa, Japan
Hong Kong
Keelung, Taiwan
Yokosuka, Japan
Nagasaki, Japan
January 5, 1957August 6, 1957

VS-37 (S2F-1)
HS-2 (HSS-1)
Western Pacific Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
Kobe, Japan
Sasebo, Japan
Okinawa, Japan
Hong Kong
January 13, 1958July 25, 1958

VS-21 (S2F-1)
HS-6 (HSS-1)
Western PacificUSS Renshaw (DDE 499)
USS Epperson (DDE 719)
Operation OceanlinkPearl Harbor, Hi.
Subic Bay, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Yokosuka, Japan
Sasebo, Japan
Okinawa, Japan
Hong Kong

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